Toward the end of the semester, you will visit and interview an architect from a list of several who will have agreed to participate. Call and make a half-hour appointment at their and your convenience to visit in pairs, probably at their office, probably downtown. (In teaming up, do this with someone not from your unit-review group.)

Prepare three or four good questions that you've thought about carefully in terms of issues presented in the architecture of the present day. Topics may range from the way an office runs, what clients want, major design influences, pleasures and frustrations of practice, or in connection with a particular work, comments on context or type. Each group should be prepared to give a ten-minute oral presentation for class-time in late April. If images will be critical to the class's understanding of your main points, make multiple copies of an image or two for your classmates.

Timing: arrange to meet with the architects well in advance of our discussion, to be held during the last few weeks of the semester. Be ready by 21 April.

Here's a list of some local architects who will have indicated a willingness to participate:

[ok] Richard King (MGA, Center City) (215) 925-0100 []

[MT] Sarah Batchelor [BMC grad] (MGA, Center City) (215) 925-0100 []

[ok] John Blatteau (JBA, CC) (215) 751-9779

[AMM + ME] Harris Steinberg (Steinberg & Stevens, Gtn) (215) 247-8103 []

[KFD] Jane Stevens (Steinberg & Stevens, Gtn) (215) 247-8103 []

[ND + JG] Shawn Evans (Atkin, Olshin, Lawson-Bell, Center City) (215) 925-7812 []

[ok] Dan McCoubrey (VSBA, Manayunk) (215) 487-0400

[CT] Frederick L. Bissinger (FLK Inc, Villanova) (610) 525-6438

[ok] Susan Maxman (SMA, Center City) (215) 985-4410

[ok] Rachel Schade (Schade & Bolender, Center City) (215) 731-0390

[ok] Kiki Bolender (Schade & Bolender, Center City) (215) 731-0390

[AS] Marianna Thomas (MTA, West Phila.) (215) 386-0200

[MD + AO] Jim Garrison (Hillier Group, Center City) (215) 636-9999 []


[ok] = I've talked to them in advance, they agreed to participate, and they're expecting your call.

[] with initials means this person has been claimed by a classmate -- but a more up-to-date list is right outside my office door.

* = reached only their voice-mail, so it may require a bit more explaining, but they've done this in previous years. It might be fine, but allow them to graciously opt out, if they want. I'll update this list as I hear back from more of them.

IMPORTANT: so that others won't contact the same architect, please sign up on the copy of this list on my office door by initialing beside who you're contacting.

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