Cities 207. Topics in Urban Studies: History of Architecture and Urbanism in Philadelphia
Fridays 1-3:30, Carpenter B15
J. Cohen


 3 Sept.

Intro. [nn]


 10 Sept.


[reading response1]

 17 Sept.

(x: Mt. Pleasant), Elfreth's Alley
[dirs] [nn]

Reading: Get to c. 1920 in Tatum; read in Drawing Toward Building, read "Evid of Place" [via Bb].
[CW's 207 Web Record]
[collected RRs via Bb]

 24 Sept.

in class at BMC: build geo/ chrono; context; discuss readings. (mention vs visit:
St John, NL, 2nd Bank, Athenaeum) [nn]

[reading response 2]: 3/5

 1 Oct.

Spruce, Pine, Locust, 8th to 16th (meet at 8th & Spruce, near PA Hospital, at 1:45)

 [rr3: Coeval Criticism]

 8 Oct.

ESP and St James the Less

   15 Oct.: Fall break  
[Phila survey examples]

 22 Oct.

in classroom at BMC:
discuss crit, Phila. survey project

Start collecting period survey examples
[phgrid.xls]: an Excel template for downloading, in which teams can build period concordances.
[Thoughts on other sources to look to, mentioning key Philadelphia buildings in passing]

 29 Oct.

Meet at 1:35 pm in courtyard of Philadelphia City Hall. Visit PAFA , Masonic Temple.

Read Henry A. Sims, "Architectural Fashions," Penn Monthly (Sept. 1876): 700-711 [open pdf]
 Mariana G. van Rensselaer, "Recent Architecture in America: City Dwellings" I [website], II [website], The Century Magazine, 1886.

 5 Nov.

Meet at 17th & Spruce, 1:35pm, to walk in Rittenhouse area

[rr4: Tatum on Modernism, & respond to 3/5 topical readings]
 Send in spreadsheets and key points.

 12 Nov.

Chestnut Hill in slides (rain).


 19 Nov.

Penn and Penn archives, 1:30

   26 Nov.: T'giving break  

 3 Dec.

Meet at 1:50, 10th & Market. Urban successions, transect, modernisms.

Final grids, points, and images by Tuesday, 7 Dec.
Q for discussion on 10th: what has been considered characteristic of Philadelphia architecture? Its basis?

 10 Dec

Back at BMC, B15, for concluding discussion.

 [CW's 207 Web Record]

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