City 306, Spring 2003: Class calendar

Mondays, 2-4, Carpenter B15 and other locations as noted


20 Jan.
[in B15]


Intro, structure of course.

Praxis possibility.

Beginning on HTML, digital images.
[soup starter]

- Read and respond to three "Streetscapes" articles

- Mark-up response in html; bring on floppy for for discussion and webbing on 27 Jan. 

- Activate web account.

27 Jan.
[ ]


Discuss "Streetscapes" articles.
sources of info.
questions posed.
what is interesting?

More on HTML, dig. images. posting. [html workshop page]

- Begin your contextualizing readings, starting w/ scholarly articles and chapters on Phila-area urban and suburban growth, differentiation.

[some bib]

- Post "Streetscapes" response
- Scan an image and add it to your class website by 3 Feb. You may use the scanners in Visual Resources when JC is about if you'd like over-the-shoulder help.

- Read "Evidence of Place"

3 Feb.
[ ]


Types of writing on Philadelphia area
Phila info resources

Intro image-map projects.

Making image maps
BML lecture, 4pm)

- Choose topic and carry out image-map mini-project, post by 17 Feb.

- Explore Places in Time website.

10 Feb.
[ ]


Site visit:

Philadelphia Historical Commission, rm 576, Phila. City Hall. meet by 3pm.

- Post first iteration of reading journal, with precise citations of what read, brief description of scope and theme of each, and some collective discussion of content. Read journals of two classmates, make notes for discussion in class.

- Begin 2nd set of readings, with focus more on historical local-area buildings and building processes than the bigger urbanistic scale.

Look over project list, identify some that seem of interest, consider.

17 Feb.
[ ]



Help available in TTC with image-map projects

  Work on image mapping project; if needed, arrange for help with jc.

24 Feb.
[ ]


Site visit: Historical Society of Pennsylvania,1300 Locust Street, at 3pm (sharp.)

- Post 2nd reading journal. Read journals of two classmates, make notes for discussion in class.

- Begin 3rd set of readings, with focus more on use of particular kinds of documentation.

Think about main project options, choices. Meet with jc before break to fix expectations on projects, w/ institutional if praxis.

3 March
[ ]


Discuss readings.

Discuss archtl drawings, arch'tl processes.

   - During break, look at other landscapes, thinking about how they have changed over time.

Spring break, 7-17 March.

17 March
[ ]


[jc possibly in Portland 17-18th. reschedule for 19th?]


In appts during week, discuss and consider project framing, notions, strategies, and audience.


 24 March
[ ]


Look at final version of image projects.

Discuss final projects.

Mock up data-less project websites, for group suggestions.

   - Find and critique two good websites about place historically; create a website linking their URLs, and including your comments on each. Post for discussion on 31 March and pass URL to jc before Monday.

31 March
[ ]


Discuss website critiques

 - Post 3rd reading journal. Read journals of two classmates, make notes for discussion in class.

- Begin 4th set of readings, with focus supporting project.

7 April
[ ]


Discuss 3rd set of reading journal.

Project progress framing discussions, updates.

Supervised work on project.

[jc in Houston on 8th]



14 April
[ ]


Supervised work on project. - Final web reading journal posting, 4th set.  - Bring projects to a completed state, posting by 18 Apr. for classmate response.

21 April


Discuss 4th set of readings.

Supervised work on project.

- Send constructive comments on three projects to their authors and to instructor. 


[jc in Denver on 27th]

28 April


Present projects for classmates, guests.

Invite further comments.

[last class]

  - Revise projects, taking classmate and instructor comments into account. Post final revised version by 3 May
5 May [finals period]

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