RR3: Coeval Crit

Most of our reading to date has been retrospective, written by scholars looking back on distant times. For this brief assignment, longer in shoe leather than reading time, you'll switch gears, and pursue past writings about recently completed buildings. These will be more in journalistic publications than historiographical ones (although there may be leads in the latter). Use whatever tools you can think of to find period responses to once-recently completed Philadelphia-area buildings, aiming for a spread of responses from three different periods: perhaps one post-WW2 to 1980, one between the wars or earlier, and one from even before that -- see how far back you can get.

This will be a test of resourcefulness, and you should not rely on the computer alone. IN fact, you should try to get over to use Penn's Fisher Fine Arts Library to get access to older journals, on the shelves or on microform (and also to see the building, by Furness, Evans, & Co., 1888-91).

The result, for next time, 8 October, should be a set of three good citations of this sort, with copies of the articles or parts of them if doable, and brief one-or-two-paragraph discussions of what each author seem to celebrate and value or deride in the designs. Try to read between the lines, and the beyond the platitudes, as to what it is they welcome or critique, setting that against what you think is its foil.

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