The following is a chronological list of all the remaining Streetscapes articles that did not fall into any of the districts that we used for sorting. They are available to anyone should they wish to create lists for the remaining districts in New York. You may direct any questions about completing this project to Professor Cohen.

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01.03.88 West Side Rail Line (1934) --

06.26.88 Q&A: I.S. 52, nwc Academy & Vermilyea (1914) C. B. J. Snyder

10.23.88 Q&A: Apartment, 58-60 Marble Hill Avenue (1927) Springsteen & Goldhammer

06.03.90 Q&A: Joe's Oyster House --

07.21.96 Manhasset, nwc 108th & Broadway (1901/1905) Joseph Wolf/ Janes & Leo/ Archibald Anstey/ Kevin Bone

10.01.89 Millburn Pumping Station, Freeport (1891) [also, update on Loth Building, see 10.01.1989] Frank Freeman

09.02.90 Q&A: Rowhouse, 932 Second Avenue (1867) Sylvester Murphy

12.01.91 Q&A: 1335 York Avenue (Glass family) --

05.14.89 Park Avenue office buildings (supplement) (1930's-1950's) --

05.08.94 Tiny buildings on Park Avenue - Real Estate Section feature --

09.10.89 Q&A: Lefcourt Building, 275 Seventh Avenue (1928) Ely Jacques Kahn

02.10.91 New Amsterdam Theatre (1903) Herts & Tallant

03.17.91 Q&A: Windsor Hotel fire --

04.10.88 Saw Mill Parkway Gas Station, Yonkers (1932) Gilmore Clarke/ Clinton Lloyd

02.14.93 The Cragswold, Scarsdale, NY (1928) -- restoration of steel casement windows Townsend, Steinle & Haskell/ John Seekircher

02.13.94 c Decorated construction sheds Einstein & Co./ Beyer Blinder Belle/ Evergreen Painting/ Rosenberg-Kolb/ Dente & Christina Correction: The designer of the Jekyll & Hyde shed is not Rosenberg-Kolb, but the owner, D. R. Finley.

03.05.95 c Q&A: New York Hospital, nwc Hudson & Jay (1893) Cady, Berg & See Correction: It was Presbyterian Hospital that was at 70th and Park in the 1890's; New York Hospital was on 15th between Fifth and Sixth Avenues.

12.03.95 e Q&A: Wright Memorial, Kitty Hawk (1930) Rodgers & Poor/ Jo Mielziner/ Swanke Hayden Connell Error: although "Jo Malzenaar" was correctly transcribed from a published account of the Cape Cinema, it is actually an error for Jo Mielziner.

12.03.95 Q&A: Broadway Alley (1832) --

02.18.96 e Rowhouse, 1 Riverview Terrace (1879/1942) John Sexton/ Victor Proetz/ David Stanford/ Edward Silva Error: the date of the photograph is 1940, not "1946".

03.05.89 L Cos Cob Power Plant, Greenwich (1907) Westinghouse, Church, Kerr & Co./ Allan Shope

01.10.99 Grand Prospect Hall, 263 Prospect Avenue (1903) Ulrich Huberty

08.04.96 c Heinsheimer house, Far Rockaway (1907) - demolition by New York State Rodolphe Daus Correction: Heinsheimer died in 1909, not in 1910. The photo credit should read "Courtesy of Vincent Seyfried".



09.22.96 Smallpox Hospital, Roosevelt Island (1856/1905) James Renwick, Jr./ York & Sawyer/ John Milner

10.16.94 City Hospital, Blackwell's Island (1861) Renwick & Auchmuty



04.05.92 Glossary of terms: brownstone, rowhouse, townhouse, etc. - sidebar in Real Estate Section --

12.07.97 Q&A: one-way streets (1920's) --

05.15.88 Lost Skyscrapers (supplement) --

08.04.94 Researching house histories [Home Section article] --

08.28.94 Post-Closing Surprises [Real Estate Section Feature] --

10.11.92 Cleaning buildings - feature article --

03.28.93 "Redwood Curtain" set, Lanford Wilson play (1993) [Arts Section] John Lee Beatty

10.24.93 "Age of Innocence" movie sets - in Arts section Dante Ferretti --

06.17.90 c IRT Subway Stations - advertising (1904) Heins & Lafarge Correction: The 1904 subway ran up Fourth Avenue, not Lexington.

12.26.91 Fay s. Lincoln photograph collection, Penn State University - Home Section feature article --

03.17.91 Q&A: wall safe (1910) Neville & Bagge



03.17.96 L NYHS photo exhibit - evolution of street parking --

05.12.96 Guastavino vaulting exhibit/ Queensboro Bridge Rafael Guastavino/ Henry Hornbostel/ Walter B. Melvin


Street Elements

02.02.97 Mercury stoplights, Fifth Avenue (1931) Joseph H. Freedlander

12.10.95 Bishop's Crook Lampost (1896)/Type F Lamppost (1911) R. R. Bowker/ Charles F. Lacombe

07.30.95 c Street trees - mythology Elbert Peets Correction: the picture caption reading "Madison at 50th" actually shows a house at the northwest corner of 80th and Madison.

08.16.92 L "Original" bluestone sidewalk, Columbus Avenue -- Error: the number of surviving bluestone slabs on Columbus Avenue is 65, not 36.

12.17.89 L Destruction of view down Fifth Avenue Olmsted & Vaux/ John M. Carrere/ Kohn Pedersen Fox



03.22.98 William Van Allen, skyscraper guy William Van Alen

02.26.95 Frank Freeman, Architect, Exhibit Frank Freeman

09.11.88 Rosario Candela (supplement) - luxury apartment house architect Rosario Candela

06.04.95 Q&A: Alonzo B. See --

01.22.89 Q&A: Rosario Candela/Gaetan Ajello Rosario Candela/Gaetan Ajelloy



Crafts and craftsmen

08.16.98 John A. Seekircher, steel casement window maven John A. Seekircher

01.24.99 Marvin Schneider, Clockmaster

02.21.99 Historical Arts & Casting: A Salt Lake City iron foundry. Philip Johnson/Joseph Pell Lombardi/Samuel Yellin

10.25.98 Douglas Leigh, Times Square signs - the "idea guy" Douglas Leigh

04.25.99 Evergreene Studios Jeff Greene


Other People

06.02.91 Q&A: Henry Wells, engraver --

09.01.91 Q&A: William H. Willcox William H. Willcox

09.10.89 Q&A: Brady Family --

06.03.90 Q&A: Julia Feke Cortright --



10.29.95 Terra Cotta Walking Tour Book by Susan Tunick Walter Haefeli/ Wallis & Goodwillie/ Ely Jacques Kahn/ Warren & Wetmore

07.09.95 "Historic Building Construction" by Donald Friedman (book review) --ein

05.16.93 Book Review letter re: Elizabeth Hawes "New York, New York" - Dakota --

10.17.93 Blum & Blum book by Susan Tunick and Andrew Dolkart Blum & Blum/ Albert Mayer


This list was compiled by Amanda Chudnow '03 (Bryn Mawr College) and Caroline Drucker '03 (Bryn Mawr College) for Cities 306 (Advanced Field Techniques: Places in Time)