Vernacular Architecture Forum Annual Meeting, St.-Pierre et Miquelon
June 2003

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Miquelon p33

03p045. Maison Orsiny, 11 rue Anne Claire du Pont de Renon, Miquelon, Before 1912.

[Key words:open plan, two-door entrance corridor, whiskey crate sheathing, connective passage to stable, hay loft], [Notes]

03p053-2. Maison Orsiny/Etchteberry, 5-7 rue Georges Girardin,Miquelon, ca. 1850.

[Key words: linear plan, exposed ceiling joists, board partitions, imported strap hinges, french casement windows] [Notes]

Pointe au Cheval and Langlade p62

03p062 Ferme Detcheverry, Pointe au Cheval, 1933-36.

[Key words:farm, connected barn, gambrel roof, board partitions, hyphen pantry, hewn timbers, animal shelter, earthen ramp, whiskey crate shingles, shingle siding, french casement windows, laundry, dairy, poultry house, root vegetables, root cellar, coal stove, wood stove] [Notes]

St.-Pierre p74

03p099. Forge Lebailly, rue du Commerce St Pierre, 1878.

[Key words: maritime forge, blacksmiths, split local stone foundation, ceiling joists, trenched posts, beaded edge cut timbers, post and infill method, colombage, omitted braces, interior horizontal tongue-and-groove sheathing attached dwelling house, assemblage clouage, concrete black wall] [Notes]

03p104. Maison Pascale Dérible, 14 rue Amiral Muselier, St Pierre, 1867 until 1883 (of wood, then brick added).

[Key words:classical plan, brick cladding,five bay façade, stucco, center hall, intact bedroom, built-in armoire] [Notes]

03p107. Maison Vigneau, 10 rue Amiral Muselier St. Pierre, ca. 1860.

[Key words:classical plan, hipped roof, center passage stairhall, imported sawn timber, timber framing practice, dovetail drop mortices, wallpaper, full-height studs, board partitions, common rafters, half-lapped rafters] [Notes]

03p117. Maison Yon, 30 rue Boursaint, St. Pierre, 1855-57 (builder likely Louis Durand).

[Key words: linear plan, mansard roof, shop, ladder stair, exposed ceiling joist, chauferes joists, painted graining, painted chair wall, painted wainscot, kerb plate, circular saw, sash sawn] [Notes]

03p128. Maison Marie Girardin, 24 rue Abbé Pierre Gervain, St. Pierre, ca. 1870.

[Key words:classical plan, two family house, center hall, double pile, connected cow stable, wainscoting, built-in armoire, mill-sawn rafters, half-lapped rafters] [Notes]

03p138. Magasin à sel, Boulevard Port-en-Bessin, St Pierre, ca. 1900?

[Key words:salt storage, trap door, hoist, block and tackle, pigeonnier, joists dovetailled to sills, three inch plank flooring, tapered beams, tongue-and-groove sheathing, shingle siding, integration of sheathing and framing, pilotis, spruce, warehouse, peach color paint] [Notes]

Ile-aux-Marins p142

03p150. Maison Girardin, Ile-aux-Marins, 1877 or 1886.

[Key words:frame dwelling, double house, wooden shingles, built-in armoire, stove, convcersion into single-family dwelling, non-functional mantle, sash sawn rafters, roof window hatches, tabatière, hardware, half-lapped rafters] [Notes]

03p153. Maison Jézéquel, Ile-aux-Marins, Before 1889.

[Key words:imported frame, hewn 6-inch posts, braced frame structure, level house plan, dwelling/work, reused rafters, blind mortices, ledged joints, combined work and residence, store salted cod, cabestan, toilet, half barrel, basement well, divided house, external stair, attic space for graviers] [Notes]

03p156. Saline Morel, Ile-aux-Marins, two late 19th c. dwellings

[Key words: converted house, moving houses, partition construction, built-in armoire, grained woodwork, wallpaper, board ceilings, winder stair, common rafter roof] [Notes]

03p165. Lavoir de la Compagnie, lle-aux-Marins (reconstruction).

[Key words: laundry, women, public work space, reconstruction, cauldrons] [Notes]


La Pointe, Philibert, Ravenel, Savoyard p167

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