BRYN MAWR COLLEGE, Growth & Structure of Cities Program
City 255w [College Seminar 002, section 11].
Writing Building: Responses to American Architecture
Spring 2004, TTh, 10-11:30, Carpenter B15

Course Calendar


 Tu      Th  
  I. Finding Now: Responses to Contemporary American Architecture

 20 Jan

* intro, structure, pact, malleable plan
* 10:45: visit West School

 assig1: respond to one of two recent buildings, 3-4 pp.  

 22 jan

* bits on Shipley kta tu

* read to partner, offer responses

* archtl views, terms, roles.

  assig1b: revise 1a.

||||assig2: begin text reading, in pieces till 16 Mar., w/ intermediate reports.

 27 Jan

Meet in Ward Building, BMC
* discuss buildings with C Gluesing
[Bettws-y-Coed] [bc]
[Ward] [fac]

  assig3: respond to other recents, 3-4 pp. [project bldgs]  

 29 jan

* discuss responses to Ward, Bettws-Y, product and process, now-ness?

  conferences with CSem2ers

 3 Feb

Meet at HC, Whitehead, visit Sci Center

* partner reads, offers thoughts

* React to HC's [Whitehead, HC] [DSA] [Koshland]

  assig3b: revise 3a. 
 assig2a, rdg rpt.

 more conferences with CSem2ers
(Tu, 12:30-3:00;
Wed, 11-12, 2:30-4)


 5 feb
 assig2a, rdg rpt.

* survey text rdg

* discuss writings, types of comment, interest, intelligibility for reader

* basics: three trinities, architectural roles, drawings. dates.

* Contextualizing buildings in time. architectural portrait of our time? contemporary dialogue in these?

  assig4: contemp crit, 3-4 pp.


 10 feb

* Contextualizing buildings in functon: view Kostof, America by Design, 1, "The House"

jc at Dickinson, 9th-10th

 12 feb

* discussion of crit

||||assig5: keys to moment, for presentations, beginning 24 Feb.

list of awards:
[Pritzker Prize]
[AIA Gold medals]
[AIA Gold Medal oughts]

 17 Feb

* view Kostof 2, "The Workplace"


 19 feb

* Inga Saffron visit

  conferences with CSem2ers.

[some US architects' site links]

 24 Feb
 || assig5 presentations

* First assig5 presentations

 assig2b, rdg rpt.

[assignment 5 projects]


 26 feb
 || assig5 presentations
 assig2b, rdg rpt.

* Discuss rdg

* More assig5 presentations

||||assig6, period explort'ns:
6a. begin to collect datable building images, 6-10 by 16 March.
6b. pairs prep period present'ns

 2 March
 || assig5 presentations

* More assig5 presentations


 4 mar
 || assig5 presentations

* Last assig5 presentations, last Kostofs

[A. Blanda of Sandvold/Blanda in afternoon, 5:10-ish, Bettws Y Coed, room 239]

 assig2c, rdg rpt.

||||assig7. non-presenters:
Read scholarly articles, period writings, or visits on 1970-90, for 18 Mar.

 9 mar

sprg brk

II. Seeing Then: Past Architecture on its Terms

 16 mar
  assig2c, final rdg rpt.

S. Batcheler of MGA Partners, visits


 18 mar

assig6a, dated buildings [dbroster]

 ||assig6b, group A presents1970-90
Group A, 70s/80s: [Glass Box] [PoMo] [H Pres] [Brut] [W vs. G]

 ||assig7. Bs: scholarly articles, Cs: period writings Ds: visit


 23 mar

* jc amplifies, integrate feedback

 [SAH Image Exchange: US, 1944-76]  

 25 mar 

||assig6b, group B presents1950-65

||assig7. As: visit, Cs: scholarly articles, Ds: period writings


 30 mar

* jc amplifies, integrate feedback

 [SAH Image Exchange: World Survey, part II]  

 1 apr

 ||assig6b, group C presents1920-1935

 ||assig7. As: period writings, Bs: visit, Ds: scholarly articles

 4 April, Sun a.m: walking tour.
Meet 10 am at round, 1-story Visitors' Center opposite Suburban Station in Phila, NEC 16th and JFK. We'll walk around downtown, ending no later than 1pm near Market East Station, 10th above Market Streets.
[tour A nn.]

 6 apr

* jc amplifies, integrate feedback


 8 apr

 ||assig6b, group D presents1895-1915
[AJ, LP. KM ppt]

 ||assig7. As: scholarly articles, Bs: period writings, Cs: visit

 assig8: type, sibs, for 4-5 pp. paper, initial parti, notes, thoughts on examples on one page., for 13 Apr., paper 20 Apr.

 13 apr
assig8. paper parti

* jc amplifies, integrate feedback
* discuss writing


 15 apr

(no class)


(jc at sah, Providence,14th-18th)

 20 apr

assig8: type, sibs, cult.

* discuss assig8 types.
* assig 9 research strategies

  assig9: key building in contexts, for 29 Apr.  

 22 apr

* remaining type talks
* Vict arch: EV, HV, LV

 Sun a.m. walking tour. Meet 10th & Market, 10:20am

[tour B nn.]

 27 apr

* exam practice: unknowns, comparisons, essays

(jc poss in Balt at BHL event)

 29 apr, last class


* discuss assig 9 buildings

 6 May, Final exam:
9:30 am, Carp B15

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