Architecture and Landscape of the Pennsylvania Germans, 1720-1920
Twenty-fifth Annual Conference of the Vernacular Architecture Forum, May 12-16, 2004

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04 p064. Keim Homestead, Oley Valley, Pennsylvania, 1753.

[Key words: turner, stove room, hillside, stone, Flurkuchenhaus, jamb stoves, door hardware, stud parititions, hand-split staves, board and batten door, chevron-style door, root cellar, ancillary house, workshop, oversized windows, pole lathe, red clay tiles, through purlins, braced queen post, protruding rafter feet, spring trough, walk-in hearth, drying, privy, enigmatic barn, oval forebays, threshing floor, hoist hood, cider press, pig stable], [Notes]

04 p126. Ephrata Cloister, Ephrata, Pennsylvania, 1732.

[Key words: reproduction siding, replacement roofs, divorced householders, central dividing wall, removed balconies], [Notes]

04 p035. Gemberling-Rex House, 106 North Market Street, Schaefferstown, Pennsylvania, 1758.

[Key words: tavern, fachwerk, clapboards, unpainted clapboards, parging, scoring, painted brick pattern, stone lean-to, durchgangigen, corner fireplaces, fielded paneling, gable-end chimneys, reused salvaged components, dentil work, bar cage, stenciling, plaster walls, grape vine pattern, 'dutch door', hardware, social and aesthetic hierarchy, wardrobe, flat-cut balusters, half-timbered construction. loft area over the lean-to, early window trim, painted exterior, bake oven, smokehouse, log barn], [Notes]

04 p051. Heinrich Zeller House, Fort Zeller, Newmanstown, Pennsylvania, 1745.

[Key words: flurken-houses, sandstone architrave, baroque manner, carved shield, semi-enclosed stair, ornamental shelf, kick to the roof, chevron-paneled doors, spring in the lower level, arched cellar door, dairy rooms, products for market, sandstone window frames, small windows, 'underframe' post and purlin roof], [Notes]

04 p076. Fisher Homestead, Oley Valley, Pennsylvania, 1801.

[Key words: Federal style, working farmstead, mansion house, wheat economy, stone, 'full Georgian', centeral passage double-pile plan, rear kitchen ell, ornamental woodwork, nineteenth- century wallpaper, formal presentation upstairs, dated? iron drainpipe, meal chute, carved image of a military rider, stone-built privy, tenant homesteads, innkeeper, stone-built horse barn-wagon house, second-floor compartment, large springhouse, early stone bank barn, first priority large barn, enlarged barn, frame construction, with stone end walls, stucco, double threshing floors, queen post, supplanted liegenderstuhl roof frame, frame pig stable, bakehouse, woodshed, smokehouse, workshop, wagon house-corncrib, wagon shed, milkhouse, poultry house, equipment garage, stone garden wall, grove of locust trees], [Notes]

04 p067. Bertolet Homestead, Oley Valley, Pennsylvania, 1735.

[Key words: farmstead complex, double barn, Pennsylvania barn type, two eighteenth century dwellings, classic Sweitzer barn,. closed-forebay standard Pennsylvania barn, threshing floor, flanked by haymows, south forebay, plank stairway, liegenderstuhl, truss roof frame, intact forebay, granary bins, stichbalken metal straps, 'galleting', slit vents, queen post, small house, chambered-hall, ladderlike stairway, built-in cupboard, paneled vertical board partition, heavily molded cornice, liegenderstuhl truss roof frame, red clay tiles, walk-in hearth, aperture, for the beehive bakeoven, ancillary house, one-story wings, large house, reoriented primary facade, off-center chimney, second-story balcony, wagon house-granary, root cellar, pig stable poultry house, poultry house, milkhouse, privy], [Notes]

04 p047. Tulpehocken Manor, The Ley Complex, Jackson Township, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, 1732-41.

[Key words: two 'winemaker's' bankhouses, smokehouse, five-bay Georgian mansion, native limestone, over a spring, added second story, elongated kreuze plan, seven foot entry arch, cold storage, kitchen, brick floor, niches, deep spring trough, exterior steps, gable pent roofs, twenty-seven room mansion, eight room center passage Georgian, carved fireplace surround, corner cupboard, walnut shrank, limestoned smokehouse, hipped roof, cut sandstone gate posts], [Notes]

04 p101. The Bindery, 28 North Water Street, Lancaster City, Pennsylvania, ?

[Key words: three-ba brick house, single-story service ell, federal-style, segmental-arched windows, fan-lit entry, dentilled brick cornice, pedimented dormer, marbelized mantel, Tuscan style columns, chair rail, urban townhouses, winder stairs, panel-enclosed fireplace, bookbinder], [Notes]

04 p056. Charming Forge, Womelsdorf vicinity, Pennsylvania, 1780-84.

[Key words: 'Georgian'/baroque houses, trip-hammer forge, mansion, Philadelphia craftsmen,worker's village, bank barn, blacksmith shop], [Notes]

04 p049. The House of the Miller of Millbach, Millcreek Township, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, 1752.

[Key words: Baroque style interior, housemill], [Notes]

04 p125. Old Zion Reformed Church, Reifsnyder Road, Lititz, Pennsylvania, 1747.

[Key words: ], [Notes]

04 p026. Alexander Schaeffer Farm, Route 501 South, Schaefferstown, Pennsylvania, early to mid 18th century.

[Key words: central-chimney, workspace, exterior stairway, floor channel, ceiling paling, pot stills, Pennsylvania German dialect, kich, stup, kammer, liegenderstuhl, clay tile roof, multi-level addition, arched cellar vault, interior beehive oven, board partition, summer beam, strict separation of work and living spaces, springhouse, ten-plate stove, shank, gentility, distilling, smokehouse, pigsty, timber-framed bank barn, ramp, forebay, corncrib, wheat barn], [Notes]

04 p053. Christ Lutheran Church/Hersberger Mill, Stouchsburg, Pennsylvania, 1786.

[Key words: walled cemetery, schoolhouse, parsonage, church, cut red sandstone, oriented along the short axis, gallery seating, wineglass pulpit, durchgangigenhaus, balanced five-bay facade, asymmetrical interior, back-to-back parlors, stove-room and a kitchen, dry laid limestone walls, German language stones, folk and death themes, fragrant thyme, bank barn, sawmill, gristmiill, housemill, flurkuchenhaus, segmented arches, interrlocking house and mill spaces], [Notes]


04 p071. Knabb Mill, Oley Valley, Pennsylvania, 1809.

[Key words: grain mills, Oley Valley, fertile soils, wheat and flour economy, 'merchant mill' basis, 'custom mill' basis, Pennsylvania flour trade, Federal-style woodwork, Oliver Evans 1975 The Young Millwright and Miller's Guide, master gear horizontal counter shaft system, water powered, basement floor, entry area, gear pit, wheel pit, 'split level' design, first upper floor, office floor, garretm second floor, storage space, sifting and bolting machinery, hurst or husk frame, millstones, waterwheels, opposing longitudinal entry, sack hoist hood, cider mill, headrace archway, iron-cased turbine, flat-belt drive, roller milling, never installed, flour sifting machinery, principal rafter-based 'double roof', principal rafters, sturdy collar beams, butt purlins, wind braces, common rafters, house mill tradition, chambered hall house, 'tenant house', bakeoven, weigh house, ice house, privy, pyramidal-roofed frame smokehouse, pivoting meat tree, stone-end barn], [Notes]

04 p079. St. Gabriel's Church, Douglassville, Pennsylvania, 1801.

[Key words: ], [Notes]

04 p083. Windom Mill Farm, Manor Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, ?

[Key words: ], [Notes]

04 p015. Brandt fram II,

04 p039. Durst Thoma house

04 p097. Reisinger house, Lancaster

04 p098. Dellet-Lamparter house, lancaster

04 p100. Fachwerk house, 125 Howard Str, lancaster

04 p103. Sehner-Ellicot house, Lancaster

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