City 306, Spring 2003


20 Sept:

1. READ three "Streetscapes" articles, on Reserve in Carpenter and make a short Word doc on a floppy specifying which ones you read, and offering a short response:
o What questions did the author pose?
o What means did the author employ to answer them? Make a short list of the different kinds of sources he used.
o Did you find it interesting?
o Would you have posed other questions that would have made it more so?
Discuss these in no more than a few paragraphs that you will later post, and bring as a Word doc or plain text on floppy next class.

2. ACTIVATE (if not already active) and get instructions / password, etc for posting to your student web account

Syllabus link: www.brynmawr/cities/03-306/syll.html
Link to Streetscapes articles index is on this page.