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This list covers the appearance of the "Streetscapes" column by Christopher Gray in The New York Times, from March 15, 1987 up to the present day. The subject of the column is the history and architecture of New York City, principally Manhattan, with a secondary emphasis on modern preservation practices and policies. The column was conceived by the late Michael Sterne and has been continued by his successor Michael Leahy. Also included are occasional feature stories by Christopher Gray and elsewhere in the same newspaper.

Although the text of the column is not posted here, it has always appeared in the Sunday Real Estate Section of The New York Times, usually on page six or seven, and is recoverable through normal library techniques. In 1990 Dover Publications published most of the 1987-1989 columns in book form as Changing New York. The Times now offers old columns on the web in two forms. Those less than 365 days old are available free or for a small fee at:


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Thanks to Jeffrey A. Cohen of Bryn Mawr College for preparing this list for posting on the web site of the Society of Architectural Historians. This has offered the author the welcome opportunity to publicly correct published errors; he earnestly solicits correspondence from those who find others, no matter how small.

Christopher Gray

c = error, correction published
e = error, no published correction
N = see author's note in this list for amplification
L = subsequent letter to editor published regarding story
Note: The category "designer" cites architects, artists and similar professionals with significant mentions in the text. In cases where credit to a designer was omitted (or later discovered) that name is rendered in parentheses.

The year given after the subject of the column refers to the date of completion and significant later interventions, excepting current work.

01.04.98 Henry Hudson Hotel, 353 West 57th Street (1929) B. W. Morris / Joseph Urban
01.11.98 Archer Huntington house / National Academy of Design Museum, 1083 Fifth Avenue (1902/1913) Turner & Kilian / Ogden Codman
01.18.98 Rowhouses, 202-220 West 122nd Street (1887/1889) George Pelham
Abigail Adams Smith Museum, 421 East 61st (1799)  
Correction: The article refers incorrectly to James Stuart, who mentioned the building in an 1833 account, as "Earl of Lenox". But he was the 4th Duke of Lennox [cq], 1612- 1655. The article also mispells the name of Lewis B. "Gautrey"; his name is Lewis B. Gawtry. --
02.01.98 Lunt Fontanne Theater, 205 West 46th (1910) Carrere & Hastings / John J. McNamara / Frank Williams
Gleason house, 28 West 126th (1871) Calvert Vaux / Frederick Withers / Hamlett Wallace
Correction: The article refers to a sample house for sale at 74 West 127th Street. The house is actually at 74 East repeat East 127th Street. The account of "an income limit of $41,000" for purchasers of the home is misleading. It is a lower limit - to make sure they can afford the house - not an upper limit.
02.15.98 Hotel Chelsea, 222 West 23rd (1884) Hubert, Pirsson
02.22.98 Ford / Kerrigan house, 53 East 77th Street (1901/1927) Henry Rutgers Marshall / Paul Hunt / Gerhard Heusch
Q&A Teddy Roosevelt house, sec 62nd & Madison (1880)  
Correction: The photograph of Theodore Roosevelt's house. The photograph, made in 1901, is reproduced from the collection of Corbis-Bettmann. --
03.01.98 Q&A John A. C. Gray house, 40 Fifth Avenue (1857) 40 Fifth Avenue (1928) Calvert Vaux / Jacob Wrey Mould / Van Wart & Wien
Cities Service Building, 70 Pine Street (1932) Clinton & Russell / Holton & George
Correction: The building where Doherty lived and worked, 24 State Street, was at the corner of State and Bridge Street, not State and Liberty Street. Liberty Street does not intersect with State Street. Not even close.
03.15.98 Edward West Browning and his buildings: 31 West 71st; 42 West 72nd; 118 West 72nd; 126 West 73rd (1915/1916) Buchman & Kahn / Robert T. Lyons
03.22.98 William Van Allen, skyscraper guy William Van Alen
03.29.98 Bethlehem Chapel / Little Red School House, 196 Bleecker Street (1920) George B. Post
04.05.98 Church of the Transfiguration, 1 West 29th Street (1850) Frederick Withers / Ralph Cram / Henry Vaughan
Manhattan House, 200 East 66th (1951) - surrounding buildings Skidmore Owings & Merrill / Mayer & Whittlesey / Carlisle Johnson / Fellheimer & Wagner
Correction: The architect's name is Albert Mayer, not Charles Mayer.
East 57th Street, Lexington-Third William Bottomley / Ely Jacques Kahn / Michael Schimenti / Charles Romeyn
Correction: a picture caption indicates that the subway power plant has been given a new facade; but it has not yet happened.
04.26.98 Heidelberg Building, swc 42nd and Broadway, to Seventh (1910) Henry Ives Cobb

Cities Service Building, 70 Pine Street (1932) Clinton & Russell/Holton & George
Correction: The Building where Doherty lived and worked, 24 State Street, was at the corner of State and Bridge Street, not State and Liberty Street. Liberty Street does not intersect with State Street. Not even close.
05.03.98 Dispensary, Police Station, Firehouse and Synagogue on East 67th, Lexington to Third (1880s) Brunner & Tryon/Buchman & Deisler/N. D. Bush/Napoleon LeBrun/Schneider & Herter/Stein White/Dan Peter Kopple/Perserv
05.10.98 J. Pratt Institute, 215 Ryerson Avenue, BK - creating a campus (1887) Lamb & Rich/W. Tubby/John Mead Howells/Ehrenkrantz Eckstut & Kuhn/Signe Nielsen
05.17.98 Townhouses, East 80th, Fifth to Madison (1870s-1920s) P. H. Gilbert/Charles Graham/Albert Mayer/ Hottenroth Joseph/Alan Wanzenberg
05.24.98 1 Bond Street (1871/1879) Stephen D. Hatch
05.31.98 Starrett-Lehigh Building, 601 West 26th Street (1932) Cory & Cory/Purdy & Henderson
06.07.98 Q&A: Lamartine Place/W. 29th St.(1846)  
06.07.98 Q&A: Women Elevator Operators, 103 East 86th Street (1913-14) Schwartz & Gross
06.14.98 Twin Peaks, 102 Bedford Street (1926) Clifford Reed Daily/Stephen J. Kagel
06.21.98 Grand Central Terminal (1871/1898/1900/1913) John B. Snook/Bradford Lee Gilbert/William Wilgus/ Samuel Huckel/Warren & Wetmore/Reed & Stem
06.28.98 Beekman Terrace, 455 East 51st (1925) Treanor & Fatio
Correction: Mrs. Alvich is Pamela, not Paula.
07.05.98 Plimpton house, 217 82nd Street, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn (1892) Parfitt?/Rambusch
07.12.98 4863 Park Avenue - dissent over window retrofit(1908) Pollard & Steinam
07.19.98 Jewish Daily Forward, 173 East Broadway (1912) Boehm & Boehm/Alfred Wen
07.26.98 Grace Chapel, 414 East 14th (1896) Barney & Chapman
08.02.98 88-90 Grove Street, Robert Blum/James G. Phelps Stokes houses (1827/1893) Boehm & Boehm/Alfred Wen
08.09.98 Sherwood Studios, southeast corner of 57th and Sixth Avenue (1880) John H. Sherwood
08.16.98 John A. Seekircher, steel casement window maven John A. Seekircher
08.23.98 nfIsidor & Ida Straus house, nwc 105th & West End Avenue; Straus Memorial, 106th and Broadway (1866/1915) Evarts Tracy/Augustus Lukeman
08.30.98 Bergdorf-Goodman, 57th & Fifth (1928) Buchman & Kahn/Skidmore, Owings & Merrill/Allan Greenberg
Correction: The architect was Buchman & Kahn, not Kahn & Jacobs.
09.06.98 Q&A: Litchfield office, Third & 3rd, Brooklyn (1982)
Q&A: Hamersley townhouse, 84th & Fifth (1900)
Q&A: Tunnel Garage, 520 Broome (1922)
Wm. B. Tuthill/J. E. R. Carptenter / Hector Hamilton
09.13.98 American Horse Exchange, 50th & Broadway (1881/ 1897/1911) Jardine/A. V. Porter/ William A. Swasey/Menz & Cook
09.20.98 The Langham, 73rd & CPW (1907) Clinton & Russell/Walter Melvin
09.27.98 Jewish Daily Forward, 173 East Broadway (1912) Boehm & Boehm/Alfred Wen
10.04.98 Tiffany Glass & Decorating, 333 Park Avenue South (1875/1891) C. Markham/Louis Comfort Tiffany
10.11.98 Grand Central Terminal - tower project (1911/1954) Reed & Stem/Warren & Wetmore/ Fellheimer & Wagner/ I. M. Pei/Emery Roth/Marcel Breuer/Gruzen & Partners
10.18.98 Mansions, 116-130 East 80th Street (1923/1929) Mott Schmidt/Cross & Cross/Preserv
Correction: The house at No. 116, sold for $11 million a decade ago, holds the record for the highest sales price of a house on the block, not in the city.
10.25.98 Douglas Leigh, Times Square signs - the "idea guy" Douglas Leigh
11.01.98 Barrow Street, West 4th to Seventh Avenue South - Greenwich House (1917) Delano & Aldrich/Arthur Crisp
11.08.98 Arion Society/Polish National Home/Electric Circus, 19-23 St. Mark's Place (1833/1870/1969) Schultze & Schoen/Gwathmey & Henderson
Correction: The picture credit was omitted. The picture was from the Ransom Humanities Center of the University of Texas Schultze & Schoen/Gwathmey & Henderson.
11.15.98 Emmanuel Baptist Church, 279 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn (1887) Boehm & Boehm/Alfred Wen
11.22.98 Wooden houses, 120-122 East 92nd; 160 East 92nd; 128 East 93rd E. L. Roberts/Francis H. Kimball/ William H. Day/Roz Li
11.29.98 Andrew Dolkart's Book "Morningside Heights"  
12.06.98 Q&A: Red House, 350 West 85th (1904)
Q&A: 299 Madison (1913)
Harde & Short / Hill & Stout/Stephen B. Jacobs
12.13.98 The Alameda, 255 West 84th Street (1915) Gaetan Ajello
12.20.98 Keeper's House, Williamsbridge Reservoir, northeast corner of Reservoir Oval East and Putnam Place (1890) George W. Birdsall
12.27.98 East 55th Street, Park to Lexington (1870s-1920s) William L. Bottomley/ Lord & Hewlett/ Pickering & Walker/ Elsie de Wolfe/Ogden Codman
Correction: The picture caption misstated the address shown. It was 116 East 55th, not 116 West.
01.10.99 Grand Prospect Hall, 263 Prospect Avenue (1903) Ulrich Huberty
01.17.99 NoHo Row Houses, Bond Street, Lafayette Street to The Bowery (1890s) Cleverdon & Putzel
01.24.99 Marvin Schneider, Clockmaster  
01.31.99 Ottendorfer Library, 135 Second Avenue (1883) William Schickel/Gavin Macrae-Gibson
02.07.99 Fabbri house, 11 East 62nd (1900) Haydel & Shepard/Grosvenor Atterbury
Correction: The column referred to Sharon Baum as the owner's exclusive broker. But the sale that actually closed predated her exclusive agreement, and the brokers who represented the owner were Jason Kling and Alan M. Simon, both at that time with Simon Rudd Associates.
02.14.99 Midtown Townhouse Block, West 53rd, Fifth to Sixth Hunt & Hunt/Warren & Wetmore
02.21.99 Historical Arts & Casting: A Salt Lake City iron foundry. Philip Johnson/Joseph Pell Lombardi/Samuel Yellin
02.28.99 Prometheus statue at Rockefeller Center (1934) Paul Manship/Isidore Konti/ Eric Gugler
03.07.99 Q&A: Internationl-style loft, 57th & Lexington Thompson
Q&A: 208 West 72nd - a Swami's residence (1893)
Q&A: Hollins house, 12 West 56th Street (1901?)
Churchill/Charles Mayer/Kohn Pedersen Fox / McKim, Mead & White/J. E. R. Carpenter/Warren & Wetmore
03.14.99 McGraw-Hill Building, 330 West 42nd Street (1931) 1931 Raymond Hood/Owen Morrel/Integrated Conservation Resources
03.21.99 Brownstones, East 62nd, Third to Second (1920s) Raymond Hood/ Frederick Sterner/ Josephine Wright Chapman/ Grosvenor Atterbury/ Walter Melvin/ Preserv
03.28.99 Durland's Riding Academy, 7 West 66th Street (1899) Henry Kilburn/Garden State Brickface
04.04.99 Grand Concourse (1890s/1920s) Herbert Lilien/ Horace Ginsbern/ C. P. & Rene Graves
04.11.99 City Center (1925) P. Knowles/Clinton & Russell/Bernard Rothzeid
04.18.99 The Adlon, 200 West 54th Street (1912) George & Edward Blum
04.25.99 Evergreene Studios Jeff Greene

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