207-3: 17 Sept, assignments:

you've read roughly up to the CW in Tatum.

If you haven't already, get to c. 1920 in Tatum, being sure to look at the some of the individual entries and illustrations at the back of the book. There's a good chunk of our master narrative in Tatum, and of our key landmark list.

Now we start to turn more to issues of evidence, and to get a more nunanced view of the early part of ourt narrative. For next week, in Drawing Toward Building, read a half dozen entries of your choice from before 1930, plus at least one of the essays. This book mainly uses architectural drawings as evidence. Then read, via Blackboard, "Evidence of Place."

Rather than hit the road again next week, we'll take a day in the classroom, where we'll discuus the reading to date and try to solidify a bit of the geographical/chronological framework.

Be prepared to introduce what you find the most engaging points, arguments, or issues from your reading to date into our discussion, illustrating them with digital images (send to me as images or links in advance, if you like) where that will help others see the issues more clearly.