Recent College Buildings:

For our last assignment, we want to consider two recent campus buildings, from the last twenty years, at other colleges. Both should be of the same building type, one from among those we've discussed so far for your projects: dormitories, administration buildings, classroom buildings, libraries, and performing spaces.

These should be places that you can find and explore on-line, places for which you can find a good legible plan of both the building and its situation in its campus setting, along with some other images.

In 3-4 pages of text (append key images separately), discuss these in terms of what you would infer to be the motivating design decisions behind (a) their organization in plan, (b) their exterior presentation, and (c) their relationship to the rest of the campus design. Consider them in the context of other campus buildings and plans you've encountered. Be prepared to present these in class with digital images on 2 Dec. and then submit on paper in our last class, on the 9th.