Other Campuses:

For this assignment, we'll look at the design and evolution of other campuses.

Each student should choose two, one old and well-known and probably already the subject of passing mention in Turner or of a guidebook devoted to it, and the other at the less well-known end of the spectrum, perhaps a public university, more modestly funded. (To search for info on the latter, you might want to look among college websites for one with a good account of its history and buildings.) Send me an email as to which schools you've chosen, first come, first served, but let's avoid the most immediate local examples.

Please prepare a ten-minute presentation for class on 30 September about the form and evolution of both colleges or universities, seeking to complement the examples Turner uses with other colleges or other parts of their history. Briefly scope out the overarching development of each, using images of the campus plan or key buildngs drawn from the web, and discuss how this aligns with Turner's narrative or raises new themes.

Use one page of rough notes (typed, but no complete sentences needed), and have a copy of that for me. Use digital images drawn from the web to illustrate your points; you may want to do this in PowerPoint on CD, directly from images captured on CD, or accessing the web as a sequence of urls you can copy and paste into a browser.

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