Cities 377
Fall 2003
Weds. 2-4, Carpenter B-25
J. Cohen

Working Calendar

date: in-class activities (due) assignments  

3 Sept.:

intro, the 19th c. downtown.
generative questions, structure of course

Type1, downtown uses, for 9 Sept.

10. Sept.

loose ends; NYC fire 1835, import'g vs mfg; rails & urban form
discuss promising Q, bib;
discuss, coordinate, group uses, taxonomy of types, color code panos.

RR1, for 16 Sept.  

17 Sept

visit Athenaeum of Philadelphia, 220 South 6th Street, 215-925-2688: arrive by 3pm
see actual Baxter panos, & Rae, commc'l arch dwgs, PAB, AABN, archival sources; old downtown
bring in RR1's into disc [collected rr's]
assign function for Type2.


Type2, locations of types, for 24 Sept.

24 Sept.

type location reports [type2 links]
resources for Type3: atlases, fire.ins, AABN, Avery, HABS, NYT

Type2 Type3, building form, for 8 Oct

1 Oct.

visit Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1300 Locust St., 3pm
(fire ins surveys, extra-ill Chestnut St., Campbell/Perkins, Westcott scraps, Poulson at LCP); look at Midtown Phila


8 Oct.

present type form [type3 links]


15 Oct.

Fall break


22 Oct.

wonderings, Lost City, evidence/motive, panos, revisiting type w/ reading


rev RR2, for 31 Oct.

some bib & plan resources


29 Oct.

Meet at 1st Bank U.S., 120 S. 3rd, 3pm.
Blocks: frame, blue-sky
assign, sources, start gathering mat'ls / envision result

rev RR2, post on Fri, 31 Oct.

Blocks, for 10 Dec.

plan of assigned blocks

5 Nov.

lect: architects: ex. banks, early stores, others. res & vern type & architects, more sources


12 Nov.

supv'd work


19 Nov.

show progress on Blocks

Blocks Theme or RR3, for 26 Nov.
feedback on Blocks

26 Nov.

disc rr3 or theme

Theme or RR3 Revisions to Blocks, for 15 Dec.  

3 Dec.

supv'd work


10 Dec.

supv'd work


17 Dec.

Final present'n, Blocks, to exhibit sponsor

Blocks revs. exam period (no exam)  

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