"Streetscapes" Columns by Christopher Gray (Published in the Sunday Edition of the New York Times)

The following is a compiled list of all Streetscapes Articles from 1987-2/25/1999 that focus on sites in District 3 of Manhattan. The New York City Deparment of City Planning defines District 3 as the neighborhoods: NoHo, the East Village, the Lower East Side, and Chinatown. This district is bordered by East 14th Street to the North, 4th Ave and Bowery as well as Baxter Street to the West, South Street and the Brooklyn Bridge to the South, and FDR Drive to the East.

This list was compiled from a list of all Streetscapes Articles from 1987-2/25/1999 compiled by Jeff Cohen for the Society of Architectural Historians. The original list and information on how to access the actual articles can be found here.

The entries list the date of publication, the topic of the article (usually a specific building with an address) and then the architects involved with the site. They are organized chronologically by neighborhood.




East Village


Alphabet City


Lower East Side

This list was compiled by Amanda Chudnow '03 (Bryn Mawr College) for Cities 306 (Advanced Field Techniques: Places in Time)