04.01.90 RKO Keith Theater, Flushing, Queens (1928) Thomas Lamb

04.22.90 New York State Pavilion, Flushing, Queens (1964) Philip Johnson/ Lev Zetlin

05.28.95 L 1939 World's Fair Aquacade (1939) Sloan & Robertson


04.15.90 L Valencia Theater, Jamaica, Queens (1929) John Eberson

01.27.91 Chapel of the Sisters, Jamaica, Queens (1858) T. W. Clary

11.03.91 Jamaica Savings Bank, Queens (1898) Hough & Deuell


Forest Hills

04.21.96 Station Square, Forest Hills, Queens (1912) Grosvenor Atterbury/ F. L. Olmsted, Jr./ Urbahn Associates

04.17.94 Dymaxion kitchen, Forest Hills, Queens (1939) Guyon L. C. Earle/ Buckminster Fuller


03.29.87 L, e New York Architectural Terra Cotta Works, Long Island City (1892) Francis H. Kimball Error: Although the article descibed the building as undiscovered until the 1970's, Elliot Willensky noted that it was featured in the 1967 edition of AIA Guide to New York City.

05.22.88 LIRR Power Station, Hunter's Point (1906) McKim, Mead & White/ Westinghouse, Church, Kerr & Co.

06.21.87 L, e Idlewild Chapels, Queens (1966) Bloch & Hesse/(Edgar Tafel)/George J. Sole Error: The photo credit was omitted, but it cannot now be determined.

12.27.87 Tiffany Studios, Corona, Queens (1901) Tiffany Studios

12.04.88 Hammerstein Estate, Queens (1924) Dwight James Baum

07.02.89 Knickerbocker Laundry, Sunnyside, Queens (1932) Irving Fenichel / Levien, Deliso & Songer

08.27.89 Congregation Derech Emunoh, Queens (1906) William A. Lamber

07.01.90 St. Monica's Church, Queens (1857) Anders Peterson

10.28.90 Sohmer Piano Factory, Queens (1887) Berger & Baylies Error: Hood's biographer is Walter Kilham, not "Killum".

03.03.91 Steinway Historic District, Queens (1870's) "Damart"

12.15.91 LIC Courthouse, Queens (1876/1909) - prettying-up history (George Hathorne)/ Peter Coco

06.28.92 Jackson Heights Garden Apartments, Queens (1917-1925) George H. Wells/ Andrew J. Thomas

01.03.93 Queens Aviary, Queens (1964) Buckminster Fuller/ Eggers & Higgins/ Clarke & Rapuano/ Andrews & Clark/ Mark K. Morrison

10.01.95 Marine Air Terminal, Queens (1940) Delano & Aldrich/ James Brooks/ Beyer Blinder Belle