For next time, please read the next chapters of Tatum, Penn's Great Town (on reserve in Carpenter), bringing you well into the Victorian period, and start to browse around the "Places in Time" [] and PAB [] websites.

Then use various strategies to identify other readings focused on the period of Philadelphia architecture covered in your Tatum readings so far. Make a list of what sound like the five most promising writings that you can identify, especially articles in scholarly journals, parts of scholarly books (not guide books), or other publications. Give a very precise citation of these, following some conventional bibliographic model. 

Read what would seem to promise to be the best two of these articles or chapters that you can put your hands on, noting exactly what pages or chapters you've read, and then briefly report on the way they frame their part of the topic, their point, and questions they raise in your mind, perhaps in two or three paragraphs each. Please email these to me as short MS Word or plain text files attached to your email before the end of the day next Thursday, so that I can look them over before class. (Give the Word files the suffix: .doc, or attach plain text as .txt, or .rich-text-format as rtf, preceding this with rr1 and your initials, i.e., [rr1jac.doc]).