A Survey Sampler

I. non-governmental repositories [link to gov. repos]

A. at LCP:

- 1. [Plan of lots belonging to John Markoe and Samuel Hazlehurst, on Chestnut and Market Streets between Ninth and Tenth Streets, Philadelphia] / Reading Howell, 1743-1827. 1 drawing : plan, pen and ink with carmine watercolor, laid paper ; 26 x 37 cm. (10.25 x 15 in.) Location Graphics | Print Department | *Drawings & Watercolors - [H [7722.F]
shows division of Markoe and Hazlehurst properties, in Cohen & Brownell, Architectural Drawings of Latrobe, 1995, 2: 508 [bw image]

- 2. Draft of certain lots on Franklin and Greenwich streets between the Delaware and Passyunk Road[cartographic material] / Philadelphia, [ca. 1800] 1 map: ink and watercolor; 23 x 192 cm.(9 x 76 in.) Location Graphics | Print Department | **maps - Philadelphia - 1800 [P.9747]

- 3. William Green, surveyor's journal for properties Germantown, 1829-30, c. 33 surveys, ex-Jay Snider Collection, now at LCP.

B. in private collections:

- 1. on verso of 1798 deed, survey by Reading Howell, with pencil notes to 1820, showing division of estate between Thomas Mifflin Jr., and Elizabeth Mifflin, along Shippen St. and Mariott's Lane from Passyunk Rd, to 2nd, to Front, to Swanson, to Delaware River [photocopy]

C. at HSP:

- 1. Chew Family Papers, Ms. Coll. 2050, Land surveys, "Plan of Springetsbury Manor," Charles de Krafft, 1792. [long view] [area] [detail]

- 2. Chew Family Papers, Ms. Coll. 2050, Land surveys, "Draught of the Alleged Manor of Springetsbury," Robert Brooke, 1804 [overall]

- 3. De Krafft, Charles. Title: Surveys and plans, ca. 1791-1816. Description: 1 v. Summary: Colored plats and surveys of tracts of land in Philadelphia and other parts of Pennsylvania, made by Charles de Krafft, surveyor and draftsman. They show names of owners, boundary lines, drawings of houses, sizes of properties. Call Number: (PHi)346; (PHi)Am.0912:

- 4. William Hamilton, West Phila subdivision mss. survey, with names of purchasers, c. 1804. [Of 607. c.1804]

- 5. Philadelphia and Lancaster Turnpike Road. Title: Papers, 1806. Summary: Surveys, sketches, notes, and photographs by Robert Brooke for the Philadelphia and Lancaster Turnpike Road. Call Number: (PHi)1003; (PHi)Am.267, (PHi)Am.2671.

- 6. Bush Hill Estate plans / survey by Robert Brooke, 1814; plans drawn by Joseph H. Siddel, 1824 and 1827. Note(s): Previous call number Am .3441 folio. Summary: The Bush Hill property was surveyed and divided by Robert Brooke in 1814 for Thomas Cadwalader. In 1824 Joseph Siddel compiled the surveys and deeds for the property and drew these plans. He completed another version in 1827. The plans show individual lots on the estate with the names of individual property owners or renters. Biographical Sketch: The Bush Hill estate, comprised of land from Vine Street North to Francis Street and from 11th Street west to Schuylkill 4th Street, was purchased by General Thomas Cadwalader for development. Call Number: (PHi)780.

- 7. Robert Brooke collection (HSP # 122).
Don't know anything about this - should check into it further. [jm]

- 8. Christian Lehman collection (HSP # 362).
"These papers consist chiefly of surveys, drafts, and plats of land situated in colonial Germantown and Roxborough." [jm]

- 9. Original deeds and estate papers (1741-1872) pertaining to the Pennock family of Philadelphia, Pa. : documents relate to transactions between such names as Peter Sieger, James Gailey, James Doak, Abel James, Henry Drinker, Samuel Allen, Robert Meredith, Robert Gray, Jacob Yarnall, Eli K. Price, Joseph Townsend, Lukens family, Green family and others. Call Number: Doc. Box 32:1:

- 10. Philadelphia County (Pa.) records, 1671-1855. Description: 4 boxes, 1 vol.
Arrangement: The documents were acquired and bound together in four volumes which were later disbound. They were arranged chronologically in the volumes and that arrangement has been maintained. Note(s): Former call number Am .3841. Also includes 4 folders in oversized storage. Summary: A variety of legal documents can be found in the collection such as power of attorney documents, petitions, and ordinances. Many shipping documents are represented including bills of lading and shipping bond certificates. America Fire Insurance Company, Pennsylvania Fire Insurance Company and Delaware Insurance Company of Philadelphia policies owned by individuals are also present. A considerable number of financial documents are found in this collection such as Philadelphia County Accounts, Prices Current from Charleston and London, Bank of Pennsylvania Stock Certificates, tax lists, estate inventories and valuations. A plethora of other documents including personal letters, letters to and from the governor, an address from the Quakers in 1764, sacramental certificates and religious documentation and an 1813 Muster Roll of the Washington Guards can also be found. Documents and letters pertaining to the General Assembly and Select Common Councils of the City of Philadelphia are represented as well. In addition to its breadth perhaps a further strength of the collection are the land survey documents. Several rough, hand drawn maps of various areas in Philadelphia County have been compiled in the collection. The maps document land acreages and road layouts. Also found are survey warrants and a plan for Penn Square in Philadelphia. A significant number of indenture certificates are also included. There are discrete documents from several different companies and organizations in the collection such as the American Philosophical Society held at Philadelphia, Schuylkill & Susquehanna Navigation as well as Delaware & Schuylkill Canal Navigation companies and the United German Benefit Society. Besides one or two documents from these organizations no other information exists about them in this collection. While there is limited consistency with the personal names represented in the collection the following are some of the people the documents pertain to. William Bezer, Philip Roman, John Austin, James Harrison, Thomas Smith, Robert Turner, John Goodlonn, Peter Taylor, Nath. Philipps, Edward Shippen, Francis Nicholson, Richard Newcombe, Richard Heath, Abraham Roe, Thomas Sison, Thomas Shilley, Charles Gookin, Thomas Penn, Thomas Whitten, Anthony Poole, John Penn, Francis Lovelace, Lawrence Williams, Nicholas Scull, Matthew Jackson, Alex Porter, William Peters, Dan Williams, John Hallowell, Samuel Powell, Johannem Mifflim, James Pearson, Michael Bright, Edward J. Coalee, James Clarke, Daniel Large, Lindsey Nicholson, Joseph Reakirt, Charles Keen and Charles Wharton. Names occurring with some frequency include Governor William Markham, Sheriff John Claypoole, Governor William Penn, Lieutenant Governor John Evans and William Bethel. Also included is a volume, 1781-1782, marked "sale of city lots." The name of the purchaser, lot number, and prices are listed. The volume is indexed. Call Number: (PHi)1014:

D. at APS Library: * = examined. [] = not seen.

- 1. APS 46. Shippen Family. Real property surveys. The following is a listing of maps of various pieces of property in the Southwark section of the City of Philadelphia which once belonged to members of the Shippen family. The maps were taken, in part, from the Philadelphia City records: other maps are up-to-the-minute surveys done when the property was sold or subdivided. Basically, the maps are of the early part of the nineteenth century and many are undated. The names of the purchasers are sometimes listed. *

(649.962: Various dates: Sh6m Small) In addition, there are forty undated surveys pertaining to the same section of Philadelphia. The names of the owners, purchasers, estates, etc. are: Anthony Duche, Edward S. Burd, John Flower, William G. Flower, John Graeme, — Hulbert, John Inglis, Lawrence McCall, John McGoffin, — Marriott, — Mifflin, Francis Moore, A. Noble, and — Penrose. *

- 2. APS 43. Sellers Family Papers The members of the Sellers family, related to the Peale family through the marriage of Sophonisba Peale to Coleman Sellers, were important manufacturers of wire, iron goods, and paper in the Philadelphia area during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. []

- 3. APS 32. Individually Catalogued Manuscript Maps (Not in Collections) Although most of the Library's manuscript maps are parts of collections, there are almost one hundred individual manuscript maps which were catalogued and filed with the Library's collection of printed maps.

- 4. APS 33. Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection This collection is precisely what the title indicates: a miscellany. It consists of individual manuscripts which do not fit into any established collection.

- 5. APS 19. Hare-Willing Family. Papers. Thomas Willing and Robert Hare were prominent Philadelphians of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Willing was president of the Bank of North America and Hare was perhaps the most famous of all Philadelphia chemists.

- 6. APS 15. Franklin, Benjamin. Papers. Franklin, perhaps Philadelphia's most important citizen during the eighteenth century, was in England at the time his house was erected in Philadelphia; he directed its construction and furnishing through the post. His involvement in the development of the city of Philadelphia and its environs is evident in the numerous sketches and maps within his papers. []

-7. Mifflin estate collection
Mifflin Family Papers, 1772-1851. 19 items. These are deeds and papers pertaining to the estate of Samuel Mifflin, et al., of Pennsylvania. Table of contents (1 p.). Presented by Mrs. Helen Joseph, 1970. (B M586.f) []

- 8. Northern Liberties. Commissioners Plat book, 1825-1828, mss. vol., Includes notes up to 1855. (vault, 917.4811, N818; on deposit at APS by Roy Goodman) and 1 mfilm reel. [2nd & Willow] [Laurel & Budd]

E. U Delaware, Special Collections Department

- 1. Lukens Family Papers 1750 - 1904 (bulk dates 1759 - 1800) Manuscript Collection Number: 161 Accessioned: Gift of Moyerman Family, 1972. Extent: 2.33 linear ft. Content: Accounts, applications, bonds, certificates, conveyances, correspondence, deeds, drafts, drawings, field notes, instructions, inventories, land grants, letters, letters of credit, maps, land patents, receipts, sketches, land surveys, survey lists, warrants. []

F. Rosenbach Collection:

- 1. 1790s? plan of 700-block Walnut, "Broad" [Sansom], Chestnut. [p-img]

G. Free Library of Philadelphia :

-1. Manuscript (Lukens?) books at the Free Library of Philadelphia, dated ca. 1786. These contain many of the original Supreme Executive Council lot numbers. A second set exists at the Philadelphia City Archives. Each book takes a strip of Center City from river to river and shows each block. [jm]

H. Chester County Historical Society:

- I think that Alfred Cooke Myers (?) collection contains the Robert Longshore map of Philadelphia between Front and about 3rd Streets, indicating the original land owners for these city lots. What Longshore shows is different from the published Holmes' portraiture with numbered lots. I have never looked at this collection but I would think that there might be other treasures lurking within its contents. [jm]

J. Atwater Kent Museum:

- Military manuscript survey shows, "An Entrenchment from Deleware [sic] to Shulkill [sic] Run in Angles to the best advantage the ground will admitt. With Nine Block Houses, ..." [akm77a] [akm77det] [akm77b]

It sits at the Atwater Kent Museum yet has no signature or provenance (these images from Jeffrey Ray at my request). This survey was purchased decades ago from a dealer for $65. It appears to be a preliminary (unbuilt) plan. Possibly by the "Chief Engineer of America," British Army Capt. John Montresor, in October 1777 before he decided to build the 10 forts farther north (approx. along Poplar Street from Delaware to Schuylkill). I have yet to compare the handwriting with other Montresor manuscripts but for fun, I also include an engraving of Montresor (with stylus in right hand) and one of his maps of the 10 forts. Besides the detailed cost estimates, note the mention of addition fortifications lower down the Schuylkill River in Passyunk, and critical details including "inward angles that ye shott may fly clear of our own works." Or this survey could have been drafted by someone in the Continental Army who thought of defending Philadelphia from the British Army. Either way, it is a marvelous military survey showing that narrow band at the northern edge of Colonial Philadelphia - and it further demonstrates the marvelous cartographic record of Philadelphia. [tj]

X. Unspecified repositories (from Torben Jenk) (mainly HSP?) :

tj1-1. Fairman's Mansion (built 1701-02, demolished 1825), by the Treaty Tree (Hanover Street is now Columbia). Note the measurements to the low water mark. The Philadelphia Buildings website just republishes the 1868 survey.

tj1-2. Sepviva Estate of Isaac Norris. The diagonal street is now York Street, the winding fence follows part of Gunner's Run. This is part of a collection from the late 1720s showing a Log House, Old and New Barn, and "Father's Planting instructions."

tj1-3. "Piece bought off Searth with some adjoining lots which belong to Palmer's Estate to Westminster Street if I should build there. The piece also bought of Palmer's Estate."

tj2-1. Birds-eye survey by Charles de Krafft showing "A Smith's Workshop, 3 Story house & Necessary" north of Market Street between Schuylkill 7th & 8th.
tj2-2. Plan view of same.

tj2-3. "Plan of Frankford Creek Farm in the Northern Liberties, State of Pennsylvania" drawn by John Hills in 1808.

tj2-4. "Fairhill" Mansion (Isaac Norris, near York Street) and "Arnold Castle's House" (further south) along the Germantown Road.

tj2-5. William Palmer's land along the east side of the Schuylkill at the Falls (ca. 1725, there are dozens of these).

tj2-6. The Sepviva Plantation (Isaac Norris) between Gunnar's Run and Frankford Road, along present York Street (just upstream from where Doug was digging).

tj2-7. Masters Tide Mill, Batchelors Hall Land, foot of Frankford Road, Stacey's Bridge and causeway over the Cohocksink, drawn in 1729/30.

tj3-1. The 17th century settlements north and south of Philadelphia, including the Delaware riverfront houses in "Shakamaxunck," including "Michael Nelson" just below "Tho Fairman," and three above Gunner's Run ("Gunnar Rambo," "Peter Nelson"). Michael Nelson's house is shown on one other survey in the Logan collection, but was not identified, yet that survey shows the property divisions amongst the Fairmans. On a related note, I have also transcribed all of the relevant Swedish genealogy of Shackamaxon, researched by Peter Stebbins Craig, onto genealogy software so we can follow the land transfers by will, deed, survey and briefs of title. As Rich Remer as noted, "The descent of land is the purest proof of lineage." [17thc1], [17thc2]

tj3-2. a detail view from yet another 17th century survey showing the Delaware waterfront south of Philadelphia, including original "Sweeds Chapell" [Gloria Dei/Old Swedes] and the homes of "Johnson," "Swanson" and more. [17thc3]

tj4-1. "Plan of Springetsbury Farm … " drawn in 1787. It is seemingly much more detailed than thede Krafft survey of 1792 the same area, and it includes 19 pages of descriptive brief of title info, proving William Penn's original ownership of Springetsbury —it was never part of the Liberty Lands. [western detail, w/ Bush Hill] [eastern detail, by Delaware R.]

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