City 190, Spring 2005: working calendar

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 Week 1: The Nature of Urban Form
- Lynch, Kevin, "The Image of the City," The City Reader, pp. 424-428.
Jan. 17
Intro: a fictive European city through time, CH
Jan. 19
Intro: The forest and the trees, cities as historical palimpsests, JC
Jan. 21
Intro: Representing the City, CH
 Week 2: Asian Cities: From their Origins to the Present
- Steinhardt, Nancy, Chinese Imperial City Planning, Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, pp. 1-28 (blackboard);
- Jinnai, Hidenobu, Tokyo: A Spatial Anthropology, University of California Press, 1995, pp. 7-65 (blackboard).
Jan. 24
The Chinese City, CH
Jan. 26
The Japanese City, CH
Jan. 28
The Japanese City II, CH

 Week 3: Ancient and Arabic Cities
- Childe, V. Gordon, "The Urban Revolution," The City Reader, pp. 35-42;
- Lopez, Robert S., "The Crossroads within the Wall," in: Oscar Handlin and John Burchard eds. The Historian and the City. MIT 1963, pp. 27-43 (blackboard);
- Abu-Lughod, Janet, "The Islamic City: Historic Myths, Islamic Essence and Contemporary Relevance, The City Reader, pp. 172-180.

Supplementary Reading:
-Bianca, Stefano:
-- "Basic Principles of Islam and their Social, Spatial and Artistic Implications," pp. 23-48 (blackboard);
-- "Environmental, Cultural and Historic Shaping Factors of Islamic Architecture," pp. 49-72 (blackboard).

Jan. 31
Cities of the Ancient Near East, presentation by Geoffrey Compton
Feb. 2
The Islamic City, CH

Feb. 4
Islamic City II, CH, virtual ancient cities video, mapping exercise, JW

City 190 VR set

 Week 4: Greek City States, Rome and the Empire
- H.D.F. Kitto, "The Polis" in: The City Reader, p. 43-48
- Morris, A.E.J., History of Urban Form:
-- "Greek City States," pp. 35-54 (blackboard);
-- "Rome and the Empire," pp. 55-91 (blackboard);

Feb. 7
The Greek City, JC

Melville on Greek Architecture

Feb. 9
The Roman City, JC


Feb. 11
Discuss mental mapping.

Hand in assignment I

 Week 5: Medieval Cities, Renaissance and Absolutism
- Saalman, Howard, Medieval Cities, New York, 1968, 11-45 (blackboard);
- Morris, A.E.J., History of Urban Form:
-- "The Renaissance: Italy sets a Pattern," pp. 157-220 (blackboard)
-- "France: Sixteenth to Eighteenth Century," pp. 191-220 (blackboard);

Supplementary reading:
- Marco Polo, Ibn Batttuta, Bernal Diaz, and Albrecht Dürer, "First-Person Accounts of Great Cities of the Medieval and Early Modern World" in: The City Reader, pp. 49-57

Feb. 14
Medieval and Renaissance Cities, presentation by Jennifer Webb


Feb. 16
Italian Renaissance planning, presentation by Jennifer Webb

Feb. 18
Baroque Paris, JC


 Week 6: The Cities of the New World and Early American Cities
- Morris, A.E.J., History of Urban Form:
-- "Spain and her Empire," pp. 292-320 (blackboard);
-- "Urban USA," pp. 321-364 (blackboard).
- Low, Setha M. "Cultural Meaning of the Plaza:The History of the Spanish-American Gridplan-Plaza Urban Design," in: Rotenberg, Robert; McDonogh, Gary (eds.), The Cultural Meaning of Urban Space, Westport, CT, 1993, pp. 75-93 (blackboard).
- King, Anthony, "Exporting planning: the colonial and neo-colonial experience," in: Cherry, Gordon E. ed., Shaping an Urban World: Planning in the Twentieth Century, London, 1980, pp. 203-226 (blackboard)
Feb. 21
Northern Europe, 17th-18th c., JC
Feb. 23
New World Cities, 17th-18th c., JC
Feb. 25
Exam preparation, JW
 Week 7: Cities and Colonization Feb. 28
presentation by Kalala Ngalamulume

March 2

Hour examination

March 4
Maurice Rotival, planner on 4 continents, CH
 Week 8: Spring vacation eliminates March 7, 9, 11
 Week 9: The Birth of the Modern City
- Davis, Kingsley, "The Urbanization of the Human Population" in: The City Reader, pp. 25-34.
- Mumford, Lewis, "What is a City?" in: The City Reader, pp. 92-96.
- START: Choay, Francoise, The Modern City: Planning in the Nineteenth Century, New York, 1970 (blackboard)
March. 14
Looking within the hatching, types, agency, development, reciprocities, JC

March 16
Reading the city, tools; Ind. Revolution and transformations, JC


March 18
Choay, assignment discussion
 Week 10: Critique of the modern city
- Engels, Friedrich, "The Great Towns" from The Condition of the Working Class in England, in: The City Reader, pp. 58-66
- FINISH: Choay, Francoise, The Modern City: Planning in the Nineteenth Century, New York, 1970
March 21
19th c. city as a work of art, London, Paris, Berlin, JC/CH
March 23
Berlin housing; Industrial Phila., CH/JC

March 25

Hand in assignment II

 Week 11: From the Garden City to the Rational City....
- Part V, The City Reader, pp. 297-336

Optional walk: meet Sunday, 3 Apr. 9:30am, Broad & Spruce

March 28
Paris, Vienna, Chicago, iron, steel
March 30
Garden Cities, presentation by Jennifer Webb

April 1
Post-Laissez Faire: Chicago, Wright, reinf.conc., Corb, JC


 Week 12: ....Visions and Realities
- Jacobs, Jane, "The Uses of Sidewalks: Safety" in The City Reader, pp. 114-118
Part VII, The City Reader , pp. 409-460
April 4
April 6
April 8
presentation by Georgette Poindexter
 Week 13: The Science of Planning and its Criticism
Part VI, The City Reader, pp. 337-408
April 11
April 13

April. 15

Exam preparation

 Week 14: In Search for New Forms of Urban Planning and Design
- Davidoff, Paul, "Advocacy and Pluralism in Planning, 1965," in Scott Campbell and Susan S. Fainstein, eds. Readings in Planning Theory, Blackwell, 1998, pp. 305-22 (blackboard);
- Ritzdorf, Marsha, "Feminist Thoughts," in Campbell and Fainstein, pp.445-50 (blackboard);
- Fainstein, Susan, "Planning in a Different Voice," in Campbell and Fainstein, pp. 456-460 (blackboard);
- Garreau, Joel, "The Search for the Future inside Ourselves," in: Edge City, New York, 1991, pp. 3-15 (blackboard);
- Bressi, Todd, "Planning the American Dream," in Peter Katz, The New Urbanism, pp. XXV-XLII (blackboard).
- Duany, Andres, and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, "The Neighborhood, the District, and the Corridor, in: The City Reader, pp. 207-212
April 18

April 20

Hour examination

April 22
presentation by Jennifer Hurley
 Week 15: The Present and Future of the City April 25
April 27

April 29


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