Some potential resources for revRR2
Drawn from Longstreth bib, JSAH articles, HABS, fire insurance recs at HSP.

Some of these look promising, but in some cases our focus might be the more commoon one on skyscraper construction, cast iron, department store, etc. In some cases we'll be more interested in what they supplanted, i.e., the 3-to-6 story office building, or the independent high-end shops supplanted by the dept store.Take a look and see if looks like it might be informative for your particular project -- some may have introductions that look back to set the stage.

The HABS cites were chosen because they seem to have plans, and they can be retrieed by doing searches on the HABS website [] for any part of what I've given. The fire insurance surveys at HSP also will have plans. I only grabbed a few citations; there are many more in each category. For shops there are sometimes interiors of fancier stores shown in mid-century lithographs, and slightly later some photographs of office interiors, as in an 1898-99 Philadelphia publication called The Book of fthe Bourse.




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Montgomery Block (offices), 28 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, HABS CA-1228

FFI 0: 54857, 514 Walnut
FFI 10:3070, 530 Walnut
FFI 49286, 111 Walnut
FFI 113: 14545, 332 walnut
FFI 243: 34828, 426 walnut
FFI 222: 31161, 715 Market
FFI 117: 15197, 250 Chestnut (Van Dyke Bldg, offices)
PA 12: 6728, Delaware Ins Co, 234 Walnut (architect's plans)

? NYT. 06.03.90 Q&A: Mortimer Building., swc Broadway & 22nd St. (1861) Griffith Thomas (office?)
? NYT, 11.24.91 Schepp Building, nwc Duane & Hudson (1881) Stephen D. Hatch/ Kevin Bone (office?)
NYT, 01.12.92 Astor Offices, 21-23 West 26th (1881/1922) Thomas Stent/ Peabody, Wilson & Brown/ Peter Moore/David Mandl
? NYT, 01.07.96 Bennett Building, 150 Nassau Street (1870's/1890's) Arthur D. Gilman/ (J. M. Farnsworth)


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Laing,Edgar,Stores, Washington & Murray Sts., New York City, HABS NY-5469, 1849

132 West Fourth Street (Building), New York City, HABS NY-448, 1839

Apothecary Shop (Interiors), 10 Greenwich Street, HABS NY-475-A, 1860s

Olliffe's Pharmacy, 6 Bowery, New York City, 1805, HABS NY-4-17

FFI 267: 38515, 1037 Chestnut, bookstore and offices
FFI 267: 38688, 432 Chestnut, store and office
FFI 129: 16837, 241 Chestnut, store
FFI 94: 12106, 101 Chestnut, cabinetwork
FFI 0: 56063, 1705 Chestnut, cast iron store, pls 1 & 2nd
FFI 0: 53666, 1508 Chestnut
FFI 0: 5341, 5 stores, Paterson, NJ (architect's plans)

NYT, 10.18.92 Ball, Black store, 565 Broadway (1860/1894) John Kellum/ Little & O'Connor
NYT, 02.12.95 Ehrich Brothers Store, nwc 22nd & Sixth (1889+) William Schickel/ Taylor & Levi/ Hartford Faience/ Frank Richard Gencorelli
NYT, 05.07.95 Old Lord & Taylor Building, swc 20th & Broadway (1870/1914) J. H. Giles/ John H. Duncan/ Daniel Bernstein
NYT, 02.25.96 Gotlieb store, sec 58th & Madison (1875/1914) Robert Mook/ Gronenberg & Leuchtag/ Hooper & Greene/ Joseph D. Weiss/ Richard Mugler/ Michael Gabellini
NYT, 03.02.97 Q&A: Ginsberg store, 1082 Park (1887/1925) F. T. Camp/ A. N. Allen


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68 Broad St, Boston, c. 1806, HABS BOST,44-1

Front Street (Warehouse), c. 1850s, HABS NY-4378

E.V. Haughwout & Company Building, 488-492 Broadway, 1857, Survey number HABS NY-5459

635-647 West Pratt Street (Commercial Buildings), Baltimore, 1830, HABS MD-16

Phelps-Dodge-Palmer Building, 200 West Adams Street, Chicago, 1888, HABS IL-1124

Jayne Building, 242-244 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, HABS PA-188, 1850

FFI 141: 18719, 832 Arch
FFI 13: 7263, 7 N. 5th, st & wrhse
PA 13: 7148, 316 market, st & wrhse
PA 13: 7005, 523 Market, st & wrhse
PA 13: 7185, 28 N 3rd, st & wrhse

NYT, 02.12.89 O'Reilly Warehouse, nec 123rd St. & St. Nicholas (1892) Cornelius O'Reilly
? NYT, 06.10.90 Worth-Thomas Street salvaged cast-iron facades (1870) Griffith Thomas/ Jarvis M. Slade/ Daniel Badger/ William Field


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NYT, 10.30.94 Hopkins Building, 75 Murray Street (1858) James Bogardus
NYT, 01.01.95 Haughwout Building, nec Broome & Broadway (1857/1892) John P. Gaynor/ Daniel Badger/ Elisha Otis/ Freeman & Bloodgood/ Joseph Pell Lombardi
? NYT, 06.18.95 80 Leonard Street (1861) - early arcaded facades J. H. Giles/ Daniel Badger
? NYT, 08.20.95 James Bogardus/Sperry store, 338 Broadway - new attributions James Bogardus



Union Oyster House (Restaurant), 41-43 Union Street, Boston, HABS MA-127, 1704

Jewelers' Building, 15-19 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago, HABS IL-1049, 1882

Plymouth Place (hotel?), 1560-1572 Broadway, Denver, HABS CO-24, 1898

NYT, 12.29.91 Gilsey Hotel, nec 29th & Bdwy (1871) - re-restoration Stephen D. Hatch/ Building Conservation Associates
NYT, 01.31.93 Grand Hotel, sec 31st & Broadway (1868) Henry Englebert/ Building Conservation Assoc.
NYT, 11.19.95 Bridge Cafe, 279 Water Street (1847/1888) - oldest restaurant in New York; McSorley's insufficient claims Kurtzer & Rohl
NYT, 04.14.96 Delmonico's, 56 Beaver Street (1891) James Brown Lord/ Henry George Greene/ Mark Kemeny
NYT, 10.04.98 Tiffany Glass & Decorating, 333 Park Avenue South (1875/1891) C. Markham/Louis Comfort Tiffany

FFI 149: 20093, 1400 Walnut, stores & refectory
FFI 0L 53788, 1400 Walnut, Hotel
FFI 27: 4731, 517 Chestnut, Am Hotel
FFI 20: 4049, 315 Chestnut, Hotel
PA 19:10959, 1401 Walnut, hotel & restaurant, w/ upper story plans
PA 6:4023, 4.. Chestnut, US Hotel, w/ upper story plans
PA 3: 2825, 4.. Chestnut, US Hotel, w/ upper story plans
FFI 187: 25757, 633 Chestnut, st & rest
FFI 149: 20022, 401 Chestnut,
FFI 0: 54701, 603 N 2nd, rest & dw
FFI 64: 13321, 410 Race, expensive store


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