Lower Manhattan according to Streetscapes

"Streetscapes" is a column that has been running every Sunday since 1987 in the New York Times Real Estate section. Each week, its author Christopher Gray explores a certain street, building, landmark or other item of architectural interest in the New York City area, focusing mainly in Manhattan. The feature gives the reader a feeling for the history and significance of the site, and is therefore of interest to all Urban History enthusiasts.


To find a list of "Streetscapes" articles for individual districts in lower Manhattan, click on the desired district.

For a complete list of the "Streetscapes" articles not found in the highlighted districts below follow this link.


These shaded districts represent the delineation of neighborhoods in Lower Manhattan by the New York City Department of City Planning.

"Chief Points of Interest in Lower Manhattan" is courtesy of the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection of U.S. Historical City Maps at the University of Texas. It can be located electronically at http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/historic_us_cities.html. It is cited as: New York City (Lower Manhattan), New York 1920 Automobile Blue Book.

   NJ      Uptown   Bronx 
   Upper West Side  Central Park Upper East Side  

   Chelsea, Clinton  Midtown East Midtown  
  West Village, Greenwich Village, Soho East Villages, Noho, Lower East Side, Chinatown    Brooklyn

   Downtown, Tribeca
      Staten Island    

This project was completed by Amanda Chudnow and Caroline Drucker for Bryn Mawr College CITY 306: Advanced Field Techniques: Places in Time.
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