Cities 255
Unit C: Some recommendations, excerpts, and full articles on-line

[You can probably find your own way around articles in the JSAH, Winterthur Portfolio, PVA etc., at this point, looking at the collected tables of contents of these journals on reserve for the course. But try also to browse the NA shelves (and NA folio) a bit more, reading bits of architectural bios, parts of other monographic studies, period publications, etc., along with articles that you can locate on your own.

Actually, two related readings that I can't help but recommend: one is partly about English architecture, Colin Rowe's article, "Character and Composition: or some Vicissitudes of Architectural Vocabulary in the Nineteenth Century," in his collection of essays, Mathematics of the Ideal Villa and Other Essays, (Cambridge, MA, 1976), pp. 60-87 (in stacks); the other is more about painting, but illuminating, David C. Huntington's introductory essay in the exhibition catalogue The Quest for Unity: American Art Between World's Fairs, 1876-1893 (Detroit, 1980s?), pp. 11-46 (photocopy on reserve for course).

Here, though, are links to some especially recommended period excerpts and articles mentioned in class that you might not have an easy a time getting your hands on. The Sims and van Rensselaer articles are, I believe, the best contemporary things written on the architecture of their decades.]; last rev. = 22 Mar. 01 [comments/questions]