Tour A, 4 April 04

(indented means vaguely intended but not quite part of our rainy reconnaissance on Sunday.)
[dates from PAB:, or from E. Teitelman & R. W. Longstreth, Architecture in Philadelphia]


Suburban Station, 1930 (Graham, Anderson, Probst & White, Chicago)
Insurance Company of North America, 1925 (Stewardson & Page)

30th St Sta, 1929-34 (Graham, Anderson, Probst & White, Chicago)

Penn Center, 1956-> (Emery Roth, NYC; V. Kling)

Visitors' Center, 1959-61 (H2L2)

B. F. Parkway, 1917->
Phila Museum of Art, 1916-28 (Trumbauer w/ Zantzinger, Borie)

Park Towne Place Apts
Rodin Museum, 1929 (P. Cret)
Youth Study Center, 1948-49 (Carroll, Grisdale & Van Alen)

Municipal Services Building, 1964 (V. Kling)
Navy YMCA, 1926-28 (Louis Jallade, NYC)
Quaker Mtg, Cherry St., 1857
PAFA, 1871-76 (Furness & Hewitt)

Philadelphia Life Ins Co., annex, Broad St, 1963 (Mitchell/Giurgola)
Arch St ME, 1865/ 1869-70 (A. Hutton)
Masonic Temple, 1868-73 (J. H. Windrim)

City Hall, 1874-1901 (J. McArthur)
Girard Trust Co., 1905 (McKim, Mead & White w/ Furness, Evans & Co.)
Land Title, 1897-97/1902 (D. Burnham & Co.)
Jacob Reed store, 1904 (Will Price)
Baptist Publishing Co., 1895-99 (F M Day)

Packard Building, 1924 (Ritter & Shay)
WCAU, 1935 (H. Sternfeld)

Widener Bldg., 1914 (H. Trumbauer)
Keystone Bank Building, 1887 (Hale)
John Wanamaker store, 1902-11 (D. Burnham & Co.)

Witherspoon Building, 1895-97 (J. Huston)
Moore and Leidy houses, 1890, 1894 (Eyre)
Slovic house, c. 2000 (D. Slovic)
Western Union, c. 1922 (W. Bosworth, NYC)

PSFS, 1929-32 (Howe & Lescaze)
Reading Terminal, 1891-93 (F. Kimball/ Wilson Bros)

Victory Building, 1873-75/1890-91 (H. Fernbach)
Fed Reserve Bank, 1931-35 (P. Cret)
US PO & Courthouse, 1933-34 (H. Sternfeld)
St. Stephen's, 1822 (W. Strickland)