City 255: Site Visit Directions

Monday, 12 February, 3:10 pm
Trip to Mount Pleasant, East Fairmount Park

Take the Schuylkill Expressway to Exit 34, to Route 1 North (City Line Avenue continuing as the Roosevelt Boulevard), crossing the river and following the confusing signs right away to Kelly Drive going toward the city (south). Or, if you know how, take what they call "surface streets" in LA to the same place. After what looks like about a delightful mile-and-a quarter alongside the river, you'll see at left an equestrian statue of General U. S. Grant near the entrance to Fountain Green Drive. Salute him, and take the left by him up the hill, and then take the first left, perhaps a quarter mile further up the road, which leads directly to Mt. Pleasant. Try to get there by 3:40.

For those leaving from Bryn Mawr, we can assemble drivers and riders at the entrance to the Merion lot by 3:10. If another group wants to leave directly form Haverford, we'll meet you at the house. If you want to go in before we arrive, don't pay. We're meant to be covered.

If you get lost, the direct number at the house is 215 763-2719.; last rev. 8 Feb 2001 [return to 255 homepage]