Unidentified 1940s Photographs of Sites in Germany

A correspondent, Terry Burroughs, writes of a set of photographs
"made in 1945 after the war by a veteran friend who was
in my father's U. S. Army unit. I am attempting to document / research /
study the wartime history of this U. S. Army unit. I presently communicate
with about 50 former WW2 veterans. I've collected over 500 wartime
photographs, most of which were taken after the war during occupation.
There were many photographs of churches and cathedrals, most of which were
unidentified. But I've been very successful searching the internet for
comparable images, and have identified all but a few of these church and
cathedral photographs. The soldiers who took these photographs do not
remember the locations."

Mr. Burroughs and his group would be grateful for more precise indications of their locations and subjects.

If you can help identify any of these, please email Terry Burroughs at <tburr@dixie-net.com>.