306 Project ideas.



Start with place, find a range of documentary types of evidence telling its story.

Start with documentation, make it useful, acessible, meaningful.

Start with a historical function, address range opf informatona; resources, frame a specific portion within it for fuller treatment.

ANN: annotate a resource, bring it to life for readers

ACC: make a resource useful to other researchers: frame, contectualize, make parts accessible

SYS: assemble resources of a sort, contextualize, take a systematic view of the breadth of this type of function

INT: offer interpretive glosses

DOC: present a resource rather directly, with some contextualization

RES: assemble pieces of resorts from various sorts to inform a single subject

MAP: look at spatial distributions, pose inferences




SYS: 19th c. cemeteries

RES: Succession in the Commercial core

E1. Housing for the poor, at center *

E2. Poor at periphery *

E3. Fashionable rows: *


1. 1950s docs and dialogues:


2. subs, c. 1910, dawn of auto-burb: *


3. DOC: briefs of title: *


4. DOC: PRER&BG explained:


5. DOC: Bring reports to life


6. MAP: Social geography


7. DOC: HSP Scrapbook series extended *


8. SYS: Commercial prosopography

9. RES: Digital Denominational Series


10. RES: Block stories


11. RES: Developers


12. RES & DOC: Downtown Baltimore, 1891


13. DOC: Building permits: *

14. SYS: Building the philanthropic periphery


15. DOC: Phila in national archtl jnls, spec period


16. DOC: Phila newspapers, mapped, mf located, esp info on place history


17. DOC: Plats

18. DOC: Subs at mid-life

aerial views of LM, betw wars


19. Local Architectural Images in 19th c, Architectural Journals


20. Buildngs and money in history

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