Vernacular Architecture Forum Annual Meeting, Williamsburg, VA
May 2002

[medium-size images are approx. 1200 pixels across or 900 tall; those linked to the numbers at left are 600 across or 440 tall. Images open in a second window. "CS notes" are links to excerpts from tour notes by Carl Lounsbury, of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, titled "Church and State in Early Virginia: A Tour of Anglican Parish Churches and County Courthouses," that was part of the Society of Architectural Historians annual meeting at Richmond, VA, held in April 2002]


Williamsburg Tour

02p010. Peyton Randolph House, Williamsburg VA, 1715-18, c. 1752, 1754-55, restored: 1939-41, 1968, 1999

[Key words: beaded weather-board, modillion cornice, M roof, early two full stories, early dining room, raised paneling, wallpaper, reddish brown paint, compass-headed window, outbuildings, two-story kitchen, laundry, quarter, dairy, smokehouse, granary, slaves.]


Northern Neck Tour


Prepared by Mark R. Wenger, Camille Wells, Willie J. Graham, Carl R. Lounsbury, and Edward A. Chappell, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.

02p015. Nelson House, Yorktown, VA, 1729-30, restored 1913, 1968.

02p017. Abingdon Parish Church, Gloucester County, VA, 1751-55, 1820s, 1867, 1897, 1986.

02p019. Rosewell, Gloucester County, VA, 1726-37, burned 1916.

Gloucester County Courthouse Grounds, Gloucester County, VA.
[CS tour notes].

02p021. Gloucester County Courthouse, Gloucester County, VA, 1766.

02p022. Other Buildings on Courthouse Grounds

02p024. Christ Church, Lancaster County, VA, c. 1732-1735.
[CS tour notes].


02p026. Linden Farm, William Dew House. Richmond County, VA, 1761, 1778, 1803

[Key words: frame, tilted false-plate, tar coating, riven clapboards, horizontal sliding-sash window, dendrochronology, winding staircase, unfinished loft, rear shed, beaded weatherboards, knee-wall studs, ashlers, closed-string staircase, Flemish-bond, re-dating, lasting colonial characteristics.]

02p028. Mount Airy, Richmond County, VA, 1760-64, burned 1844 (William Waite, builder 1760-62; William Buckland, carpenter 1761-64; Van Ness, builders 1844).

[Key words: mansion, plantation, pattern book, James Gibbs, flankers, sandstone, quoins, Aquia freestone, daybooks, pecked surfaces, stucco, hyphens, brownstone, saloon, approach, outbuildings.]

02p031. Sabine Hall, Richmond County, VA, 1738-42, 1832.

02p034. Blandfield, Essex County, VA, 1769-72, 1843, restored 1983-93.

Norfolk Tour

02p039. Matthew Jones House, Newport News, VA, c. 1720, 1727, 1729-30,1892-93, conserved 1992-93

[Key words: earthfast, frame dwelling, porch tower, hall/chamber, double stacks.]

Southside Tour


Prepared by Carl R. Lounsbury, Willie J. Graham, Peter Sandbeck, Michael Bouurne, Mark R. Wenger, and Edward A. Chappell, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

02p055. Newport Parish Church (St. Luke's Church), Isle of Wight County, VA, c. 1682, restoration completed 1957.
[CS tour notes].

02p057. Isle of Wight County Courthouse, Smithfield, VA, 1751, restored 1960. (William Rand, contractor)
[CS tour notes].

[Key words: county court, courthouse, piazza arches, T-shaped, front arcade, rear apse.]

02p059. Boykin's Tavern, Isle of Wight County, VA, c. 1780, 1810s, c. 1825-35, c. 1900s, renovated 1990s.

02p061. Pruden Farm, Isle of Wight County, VA, 1820-21, 1830s, 3rd quarter of 19th c.

02p064. Scott Farm, Isle of Wight County, VA, c. 1770, c. 1785, c. 1850, c. 1900

02p066. Bacon's Castle, Arthur Allen House, Surry County, VA, 1665, 1842-54, restoration from 1979.

[Key words: dendrochoronology, English bond, stepped water table, red paint, painting of brickwork, cruciform pattern, label moldings, pediment, chimney stacks, shaped gable, artisan mannerist, roofing stones, exposed framing of ceilings, exposed wooden lintels of fireplace, butt-purlin, principle-rafter, raised-panel wainscot, outbuildings, smokehouse, quarter, close studding, meat house, tobacco house.]

02p069. Lower Church, Southwark Parish, Surry County, VA, 1751-54.
[CS tour notes].

02p070. Cibula, Prince George County, VA, c. 1825

[Key words: slave house, kitchen, frame constuction, side-passage dwelling, rural, mill-sawn, pit-sawn, false plats, tenoned rafters, flooring gauged-and-under cut, butt hinges, strap hinges, cut nails, clinching, blend of older and contemporary techniques, slaves houses, trammel bar, lug pole, slave quarters, ladder stair, double tenons.]

02p072. Merchant's Hope Church, Prince George County, VA, c. 1725.

02p073. Tabb Street Church, Petersburg, VA, 1841-44 (T. U. Walter), enlarged 1922-23, steeple removed 1938.

02p075. Shirley, Charles City County, VA, 1738, 1772.

Appomattox Tour

* 02p084. Westover Parish Church, Charles City County, VA, c. 1731

[Key words: brick church, Flemish bond, glazed headers, English bond, beveled water table, compass-headed windows, rubbed jams, rubbed bricks, large east window, Episcopal church]

02p089. Eppington, Chesterfield County, VA, c. 1770-73 1783, 1790, 1798-1802

[Key words: frame house, weatherboard siding, ovolos, plantation, wings, dormers, tripartite layout, board-and-batten siding, public wing, private wing.]

02p092. Perkinson House, Chesterfield County, VA, c. 1760-80 1790's, c. 1855

[Key words: one-story, frame structure, one-room house, false plate, studs-set flat, lapped ridge piece, tilted false plate, riven clapboards, beaded weatherboard, board-and-batten door.]

02p101. Carter's Grove


BONUS: One more courthouse and one more church, not from the VAF meeting, but from the Annual Meeting of the Society of Archityeutrral Historians a month earlier, which visited many of the same sights in the area, and was devised by Carl Lounsbury, of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, as "Church and State in Early Virginia: A Tour of Anglican Parish Churches and County Courthouses."

02cs30. King William County Courthouse, c. 1725.
[CS tour notes].

02cs35. St. Peter's Church, New Kent County, 1701-03; tower 1739-40.
[CS tour notes].; last rev. = 18 Aug. 03 jc