Cities 378. Formative Landscapes: The Architecture and Planning of American Collegiate Campuses
Thursdays, 12-2, Carpenter B13
J. Cohen


 2 Sept.


 start Turner; find rdgs, prep for disc in next class [rr1]

 9 Sept.

multiple narratives
rdgs: antecedants

 more Turner, & pointed readings [rr2]

 16 Sept.

disc: 18th c.-mid-19th c.
responses, questions

 continue Turner to WW2, to p. 248, 5 rdgs -->2 [rr3]

 23 Sept.

disc: mid-19th c. - 1930s
responses, questions

prep presentation on two diff campuses: mono'd & small, public (via web) for presentations

 30 Sept.

Campuses presentations

 Turner to end, 5 rdgs-->2 [rr4]

 7 Oct.

More campus presentations
disc: mid-20th c.-->
responses, questions

   14 Oct.: Fall break   

 21 Oct.

ETC at HC: campus dev & evidence

[Tproj1]: projects, periods, contextualizing in nat'l dialogue.
 [M. Schuyler articles on American Colleges, 1909-12]

 28 Oct.

Ward Building, dwgs

 cat dwgs

[PAB rev template]
[BMC dwg roster]

 Bring digital images to present contxtualization findings, dwgs spreadsheet and chrono progress.->

 4 Nov.

Carp B-13, re contexts, dwg cat, then moreWard

 Finish up period and type contextualization, cataloguing and chronology of first project, start next.

 11 Nov.

Last campus presentations. Discuss second buildings in contexts, examine drawing catalogues and chronologies.

 Finish up period and type contextualization, cataloguing and chronology of second project.
Please read Schuyler on Princeton [IIIa & b, above], and take a good look at the Princeton campus history website, or Princeton Campus Guide from PrAP, on Jai's carrell, no. 140. Read in full one period, of your cloice, of the campus history website.

 18 Nov.

visit virtual PrU
discuss 2nd building in context
look at progress on cats and chronos

[Assignment]: recent campus buildings, for discussion digitally on 2 Dec., and 3-4 pp.on paper on 9 Dec.
   25 Nov.: Thanksgiving break

 2 Dec.

Discuss recent campus buildings of the same type, w/ digital images.


 9 Dec
; last rev. = 17 Nov. 04