Cities 250: Growth and Spatial Organization of the American City

Spring Semester 2002
MW 1:00 - 2:30, Thomas 110
Mr. Cohen []
[BlackBoard for enrollees] [syllabus via web] [assignments] [reading possibilities: some articles. some books.] [some on-line map and biblio resources]



  I. Framing the Discussion: The Unplanned City and Urban Processes

21 Jan

Approach: the city as found, and urban processes

AssgtA: AnnBib1. annotated biblio on this approach to urban process, etc. in US and elsewhere, medieval period onward, due 23 Jan. Bring in as .doc or .rtf on diskette.

- Activate your web and Bb account and get instructions of posting to it.

 23 Jan

Diagrams of functional zones.

AssgtA: AnnBib1, due 23 Jan.

AssgtB: ResProj1: Diagramming, due preliminarily 30 Jan, final 11 Feb

AssgtC: RdgResp1, on gen'l bib, post by 6pm, 5 Feb

28 Jan

No class, but JC will be in Th 110 or TTC, below, from 2-3

[Sanborn-like examples]

 30 Jan

Workshop on scanning & web pages [notes]

AssgtB: ResProj1, due preliminarily 29 Jan [group links]

4 Feb

Workshop on project 1
Discussion of urban building and landscape types

AssgtC: RdgResp1, post by 6pm, 5 Feb

6 Feb

Discussion of Rdgs 1

AssgtD: RdgResp2, on US cities, 1700-1900, post by 6pm, 12 Feb

11 Feb

Visit to old downtown. Meet at 2pm, 2nd & Market Sts., NW corner. [as it looked about 1800]

AssgtB: ResProj1, due in final form, 11 Feb

AssgtD: RdgResp2, post by 6pm, 12 Feb

 13 Feb

Discussion of Rdgs 2

[Birch Views of Phila.]

AssgtE: RdgResp3, on urban vernaculars and types, post by 6pm, 19 Feb

  II. The Evolving City: Urban Morphology, Functional Differentation, and Type

18 Feb

AssgtE: RdgResp3, post by 6pm, 19 Feb

[Collective map of Project one sites]

 20 Feb

An urban vernacular form of the Phila townhouse; Discussion of Rdgs 3

AssgtF: AnnBib2, annotated biblio on assigned city, due 27 Feb

25 Feb

Visit to Washington Square West area. Meet at 2pm, 11th & Market Sts., SW corner. (at 2:20, at 12th & Spruce)

[on-line exhibit]

 27 Feb

AssgtF: AnnBib2, due 27 Feb

AssgtG: ResProj2, on morphological dev, function parts, dominant types over time in assigned city, due 26 Mar

4 Mar
[JC at Bard in NYC]

 6 Mar

Reading urban landscapes.

[SPRING BREAK: no class 11, 13 Mar]

18 Mar

J Farnham on early 20th c planning in Phila.

[post images from city-reading over break]

post beginnings of project [project links]


 20 Mar

 discuss 'reading-the-city' images and observations from over break

TTC for work on projects

25 Mar
[JC at VRA in St.L]

No class; groups meet separately to put final touches on projects.

 27 Mar

AssgtG: ResProj2, posted by 26 Mar, 6pm.

Presentations: Boston, Balt, NO



1 Apr

Presentations: St.L.

 3 Apr

Presentations: SF, Seattle, Chicago


8 Apr

Presentations: NY, LA
[ResProject 2: links]

 10 Apr

Presentations: Atlanta, Houston

AssgtG: ResProj2, final posting and hand in on paper.

AssgHI: RdgResp4 & Proj3, readings and mini-proj on process and developers, post by 6pm, 28 Apr

  III. Shaping the Part: Process and Agency, Developers and Owners,Vestiges



15 Apr

Visit 20th c. downtown, offices, parkway, Park Towne, highway. Meet 2pm at 16th & JFK

 17 Apr
[JC at SAH in VA]

22 Apr

AssgHI: RdgResp4 and Proj3, post by 6pm, 28 Apr

AssgJ: RdgResp5, US Cities, late 20th c., post by 6pm, 30 Apr

 24 Apr

[project 3 links]

  IV. New Cities, New Edges?

29 Apr

Discussion of Rdgs 5

AssgJ: RdgResp5, post by 6pm, 30 Apr

 1 May

Discussion of Rdgs 5; last rev.= 24 Apr 02
[email to instructor]