207-3: 17 Sept (at Elfreth's Alley), nn:

last time, Harriton:
rural ambition, gentry by assertion vs. aristocratic title, holdings by birth,
disappointed image of dynasty, agricultural wealth.

99th percentile: for 1704 one of most elaborate: not just hall-parlor, but HP&K.
17th c. late medievalism, plan, chamfers, but ext symm, bulbous baroque mouldings, artifice.

who designed Harriton? models? adherence, membership, ranking w/i a legible hierarchy of expression more than invention.

intended contrast w/ Mt PLeasant. full classical artiface. full symm, linguistic elaboration beyond materiality of all olpenings, edges. Palladian, symm floating in proportion, dispassionate right; disinterested reason, as image of rightful power. But here agian assertion, privateer --n in England, prob home of landed gentry only, although that was eroding.

Chr Ch, another 99th percentile. elements of Eng Baroque & Palladian.
high Ch, low Church. (compare Quakers)

aim for 50th percentile: 2-3 story artisan's landscape. rare full coup d'oeil

interrogate the object: questions:

[Beth: recent discoveries by Bernie et al?]

anything we pass is fair game. wonder, postulate, discuss.