American Victorian House and Suburb

Fall 2000, J. Cohen
Tu 2:00-4:00, Carpenter B25
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Some possible sources for first-person accounts of Philadelphia's Victorian suburbs


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reading response 1 websites critique reading response 2  Project 1: site evolution reading response 3 Project 2: themes in Philadelphia's Victorian suburbs
 KFD  x  x  x Redleaf & Holmhurst in Wynnewood  x Comparison of suburbanization of Victorian Chestnut Hill/Mount Airy / Germantown and Victorian Roxborough / Manayunk / Wissahickon: "The Line that Never Was"
 AHC  x  x  x "Linden Shade" & "Willington" in Wallingford  x Transportation and Victorian Era Development in Western South Jersey
 AGB  x  x  x Redleaf & Holmhurst in Wynnewood  x The Servant Question
 JHC  x  x  x Netherworth and Norland in Wallingford  x Quakers in Victorian Philadelphia
 ED  x  x  x Widener house in Cheltenham and Clemaria in Radnor  x The Working Class in West Philadelphia, 1850-1900
 AH  x  x  x Widener house in Cheltenham and Clemaria in Radnor  x Why Was Overbrook Farms A Successful Middle-Class Victorian Suburb?
 JR  x  x  x Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Overbrook, and Barclay Hall, Haverford College  x Haverford College's College Lane and College Circle: the Borderland between the Main Line and the Academy
 JW  x  x  x Brightstone and Clovelly in Lower Merion  x Evolution of the Victorian Summer Residence in the Philadelphia Suburban Area
 SJ  x  x  x Rostrevor in Haverford and Sylvula in Bryn Mawr  x The Relationship of the Suburban Resident to the City and its Reflection in the Use of Public Transit in Nineteenth Century Philadelphia

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