Some Image-Mapping Project Ideas, some small, some large

Map, research, contextualize Fox Views at BMC.

HSP [prax]
Take Kennedy Views to next step, organizing geographically, keying to different maps, grabbing all possible repros. Ditto for Evans. Provide overviews and cite, provide exemplar uses. Ditto for Breton as (mini) proj.

Map survey if London volumes as clickable maps. Explore if other cities susceptible of similar
[never mind; looks to be already done in part: see "areas covered" on] (Berlin, Paris?)

GtHS & ChHHS: [prax]
Work up illustrated, mapped, annotated, interactive finding aid for collections at these repos: Naylor photos, Richards zinc prints, Gtn Independent c. 1902 publication.

Map King's Views and/or Hotchkin, grabbing existing images, adding info on each building, integrating into map interface. Do discursive website that contextualizes these among larger patterns of building, society.

Scan and map Boston and NYC panos, linking (mini). Identify surviving buildings and give data for specific buildings where available as to date of construction, replacement.

PbHS, PAB: [prax]
On model of White's Presby Churches of 1895, do suburban churches w/i certain geo limits. Integrate digital images of places, data about buildings, earliest atlas snippet showing building. Create phased map interface for whole thing accompanying narrative of area's development as website and/or paper. Start w/ Presby, other largest denominations, or do all churches you can find.
[White, William P., and William H. Scott, Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, A Camera and Pen Sketch of Each Presbyterian Church and Institution in the City. Philadelphia: Allen Lane & Scott, 1895]

LMHS, Woodlands, LMC?
Map area cemeteries, compiling info on each, pop, years of activity, state of their data, links to any info. Find literature on these. Try to characterize "catchment" relative to others. Create website w/ hot-linked maps, links, data, enriched narrative, rich biblio. Consider, explore possibilities for the futures of the historic cemeteries.

NYT/OMH? [prax]
Make a locationally based graphic index to the NYT Streetscapes articles. Research block number, other coord systems. Research, acquire images. [too much just work?]

Track developers, identify them and their work, each on hot-linked maps combining doc'm, images, data.

Find catalog, scan, and map Valentine's Manual images of NYC. The are published prints inserted in city manuals from late 19th c to early 20th of odd views of old NYC.

Map Vict townhouses in JC diss cat. Integrate data and images.

Website help, mapping districts
Create website mapping hist districts and linking to detailed maps, narratives, inventories on each, other enhancements to PHC website. Contact Jim Green of CPC to get static versions of GIS maps as base maps. Model fuller enhancements to site for a specific area? Integrate 1980s db of file holdings onto site, extend in useful ways to PHC, make more accessible. Find Excel doc of Phila register, exploring ways to make accessible. Make pilot for small area of fully featured 'dream' PHC website. Coord efforts w/ PAB by geo-coding where pertinent. [jc]

Christ Church, PE Churches
One of the least well organized and archived of the larger old denominations in the area is the Episcopal church. There are about 164 parishes in the 5-county Philadelphia area, called the Diocese of Pennsylvania, many of these involving the city's best architects. The city examples are recorded in a 1966 book by Wesley Twelves, a set of articles compiled by Anthony A. Roth at HSP, and a loose-leaf set of surveys from 1996. A goal here might be to map all the present and prior churches, linking each spot to images and information on eahc structure, and ultimately also to the location of archival material and architectural documentation on each. A volunteer Episcopal archivist, Glenn Colliver, might be willing ot serve as an aid in this effort. The 1895 book on Phila's Presbyterian churches by White might serve as a model, but one might also ocnfine this effort to the suburban area.

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