24 Sept: in classroom

build map collectively
where have we been?
Birch views of 18th c. town

who designed?
builder's guides
archtl graphics, contracts (Norris of Fairhill)
BHL quotes: amateur vs prof

BPa, other works (family symp CD)
Strickland, Mills (Wash Hall/ Ledoux, Guimard, BaltExch, Pav IX)

St JOhn's NL, Masonic T, synagogue, Swedenborgian,
Franklin Row, Bapt Ch
2nd Bank (autobio)


Walter, Stewart

pros train pros
builders-> archts: Carver, Cummings, Sloan


philanthropic necklace in Childs views


Tatum: master narr
DTB, Evid of PLace: evidence
disc readings

next reading resp.
next class