A Session at the 59th Annual SAH Meeting, at Savannah

Tools for Architectural Historians VII: Cities in Time on the Web

Over the past decade, several projects that bring together historical maps, building images, and period documents have appeared on the web, offering remarkably rich new resources for architectural historians. 

These website projects have assembled often-converging materials in different media and from different repositories -- photographs, detailed atlas plates, prints, architectural drawings, tax records, directory listings, census records, building permits, and a range of other historical sources -- and provided new means of accessing them. A key example, the Virtual Historic Savannah Project [http://vsav.scad.edu/], focuses on the city where we will meet, and there are now an undetermined number of similarly conceived projects on-line or in the works, representing a range of cities, perhaps more of them than any of us know. 

In this seventh "Tools for Architectural Historians" session, we will explore such projects, the approaches they take, the assets they bring within reach, and the prospects these offer.  We will provide a forum for brief descriptions of several projects, and convene an open conversation regarding their content, goals, intended audiences, mechanisms, and future.  

We invite SAH members to direct the organizers, the Electronic Media Committee, toward websites that seem to be conceived along these lines and that they would recommend for inclusion in the discussion, welcoming some brief comments about each, emailed to emc@sah.org. We will collect these as the subject of our session, and will invite some of these projects' organizers to attend and join in a probing discussion of this type of resource.  

Wednesday, 26 April 2006, 1:00-5:00 pm, Jen Library, Savannah College of Art and design. Free.

Some websites discussed (partly as intended, partly "as built" version):

EXPLORE in teams and REPORT to group:

DISCUSSION: What content was there? Intended users, benefits? Interface? Desiderata?

PRESENTATION, discussion, of some sites presenting primary documents, images:

PRESENTATION, discussion, of some sites more fully integrating such historic maps, images, docs:

DISCUSSION of awareness, vetted lists, persistence

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