Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians
Articles in the Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, 1962-2005: A List
This page contans a chronological list of the articles printed in the Journal for the Society of Architectural Historians for the years 1962 to 1999. One can use the "find" function of most web browsers to search this page for text strings that might be found in titles or authors' names.
Earlier articles (1941-61) are indexed in Shirley Prager Branner's Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, Index to Volumes I-XX 1941-1961 (Chicago, 1974), still available from the SAH office in Chicago.

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1962 Volume XXI

No.1, March 1962
3   "Nineteen Centuries of Christian Missionary Architecture" JOHN F. BUTLER
18 "The Labyrinth of Reims Cathedral" ROBERT BRANNER
26 "The Palazzo Sisto V in the Vatican" JACK WASSERMAN
No.2, May 1962
47 "PSFS: Its Development and Its Significance in Modern Architecture" WILLIAM H. JORDY
84 "PSFS: Beaux-Arts Theory and Rational Expressionism" ROBERT A. M. STERN
No.3, October 1962
107 "Albert Lovmand and His Work in the Former Danish West Indies" KJELD DE FINE LICHT
116 "Some Architectural Drawings of Giovan Battista Aleotti" DAVID R. COFFIN
No.4, December 1962
159 "The Origin of Graph Paper as an Influence on Architectural Design" PETER COLLINS
163 "L'église Saint-Michel-de-Cuxa et l'occidentation des églises au Moyen Age" JEAN HUBERT
171 "Louis Christian Mullgardt and the Court of the Ages" ROBERT J. CLARK
179 "Florence: Santa Trinita I and II, and the 'Crypts' under Santa Reparata and San Pier Scheraggio" HOWARD SAALMAN

1963 Volume XXII

No.1, March 1963
"The Roman Legacy in Sansovino's Venetian Buildings" WOLFGANG LOTZ
13"The Great Tithe Barn of Cholsey, Berkshire" WALTER HORN
24"The Bazaar at Istanbul," M. R. WOLFE
29"Charles Bulfinch: Architect as Administrator" JAMES and HAROLD KIRKER
No.2, May 1963
51"Northern European Origins of South African Colonial Architecture" JAN VAN DER MEULEN
63"The Cathedral of Chartres and the Architect of Soissons" CARL F. BARNES, JR.
75"Louisiana Drawings by Alexandre De Batz" SAMUEL WILSON, JR.
No.3, October 1963
119 "An Unknown Collection of Drawings by Charles-Louis Clérisseau" THOMAS J. MCCORMICK
127 "Daylesford: S. P. Cockerell's Residence for Warren Hastings" PAUL F. NORTON
135 "The Union Bank, by Long after Soane" ROBERT L. ALEXANDER
139 "Kleanthes and the Duchess of Piacenza" VINCENT SCULLY
155 "The Use of Architectural Handbooks in the Design of Schoolhouses from 1840 to 1860" BARBARA WRISTON
161 "Parker and Unwin: Architects of Totality" WALTER CREESE
171 "Steinway Hall, Architects and Dreams" H. ALLEN BROOKS
177 "The Symbolic Essence of Modern European Architecture of the Twenties and Its Continuing Influence" WILLIAM H. JORDY
No.4, December 1963
191 "The Islamic Dome, Some Considerations" OLEG GRABAR
199 "The Quad on the Hill: An Account of the First Buildings at Cornell" KERMIT C. PARSONS
217 "The Memories critiques d'architecture by Michel de Frémin" DOROTHEA NYBERG

1964 Volume XXIII

No.1, March 1964
3  "Westminster Abbey and the French Court Style" ROBERT BRANNER
19 "The Designs for the Washington Monument in Baltimore" J. JEFFERSON MILLER II
29 "The Queen Anne Style and Architectural Criticism" SADAYOSHI OMOTO
No.2, May 1964
55 "The Antecedents of Bramante's Tempietto" EARL ROSENTHAL
75 "I. N. Phelps Stokes: Tenement Architect, Economist, Planner" ROY LUBOVE
89 "The Earth, the Temple and the Gods: Greek Sacred Architecture. Addenda" VINCENT SCULLY, JR.
No.3, October 1964
123 "Colin Campbell's Shawfield Mansion in Glasgow" G. L. M. GOODFELLOW
129 "New York City Hall: Competition and Execution" DAMIE STILLMAN
143 "John Frazee and the New York Custom House" LOUIS TORRES
No.4, December 1964
163 "Scipione Borghese's Garden Palace on the Quirinal" HOWARD HIBBARD
193 "The Vermont State House" WINSLOW AMES
201 "The Calef Farm: Region and Style in Oregon" PHILIP DOLE

1965 Volume XXIV

No.1, March 1965

"The Decade 1929-1939" HENRY-RUSSELL HITCHCOCK
"Relevance of the Decade" ROBERT A. M. STERN
10 "The International Style in the 1930s" WILLIAM H. JORDY
15 "Le Corbusier's Changing Attitude Toward Form" PETER SERENYI
24 "The Diaspora" SIBYL MOHOLY-NAGY
27 "World's Fairs in the 1930s" PAUL F. NORTON
31 "Frank Lloyd Wright's Years of Modernism, 1925-1935" EDGAR KAUFMANN, JR.
34 "A Brief Review of the Decade's Architectural Literature" ADOLF K. PLACZEK
36 "Doldrums in the Suburbs" VINCENT SCULLY JR.
48 "The Social Front of Modern Architecture in the 1930s" CATHERINE BAUER WURSTER
53 "The Role of History of Architecture in Fascist Italy" HENRY MILLON
59 "Spain: A Case Study in Action and Reaction" GEORGE R. COLLINS
65 "The Committed Architect" COLIN ST. JOHN WILSON
65 "Yale and the Ivy League Tradition" CARROLL L. V. MEEKS
67 "The Architectural Reaction in Austria" EDUARD F. SEKLER
70 "City-Planning Theory in Nationalist-Socialist Germany" CHRISTIAN F. OTTO
75 "The Rise of Technology: 1929-1939" JAMES MARSTON FITCH
78 "Modern Architecture and Architectural Criticism in the U.S.A., 1929-1939" MARK L. PEISCH
94 "A Selective List of Architectural Publications, 1929-1939" ADOLF K. PLACZEK

97 "The Politics of Literature: English Architecture 1929-1951" ANTHONY JACKSON

No.2, May 1965
115 "Jacopo della Quercia's Design for the Porta Magna of San Petronio in Bologna" JAMES H. BECK
127 "Vanbrugh's Theory and Hawksmoor's Buildings" S. LANG
153 "Thomas Nevell (1721-1797): Carpenter, Educator, Patriot" HANNAH BENNER ROACH
No.3, October 1965
186 "The Brothers Asam and the Beginnings of Bavarian Rococo Architecture, Part 1, through the Early 1720s" HENRY-RUSSELL HITCHCOCK
229 "A. J. Davis' Projects for a Patent Office Building, 1832-1834" JANE B. DAVIES
No.4, December 1965
263 "Bernini's Church Façades: Method of Design and the Contrapposti" TIMOTHY KAORI KITAO
285 "Some American Architectural Ornament of the Arts and Crafts Era" EDGAR KAUFMANN, JR.
292 "Rietveld's Egocentric Vision" THEODORE M. BROWN

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1966 Volume XXV

No.1, March 1966
"The Brothers Asam and the Beginnings of Bavarian Rococo Church Architecture, Part 2, from the Early 1720s to the Mid-1730s" HENRY-RUSSELL HITCHCOCK
50 "Hezekiah Eldredge, Architect-Builder of St. John's Church, Cleveland, Ohio" SARAH E. RUSK
No.2, May 1966
79 "A Baroque Account of Byzantine Architecture: Leone Allacci's De templis Graecorum recentioribus" ANTHONY CUTLER
90 "Drawings of Machines for Architecture from the Early Quattrocento in Italy" GUSTINA SCAGLIA
115 "'Chicago School': Metamorphosis of a Term" H. ALLEN BROOKS
119 "The Preservation of Historic Architecture in Czechoslovakia" JAMES MARSTON FITCH
No.3, October 1966
151 "Tommaso Spinelli, Michelozzo, Manetti, and Rossellino" HOWARD SAALMAN
165 "Antoine Le Pautre and the Motif of the Drum-without-Dome" ROBERT W. BERGER
181 "The Plaza Mayor of Guatemala City" SIDNEY D. MARKMAN
197 "John Haviland in Philadelphia" MATTHEW BAIGELL
No.4, December 1966
221 "The Cruck-built Barn of Middle Littleton in Worcestershire, England" WALTER HORN and F. W. B. CHARLES
240 "The Principles of the Gothic Revival in England" S. LANG
268 "Ammi Burnham Young" LAWRENCE WODEHOUSE
281 "The Cleveland Arcade" MARY-PEALE SCHOFIELD
292 "Crisis and Creativity: Frank Lloyd Wright, 1904-1914" EDGAR KAUFMANN, JR.

1967 Volume XXVI

No.1, March 1967
"Address at the Inauguration of the New Art and Architecture Building at Yale University" NIKOLAUS PEVSNER
"Inigo Jones's Covent Garden: The First Seventy-Five Years" ARTHUR CHANNING DOWNS, JR.
35 "Geometrical Staircases" SANDRA BLUTMAN
40 "Thackeray and Architectural Space" SADAYOSHI OMOTO
48 "The Barns at Cressing Temple, Essex, and their Significance in the History of English Carpentry" CECIL A. HEWETT
No.2, May 1967
83 "The Architecture of Giuseppe Sardi" NINA A. MALLORY
102 "Projects for the Pont Neuf and Place Duaphine in the First Half of the Eighteenth Century" JOERG GARMS
114 "K. F. Schinkel's Environmental Planning of Central Berlin" HERMANN G. PUNDT
131 "The Spanish Colonial Revival in Southern California (1895-1930)" DAVID GEBHARD
No.3, October 1967
163 "Frederick Law Olmsted and the Design of Mount Royal Park, Montreal" A. L. MURRAY
172 "Notes Toward a Theory of Style" JOHN W. DIXON, JR.


200 "The Drury Lane Theatres of Henry Holland and Benjamin Dean Wyatt" RAND CARTER
No.4, December 1967
227 "Frank Lloyd Wright -- The Madison Years: Records versus Recollections" THOMAS S. HINES, JR.
234 "Frank Lloyd Wright and the Problem of Historical Perspective" NORRIS K. SMITH
238 "The 'Gifts' of Friedrich Froebel" STUART WILSON
242 "The Architecture of Dankmar Adler" ROCHELLE S. ELSTEIN
250 "Louis Sullivan and the Golden Doorway" DAVID H. CROOK
259 "The Chicago Fair and the Myth of the 'Lost Cause'" DIMITRI TSELOS
269 "John Root's Monadnock Building" DONALD HOFFMANN
279 "The 1867 Philadelphia Masonic Temple Competition" JOHN C. POPPELIERS
285 "James Keys Wilson (1828-1894): Architecture of the Gothic Revival in Cincinnati" GLENN PATTON
294 "The Old Montgomery County Court House, Dayton Ohio" NEVILLE H. CLOUTEN
301 "Alfred B. Mullett's Court Room and Post Office at Raleigh, North Carolina" LAWRENCE WODEHOUSE
307 "John Haviland in Pottsville" MATTHEW BAIGELL
310 "A Country House by Napoleon Le Brun" RICHARD LONGSTRETH

1968 Volume XXVII

No.1, March 1968
"The Constantinian Basilica of Saint Peter at Rome" TURPIN C. BANNISTER
33 "The After-life of Vitruvius in the Middle Ages" KENNETH J. CONANT
39 "The Plan of the Western Bays of Suger's New Church at St. Denis" SUMNER MCK. CROSBY
44 "Model Analysis of Gothic Structure" ROBERT MARK and RICHARD ALAN PRENTKE
49 "Design in Gothic Architecture, A Preliminary Assessment" FRANÇOIS BUCHER
No.2, May 1968
99 "The Palazzo Patrizi in Rome" JACK WASSERMAN
115 "The Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce Building" J. WILLIAM RUDD
124 "John Foulston and his Public Buildings in Plymouth, Stonehouse and Devonport" FRANK JENKINS
136 "L'Architecture Terrible" and the "Jardin Anglo-Chinois" DORA WIEBENSON
140 "Robert Mills and the Philadelphia Row House" KENNETH AMES
No.3, October 1968
103 "The Roussillon Vault, The Apotheosis of a 'Folk' Construction" TURPIN C. BANNISTER
176 "The Transfer of Thin Masonry Vaulting from Spain to America" GEORGE R. COLLINS
202 "The Authenticity of Guarini's Stereotomy in his Architettura Civile" WERNER MÜLLER
No.4, December 1968
227 "Modern Architecture - A Memoir" HENRY-RUSSELL HITCHCOCK
234 "The Tomb of Ulugh Beg and Abdu Razzaq at Ghazni, A Model for the Taj Mahal" JOHN D. HOAG
249 "Robert Adam's Mise-en-Scene of the Human Figure" DAVID C. HUNTINGTON
264 "Contemporary Descriptions of New York City and its Public Architecture ca.1850" ELLEN W. KRAMER
281 "Richardson and Trinity Church: The Evolution of a Building" THEODORE E. STEBBINS, JR.
299 "PSFS: A Source for its Design" H. ALLEN BROOKS

1969 Volume XXVIII

No.1, March 1969
"Where Architectural Historians Fear to Tread" JOHN MAASS
"The Twelfth-Century Transept of Soissons: The Missing Source for Chartres?" CARL F. BARNES, JR.
27"Nanni, Vignola, and S. Martino degli Svizzeri in Rome" MILTON J. LEVINE
41"Jacob Wrey Mould: Echoes of Owen Jones and the High Victorian Styles in New York, 1853-1865" DAVID T. VAN ZANTEN
58"Frank Lloyd Wright and World Architecture" DIMITRI TSELOS

No.2, May 1969
83 "Function and Symbolic Form in the Basilica Apostolorum at Milan" SUZANNE LEWIS
99 "Romanesque Architecture in Slovenia" MARIJAN ZADNIKAR
115"Postscript on Thackeray's House" PRISCILLA METCALF
124"The Baroque Tendencies in the Horyuji Style of Architecture" MITSUO INOUE
No.3, October 1969
155"Sebastiano Serlio's Late Style in the Avery Library Version of the Sixth Book on Domestic Architecture" MYRA NAN ROSENFELD
173"Frank Lloyd Wright and Viollet-le-Duc" DONALD HOFFMANN
184"The Origin of the Garden City Concept of Urban Form" PETER BATCHELOR
No.4, December 1969
235"Architectural Principles of the Age of Humanism Applied: The Church of San Francisco, Lima" HUMBERTO RODRIGUEZ CAMILLONI
254"Dutch Influence on the Governor's Palace, Williamsburg" NANCY HALVERSON SCHLESS
271"John McArthur,Jr. (1823-1890)" LAWRENCE WODEHOUSE

284"Sociocultural Implications of House Types in the Teotihuacán Valley, Mexico" THOMAS H. CHARLTON

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SAH Journal Tables of Contents 1970s

1970 Volume XXIX

No.1, March 1970
"The Ca del Duca in Venice and Benedetto Ferrini JOHN R. SPENCER
"Narciso Tome's Transparente in the Cathedral of Toledo (1721-1732)" NINA A. MALLORY
24 "The College of William and Mary, Willianisburg, and the Enlightenment" GLENN PATTON
33 "New York City Hall Stair Rotunda Reconsidered" CLAY LANCASTER
40 "The Ecole Centrale and Modern Architecture: The Education of William Le Baron Jenney" THEODORE TURAK

No.2, May 1970
83 "The Sources and Significance of the Ottonian Church of Saint Pantaleon at Cologne" WARREN SANDERSON
97 "The Early Campaign at Sens, 1140-1145" KENNETH W. SEVERENS
108 "Roman Tradition and the Aedicular Facade" NATHAN T. WHITMAN
124 "Wyatt's Pantheon, the State House in Boston and a New View of Bulfinch" BUFORD PICKENS
132 "James O'Donnell: An Irish Georgian in America" FRANKLIN TOKER
144 "Administrators, Architects, and Campus Development: Washington State University, 1890-1905" J. MEREDITH NEIL
156 "Richardson's Influence on European Architecture" DIMITRI TSELOS
163 "American Influences on Late Nineteenth-Century Architecture in the Netherlands" A. W. REININK

No.3, October 1970
211 "Early Cistercian Churches in Yorkshire and the Problem of the Cistercian Crossing Tower" PETER FERGUSSON
222 "Wind Loading on Gothic Structure" ROBERT MARK and RONALD S. JONASH
231 "Henry Hobson Richardson, Henry Adams, and John Hay" MARC FRIEDLAENDER
247 "D. H. Burnham's Role in the Selection of Architects for the World's Columbian Exposition" TITUS M. KARLOWICZ
No.4, December 1970
291 "The Transformation of Château-Sur-Mer" WINSLOW AMES
307 "The Outbuildings and Grounds of Château-Sur-Mer" PAUL L. VEEDER II
318 "St. Charles' Church, Vienna: The Iconography Of Its Architecture" FRANCES D. FERGUSSON
327 "Federal Hall Revisited" LOUIS TORRES
339 "The Formation of the Torpedo Tourer" CLEMENT EDSON ARMI

1971 Volume XXX

No.1, March 1971
"New Uses for the Artistic Patrimony" JAMES MARSTON FITCH
17 "Viollet-le-Duc and Historic Restoration: The West Portals of Notre-Dame" DANIEL D. REIFF
31 "Traditional Earthquake-resistant Construction on a Greek Island" DEMETRIUS THOMAS GEORGIA PORPHYRIOS
40 "Board and Batten Siding and the Balloon Frame: Their Incompatibility in the Nineteenth Century" ROBERT JENSEN
51 "The Four Mormon Temples in Utah" DAVID S. ANDREW and LAUREL B. BLANK
No.2, May 1971
101 "The Architecture of Martino Longhi the Younger (1602-1660)" JOHN L. VARRIANO
119 "Military Architecture at Mobile Bay" WILLARD B. ROBINSON
140 "Mediaeval Masons' Templates" LON R. SHELBY
No.3, October 1971
187 "The Rectangular Ambulatory in English Mediaeval Architecture" M. F. HEARN
No.4, December 1971
267 "The Palazzo del Te" KURT W. FORSTER and RICHARD J. TUTTLE

1972 Volume XXXI

No.1, March 1972
"'Gothic' Construction in Ancient Greece" JACQUES HEYMAN
10 "John McComb, Sr. and Jr., in New York, 1784-1799" AGNES ADDISON GILCHRIST
22 "Alfred B. Mullett and his French Style Government Buildings" LAWRENCE WODEHOUSE
38 "The Tyranny of Hagia Sophia: Notes on Greek Orthodox Church Design in the United States" ANTHONY CUTLER
No.2, May 1972
83 "Rudolf Wittkower, Architectural Principles in the Age of Humanism: Its Influence on the Development and Interpretation of Modern Architecture" HENRY A. MILLON
92 "The Evidence for the Dating of S. Lorenzo in Milan" DALE KINNEY
108 "Michelozzo at Ragusa: New Documents and Revaluation" HARRIET MCNEAL CAPLOW
120 "The Grand Gallery of the Louvre and the Museum Project: Architectural Problems" JAMES L. CONNELLY
No.3, October 1972
163 "The Plassenburg above Kulinbach" HENRY-RUSSELL HITCHCOCK
176 "The Commercial Architecture of George B. Post" WINSTON WEISMAN
No.4, December 1972
253 "The Ancient Italian Town House Reconsidered" BERNARD M. BOYLE
261 "The Portable Colonial Cottage" GILBERT HERBERT
276 "Hinckeldeyn, Vogel, and American Architecture" ARNOLD LEWIS
291 "Late Nineteenth-Century Published American Perspective Drawing" EILEEN MICHELS

1973 Volume XXXII

No.1, March 1973
"The Cruck-Built Barn of Leigh Court, Worcestershire, England" F. W. B. CHARLES and WALTER HORN
30 "The Original Project for S. Maria delle Grazie" CARLO PEDRETTI
43 "British Architects and Italian Architectural Competitions, 1758-1780" DAMIE STILLMAN
No.2, May 1973
83 "A Terra-Cotta Cornerstone for Copley Square: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 1870-1876, by Sturgis and Brigham" MARGARET HENDERSON FLOYD
104 "O. W. Norcross, Richardson's 'Master Builder': A Preliminary Report" JAMES F. O GORMAN
114 "The Peabody Touch: Peabody and Stearns of Boston, 1870-1917" WHEATON A. HOLDEN
132 "Hartwell and Richardson: An Introduction to Their Work" SUSAN MAYCOCK VOGEL
147 "Arthur Little and the Colonial Revival" WALTER KNIGHT STURGES
164 "A New Richardson Building" CYNTHIA ZAITZEVSKY
167 "The Olmsted Firm and the Structures of the Boston Park System" CYNTHIA ZAITZEVSKY
175 "William Appleton Potter, Principal Pasticheur of Henry Hobson Richardson" LAWRENCE WODEHOUSE
No.3, October 1973
197 "San Lorenzo Revisited: A Theodosian Palace Church at Milan" SUZANNE LEWIS
No.4, December 1973
267 "Urbanisme et Spéculation à Paris au XVIIIe Siècle: Le Terrain de l'Hôtel de Soissons" FRANÇOISE BOUDON

1974 Volume XXXIII

No.1, March 1974
"Constantine's Churches: Symbol and Structure" GREGORY T. ARMSTRONG
17 "Gothic Cathedral Buttressing: The Experiment at Bourges and its Influence" M. WOLFE and R. MARK
27 "Carlo Francesco Bizzacheri (1655-1721)" NINA A. MALLORY, with an annotated catalogue by JOHN L. VARRIANO
48 "The Whitefield Cenotaph: A Rediscovered Work by William Strickland" DANIEL D. REIFF
61 "An Example of Structural Art: The Salginatobel Bridge of Robert Maillart" DAVID P. BILLINGTON
No.2, May 1974
99 "The Great Transept at Cluny III" KENNETH JOHN CONANT
101 "Alberti and the Vatican Palace Type" CARROLL WILLIAM WESTFALL
122 "The Career of Juan de Mijares and the Reform of Spanish Architecture under Philip II" CATHERINE WILKINSON
133 "Environmental Provisions for Plants in Seventeenth-Century Northern Europe" BILLIE S. BRITZ
145 "Scholarly Books and Frolicsome Blades: A. J. Davis Designs a Library-Ballroom" JOHN V. ALLCOTT
No.3, October 1974
183 "An Introduction to Indigenous African Architecture" LABELLE PRUSSIN
206 "The Montezuma Hotel at Las Vegas Hot Springs, New Mexico" LOUISE HARRIS IVERS
No.4, December 1974
275 "Florentine Interest in Ptolemaic Cartography as Background for Renaissance Painting, Architecture, and the Discovery of America" SAMUEL Y. EDGERTON, JR.
293 "John Vanbrugh and the Blenheim Palace Controvery" SAMUEL J. ROGAL
304 "Garden Cascades in Italy and France, 1565-1665" ROBERT W. BERGER
323 "John La Farge and the Decoration of Trinity Church, Boston" HELENE BARBARA WEINBERG

1975 Volume XXXIV

No.1, March 1975
"The Influence of the 'American Romanesque' in Australia" MYRA DICKMAN ORTH
19 "The Row Houses of New York's West Side" SARAH BRADFORD LANDAU

37 "High Victorian Gothic; or, The Dilemma of Style in Modern Architecture" JAMES D. KORNWOLF
No.2, May 1975
83 "Paul Scheerbart's Architectural Fantasies" ROSEMARIE HAAG BLETTER
98 "Notes and Speculations on S. Lorenzo, Palazzo Medici, and an Urban Project by Brunelleschi" ISABELLE HYMAN
121 "The Completion of the Nave of Troyes Cathedral" STEPHEN MURRAY
140 "Puritan Town Planning in New Haven" JOHN ARCHER
No.3, October 1975
167 "A Bibliography and Index to the Works of Robert Branner" SHIRLEY PRAGER BRANNER
173 "Orders and Continuous Orders in Romanesque Architecture" EDSON ARMI
189 "The Lintels of the West Façade of Saint-Denis" PAULA LIEBER GERSON
198 "The Continuous Plan Of Sens Cathedral" KENNETH W. SEVERENS
208 "Kunze's Theory of an Earlier Project for the West Portals of the Cathedral of Reims" WILLIAM M. HINKLE
215 "Thirteenth-Century Modifications in the West Portals of Bourges Cathedral" TANIA BAYARD
226 "The Iconography of the David and Bathsheba Cycle at the Cathedral of Auxerre" WAYNE CRAVEN
238 "The Choir Clerestory Windows of La Trinité at Vendôme: Dating and Patronage" MEREDITH PARSONS LILLICH
No.4, December 1975
257 "Mr. Jefferson as Revolutionary Architect" BUFORD PICKENS
280 "Monticello: 1856" JOHN BARNWELL

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1976 Volume XXXV

No.1, March 1976
"The Drafting of a Master Plan for Roma Capitale: An Exordium" SPIRO KOSTOF
21 "Arena of Virtue and Temple of Immortality: An Early Nineteenth-Century Museum Project" BARBARA MARIA STAFFORD
35 "Origins and Development of the Iconographic City Plan" JOHN A. PINTO
No.2, May 1976
83 "The Architecture of Frederick C. Withers (1828-1901)" FRANCIS R. KOWSKY
108 "Sailors' Snug Harbor Reattributed to Minard Lafever" BARNETT SHEPHERD

124 "The Japanese Storehouse" MARC TREIB
No.3, October 1976
151 "The Design and Designers of Palazzo Barberini" PATRICIA WADDY
186 "Bogardus, Fire, and the Iron Tower" DAVID M. KAHN
204 "Regulatory Planning and Individual Site Development in Etruscan Necropoles" JOHN P. OLESON
No.4, December 1976
239 "The Colonial Revival and American Nationalism" WILLIAM B. RHOADS

1977 Volume XXXVI

No.1, March 1977
"On the Chronology of Francesco di Giorgio's Treatises: New Evidence from an Unpublished Manuscript" RICHARD J. BETTS
15 "Pagan: Development and Town Planning" U KAN HLA
No.2, May 1977
69 "The Design of Columbia in the 1890s, McKim and His Client" FRANCESCO PASSANTI
85 "Carlo Fontana Had No Part in Bernini's Planning for the Square of Saint Peter's" T. KAORI KITAO
94 "Architectural Significance of Subsidiary Chapels in Middle Byzantine Churches" SLOBODAN CURCIC
111 The Choir of Saint Etienne at Beauvais" STEPHEN MURRAY
No.3, October 1977
145 "Academic Dessin Theory in France after the Reorganization of 1863" RICHARD A. MOORE
175 "Richardson's Record at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts" RICHARD CHAFEE
No.4, December 1977
223 "Le Sixième Ordre d'Architecture, ou la Pratique des Ordres Suivant les Nations" JEAN MARIE PÉROUSE DE MONTCLOS
241 "The Structural Behavior of Medieval Ribbed Vaulting" K. D. ALEXANDER, R. MARK, and  J. F. ABEL
252 "Documentation: Emilio dei Cavalierl, Giacomo della Porta, and G. B. Montano" JOSEPHINE VON HENNEBERG

1978 Volume XXXVII

No.1, March 1978
"Building Cheops' Pyramid" JOHN FITCHEN
13 "The Real Estate Associates: A Land and Housing Developer of the 1870s in San Francisco" ANNE BLOOMFIELD
No.2, May 1978
71 "Raymond Gairard and Romanesque Building Campaigns at Saint-Sernin in Toulouse" THOMAS W. LYMAN
92 "Traditional Town Planning in Burma" U KAN HLA
No.3, October 1978
143 "Central Heating and Forced Ventilation: Origins and Effects on Architectural Design" ROBERT BRUEGMANN
161 "Félix Duban and the Buildings of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, 1832-1840" DAVID VAN ZANTEN
175 "The Marshall Field Wholesale Store: Materials Toward a Monograph" JAMES F. O'GORMAN
No.4, December 1978
235 "The Architecture of Urban Housing in the United States during the Early 1930s" RICHARD POMMER
265 "A European Profile of American Architecture" ARNOLD LEWIS

283 "Sixtus V and the Quirinal" TOD A. MARDER

1979 Volume XXXVIII

No.1, March 1979
"Frank Lloyd Wright and the Destruction of the Box" H.ALLEN BROOKS
15 "Frank Lloyd Wright, Hollyhock House, and Olive Hill, 1914-1924" KATHRYN SMITH

34 "Karl Friedrich Schinkel's Project for a Royal Palace on the Acropolis" RAND CARTER
No.2, May 1979
95 "Ancient Cities in Burma" U KAN HLA
103 "Church Architecture In Neo-Classical England" DAMIE STILLMAN
No.3, October 1979
223"Superposed Wall Passages and the Triforium Elevation of St. Werburg's, Chester" VIRGINIA JANSEN

244"Introduction" JACK QUINAN
253"A Chronologically Arranged List of Projects and Buildings by Asher Benjamin" JACK QUINAN
254"A Bibliography of Writings By and About Asher Benjamin" JACK QUINAN
256"The Boston Exchange Coffee House" JACK QUINAN
262"A New Asher Benjamin Church in Boston" MARY VAN METER
266"Asher Benjamin: The Influence of His Handbooks on Mississippi Buildings" MARY WALLACE CROCKER

No.4, December 1979
317 "Three Industrial Towns by McKim, Mead & White" LELAND M.ROTH
348 "Spatial Innovations in the Chevet of Saint-Germain-des-Prés" WILLIAM W. CLARK
366 "Richard Gough, James Wyatt, and Late 18th-Century Preservation" JOHN M. FREW

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SAH Journal Tables of Contents 1980s

1980 Volume XXXIX

No.1, March 1980
"The Small Baths at Hadrian's Villa" WILLIAM L. MACDONALD and BERNARD M. BOYLE
28 "The Porto di Ripetta in Rome" TOD A. MARDER
No.2, May 1980
109 "Italian Architects and Fascist Politics: An Evaluation of the Rationalist's Role in Regime Building" DIANE YVONNE GHIRARDO
128"French Domestic Architecture in the Early 18th Century: The Town Houses of Robert de Cotte" ROBERT NEUMAN
No.3, October 1980
187 "Charles Beasley, Architect (1827-1913): Issues and Images" KAREN J. WEITZE
208 "Radial Pyramids and Radial-Associated Assemblages of the Central Maya Area" MARVIN COHODAS
No.4, December 1980
265 "C. R. Cockerell's Hanover Chapel" GERALD L. CARR
286 "Sabine Hall, A Classical Villa in Virginia" WILLIAM M. S. RASMUSSEN
297 "Louis H. Sullivan: Investigation of a Second French Connection" LAUREN S. WEINGARDEN

1981 Volume XL

No.1, March 1981
"Purpose and Purposes in the Study of Art" MARK ASHTON
20 "The Interpretation of the Glass Dream-- Expressionist Architecture and the History of the Crystal Metaphor" ROSEMARIE HAAG BLETTER
44 "Monumentality and the Rue Mallet-Stevens" RICHARD BECHERER
No.2, May 1981
101"The Palace of Sultan Mansur Shah at Malacca" MICHAEL D. SHERWIN
108"Roman Cities in the Province of Arabia" ARTHUR SEGAL
122"A Project by Michaelangelo for the Ambo(s) of Santa Maria del Fiore, Florence" PIERO MORSELLI
No.3, October 1981
181"The Choir of the Cathedral of Clermont-Ferrand: The Beginning of Construction and the Work of Jean Deschamps" MICHAEL T. DAVIS
203"Thermoluminescence Dating in Architectural History: Venetian Villas" CHRISTIAN GOEDICKE, KLAUS SLUSALLEK, and MARTIN KUBELIK
218"Monumentality versus Suitability: Viollet-le-Duc's Saint Gimer at Carcassonne" LUCY MACCLINTOCK
No.4, December 1981
271 "The Domus Aurea Reconsidered" P. GREGORY WARDEN
279 "The Matter of Metaphor: Literary Myths of Construction" WILLIAM ALEXANDER McCLUNG
289 "The Origins of 18th-Century Neo-Medievalism in a Georgian Norman Castle" TIMOTHY MOWL and BRIAN EARNSHAW
295 "Ideas of Structure and the Structure of Ideas: Le Corbusier's Pavillon Suisse, 1930-1931" WILLIAM J. R. CURTIS

1982 Volume XLI

No.1, March 1982
"Bleuet and Anthoine Colas, Master Masons of Troyes Cathedral: Artistic Personality in Late Gothic Design" STEPHEN MURRAY
15"Bernini's S. Andrea al Quirinale: Payments and Planning" JOSEPH CONNORS
38"What Remains of Man -- Also Rossi's Modena Cemetery" EUGENE J. JOHNSON
No.2, May 1982
93"Serpent and Atlantean Columns: Symbols of Maya-Toltec Policy" GEORGE KUBLER
116"Harmonic Proportion and Palladio's 'Quattro Libri'" DEBORAH HOWARD and MALCOLM LONGAIR
114"Some Observations on James Wyatt's Gothic Style, 1790-1797" JOHN FREW
150"Documentation: An 1886 Inventory of H. H. Richardson's Library, and Other Gleanings from Probate" JAMES F. O'GORMAN
No.3, October 1982
181"A Reworking by Baldassare Peruzzi of Francesco di Giorgio's Plan of a Villa" PIETRO C. MARANI
189"Against Fortifications: The Defence of Renaissance Bologna" RICHARD J. TUTTLE
202"Alexander Parris, B. Henry Latrobe, and the John Wickham House in Richmond, Virginia" EDWARD F. ZIMMER and PAMELA J. SCOTT
212"The Grant Monument" DAVID M. KAHN
No.4, December 1982
281"The Mechanization of Design in the 16th Century: The Structural Formulae of Rodrigo Gil de Hontañón" SERGIO LUIS SANABRIA
294"S. Ivo alla Sapienza and Borromini's Symbolic Language" JOHN BELDON SCOTT
318"The Vittoriale degli Italiani" FRED LICHT

1983 Volume XLII

No.1, March 1983
"Bernini's Memorial Plaque for Carlo Barberini" IRVING LAVIN
11"On Being a Client" JULES DAVID PROWN
15"The Tuscan/Rustic Order: A Study in the Metaphorical Language of Architecture" JAMES S. ACKERMAN
35"'Il porton di questo giardino': An Urbanistic Project for Rome by Alexander VII (1655-1667)" RICHARD KRAUTHEIMER
43"The Beginnings of Provincial Renaissance Architecture in Boston, 1690-1725" ABBOTT LOWELL CUMMINGS
54"H. and J. E. Billings of Boston: from Classicism to the Picturesque" JAMES F. O'GORMAN
No.2, May 1983
101"Arnolfo's S. Maria del Fiore: A Working Hypothesis" FRANKLIN TOKER
121"A Circus, a Wild Man, and a Dragon: Family History and the Villa Mattei" ELISABETH BLAIR MACDOUGALL
131"La Casa Baraccata: Earthquake-resistant Construction in 18th-Century Calabria" STEPHEN TOBRINER
139"Country and City Housing in the American Romantic Suburb" JOHN ARCHER
157"Housing Boston's Poor: The First Philanthropic Experiments" CYNTHIA ZAITZEVSKY

168"'To agree would be to commit an act of suicide...': The Revision of the Design for the Law Courts" DAVID B. BROWNLEE
No.3, October 1983
211"The Cruck-Built Barn of Frocester Court Farm, Gloucestershire, England" F. W. B. CHARLES and WALTER HORN
238"William of Sens and the Original Design of the Choir Termination of Canterbury Cathedral 1175-1179" PETER DRAPER
249"Brunelleschi, Ghiberti, and 'L'occhio' minore of Florence Cathedral" MARVIN TRACHTENBERG
258"The Palazzo dei Camerlenghi in Venice" PAUL C. HAMILTON
271"Richard Morris Hunt, the Continental Picturesque, and the 'Stick-Style'" SARAH BRADFORD LANDAU
No.4, December 1983
321"Giulano da Sangallo's Drawings after Ciriaco d'Ancona: Transformations of Greek and Roman Antiquities in Athens" BEVERLY LOUISE BROWN and DIANA E. E. KLEINER
336"The Palazzo Pitti: Planning and Use in the Grand-Ducal Era" LEON SATKOWSKI
350"Frank Lloyd Wright and the Young Le Corbusier" PAUL VENABLE TURNER
360"The Meaning and Significance of the Human Analogy in Francesco di Giorgio's Tratto" LAWRENCE LOWIC
371"Houses are Human: Architectural Self-images of Africa's Tamberma" SUZANNE PRESTON BLIER
383"Ransome at Bayonne" REYNER BANHAM

1984 Volume XLIII

No.1, March 1984
"The Church of S. Maria di Tremiti and Its Significance for the History of Romanesque Architecture" CHARLES B. McCLENDON
20 "H. H. Richardson's Frank William Andrews House" JEFFREY KARL OCHSNER
33 "The Plot Against Bernard Maybeck" REYNER BANHAM
38 "The Sugarloaf Mountain Project and Frank Lloyd Wright's Vision of a New World" MARK REINBERGER

53 "Le Corbusier's 'Regulating Lines' for the Villa at Garches (1927) and Other Early Works" ROGER HERZ-FISCHLER
60 "Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four and Etienne Louis Boullée's Drafts Of 1784" ADOLF MAX VOGT
No.2, May 1984
109 "Kazuo Shinohara's 'Savage Machine' and the Place of Tradition in the Modern Japanese Residence" WARREN SANDERSON
119 "Architecture for a Public Client: The Monuments and Chapels of the American Battle Monuments Commission" ELIZABETH G. GROSSMAN
144 "Northgate Regional Shopping Center-Paradigm From the Provinces" MEREDITH L. CLAUSEN
No.3, October 1984
195 "East or West in 11th-Century Pisan Culture: The Dome of the Cathedral and Its Western Counterparts" CHRISTINE SMITH
209 "Beverley Minster in Its 13th-Century Context" LAWRENCE HOEY
225 "The Genesis of Sir John Soane's Museum Idea: 1801-1810" SUSAN G. FEINBERG
238 "Riverside Park and Issues of Historic Preservation" ELIZABETH CROMLEY
No.4, December 1984
295 "The Westminster Hall Roof and Its 14th-Century Sources" LYNN T. COURTENAY
310 "Seeing Vanbrugh and Hawksmoor" DAVID CAST
328 "Theaters in the Courts of Denmark and Sweden from Frederik II to Gustav III" MARIAN C. DONNELLY
341 "Bouvard's Boulevards: Beaux-Arts Planning in Istanbul" ZEYNEP ÇELIK

1985 Volume XLIV

No.1, March 1985
"The Romanesque Elevations of Tewkesbury and Pershore" MALCOLM THURLBY
18 "The Villa of Andrea Doria in Genoa: Architecture, Gardens, and Suburban Setting" GEORGE L. GORSE
37 "Planning a Style for the Escorial: An Architectural Treatise for Philip of Spain" CATHERINE WILKINSON
48 "Architecture and Situation: A Study of the Architectural Writings of Robert Morris" DAVID LEATHERBARROW
No.2, May 1985
99 "The Acquisition of Pienza 1459-1464" NICHOLAS ADAMS
111 "'I Ragionamenti -- Visualizing St. Peter's" MEG LICHT
129 "Soane's 'Saxon' Room at Stowe" MICHAEL McCARTHY
147 "Jan Buijs and De Volharding, The Hague, Holland" CHRIS REHORST
161 "Inca Quarrying and Stonecutting" JEAN-PIERRE PROTZEN
No.3, October 1985
205 "The Frankish Cathedral of Andravida, Elis, Greece" CARL D. SHEPPARD
221 "Sanmicheli's Tornacoro in Verona Cathedral: A New Drawing and Problems of Interpretation" DEREK MOORE
233 "The Façade of Leone Leoni's House in Milan, the Casa degli Omenoni: The Artist and the Public" MICHAEL P. MEZZATESTA
250 "Robert de Cotte and the Baroque Ecclesiastical Façade in France" ROBERT NEUMAN
266 "Thomas Jefferson and the University of Virginia: Planning the Academic Village" MARY N. WOODS
No.4, December 1985
317 "Shivta -- A Byzantine Town in the Negev Desert" ARTHUR SEGAL
329 "The First Medici Palace" HOWARD SAALMAN and PHILIP MATTOX
346 "Rustic Country House to Refined Farmhouse: The Evolution and Migration of an Architectural Form" CLAUDIA LAZZARO
368 "Sixtus V and the Scala Santa" CHRISTOPHER L. C. EWART WITCOMBE

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1986 Volume XLV

No.1, March 1986
  "A New Plan of the Cloister and Rampart of Saint-Etienne, Toulouse" KATHRYN HORSTE
20 "The 'Early Vaults' of Saint-Etienne at Beauvais" J. DAVID McGEE
32 "A View of Poggioreale by Viviano Codazzi and Domenico Gargiulo" DAVID MARSHALL
47 "Zoning and Zeitgeist: The Skyscraper City in the 1920s" CAROL WILLIS
No.2, May 1986
95 "The Early British Port Cities of India: Their Planning and Architecture Circa 1640-1757" PARTHA MITTER
115 "Cardinal Giulio della Revere and the Vigna Carpi" SABINE EICHE
134 "St. Mary's (1820-1830), Halifax: An Early Example of the Use of Gothic Revival Forms in Canada" J. PHILIP McALEER
148 "Poland's Manchester: 19th-Century Industrial and Domestic Architecture in Lodz" IRENA POPTAWSKA and STEFAN MUTHESIUS
No.3, October 1986
197 "The Building History of the Medieval Church of S. Clemente in Rome" JOAN E. BARCLAY LLOYD
224 "Plans and Models in 15th- and l6th-Century Ottoman Architectural Practice" GÜLRU NECIPOGLU-KAFADAR
244 "Two Postwar Competitions: The Nebraska State Capitol and the Kansas City Liberty Memorial" ELIZABETH G. GROSSMAN
270 "Architecture at the Fontainebleau School of Fine Arts" ISABELLE GOURNAY
No.4, December 1986
333 "The Geometry of Zoser's Step Pyramid at Saqqara" RORY FONSECA
339 "Why Were Chang'an and Beijing So Different?" NANCY SHATZMAN STEINHARDT
358 "The Balliol that Might Have Been: Pugin's Crushing Oxford Defeat" LEON B. LITVACK
374 "Proportion and Beauty -- the Lovell Beach House by Rudolph Michael Schindler, Newport Beach, 1922-1926" AUGUST E. SARNITZ

1987 Volume XLVI

No.1, March 1987
5 "The First Monticello" GENE WADDELL
30 "Architectural Representation in Victorian England" EDWARD N. KAUFMAN
39 "Toward a Better Understanding of the Evolution of the Iron Skeleton Frame in Chicago" GERALD R. LARSON and ROULA MOUROUDELLIS GERANIOTIS
49 "Municipal Parks and City Planning: Frederick Law Olmsted's Buffalo Park and Parkway System" FRANCIS R. KOWSKY
65 "Frank Lloyd Wright in Moscow: June 1937" DONALD LESLIE JOHNSON
No.2, May 1987
119 "'Dal disegno allo spazio': Michelangelo's Drawings for the Fortifications of Florence" WILLIAM E. WALLACE
135 "John Vanbrugh's Architecture: Some Sources of His Style" FRANK MCCORMICK
145 "Taller than Eiffel's Tower: The London and Chicago Tower Projects, 1889-1894" ROBERT JAY
157 "Some Additional Observations on California's Monterey Tradition" DAVID FEBHARD
No.3, October 1987
215 "The Book of Plans and the Early Romanesque Revival in the United States: A Study in Architectural Patronage" GWEN W. STEEGE
228 "'An Elegant and Commodius Building': William Buckland and the Design of the Prince William County Courthouse" CARL R. LOUNSBURY

241 "Piers Versus Vault Shafts in Early Gothic Architecture" LAWRENCE HOEY
265 "Geometrical Ordering of the Garden Houses at Ostia" CAROL MARTIN WATTS and DONALD J. WATTS
277 "Niched Walls in Inca Design" SUSAN A. NILES
No.4, December 1987
327 "A. J. Penty (1875-1937) and the Legacy of 19th-Century English Domestic Architecture" DAVID THISTLEWOOD
342 "George B. Post: The Process of Design and the New American Architectural Office (1868-1913)" DIANA BALMORI
356 "Fontainebleau, the Luxembourg, and the French Domed Entry Pavilion" NATHAN T. WHITMAN
374 "The Westminster Hall Roof: A Historigraphic and Structural Study" L. T. COURTENAY and R. MARK
394 "Mediocres domos et humiles habeant fratres nostri: Dominican Legislation on Architecture and Architectural Decoration in the 13th Century" RICHARD A. SUNDT

1988 Volume XLVII

No.1, March 1988
"Charles F. McKim and his Francis Blake House" ANN H. SCHILLER
14 "What Brunelleschi Saw: Monument and Site at the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence" MARVIN TRACHTENBERG
45 "The Auxerre Cathedral Chevet and Burgundian Gothic Architecture" HARRY B. TITUS, JR.
57 "Toward the Definition of a Yuan Dynasty Hall" NANCY SHATZMAN STEINHARDT
No.2, June 1988
102 "Architecture for the Boston & Albany Railroad: 1881-1894" JEFFREY KARL OCHSNER
132 "The Francesco di Giorgio Material in the Zichy Codex" CAROLYN KOLB
160 "The Chapel of S. Felice in Padua as Gesamtkunstwerk" MARY D. EDWARDS
No.3, September 1988
231 "The Evolution of a Landscape: Charles Sumner Greene's Designs for Green Gables" ANNE BLOOMFIELD
245 "Detroit's City Beautiful and the Problem of Commerce" DANIEL M. BLUESTONE

263 "From Castrum to Capital: Autograph Plans and Planning Studies of Turin, 1615-1673" MARTHA D. POLLAK
281 "The Romanesque Priory Church of St. Michael at Ewenny" MALCOLM THURLBY
No.4, December 1988
339 "'Of Greater Lasting Consequence': Frederick Law Olmsted and the Fate of Franklin Park, Boston" ALEXANDER VON HOFFMAN
351 "The German Rundbogenstil and Reflections on the American Round-Arched Style" KATHLEEN CURRAN

374 "The Flamboyant Architecture of St.-Maclou, Rouen, and the Development of a Style" LINDA ELAINE NEAGLEY
397 "The Gatehouse of the Shogun's Senior Councillor: Building Design and Status Symbolism in Japanese Architecture of the Late Edo Period" WILLIAM H. COALDRAKE

1989 Volume XLVIII

No.1, March 1989
"Lutyens's Cenotaph" ALLAN GREENBERG
24"The Froebel-Wright Kindergarten Connection: A New Perspective" JEANNE S. RUBIN
38"Hawksmoor's 'Basilica after the Primitive Christians': Architecture and Theology" PIERRE DE LA RUFFINIERE DU PREY
53"The Geometries of S. Andrea al Quirinale" JULIA M. SMYTH-PINNEY
66"Rebuilding the Temple: Constantine Monomachus and the Holy Sepulchre" ROBERT OUSTERHOUT
No.2, June 1989
117 "The First American Architectural Journals: The Profession's Voice" MARY WOODS
139 "Romancing the Tome; or an Academician's Pursuit of a Popular Audience in 18th-Century France" RICHARD CLEARY
150 "Borromini, S. Ivo, and Prudentius" ALEXANDRA HERZ
158 "S. Fortunato in Todi: Why the Hall Church?" DAVID M. GILLERMAN
172 "Vitruvius on Stage Architecture and Some Recently Discovered Scaenae Frons Decorations" STEVEN CERUTTI and L. RICHARDSON, JR.
No.3, September 1989
223 "Adler and Sullivan's Seattle Opera House Project" JEFFREY KARL OCHSNER and DENNIS ALAN ANDERSEN
232 "Benjamin Latrobe's Designs for a Lighthouse at the Mouth of the Mississippi River" MICHAEL W. FAZIO

248 "Annibale Lippi, S. Chiara a Monte Cavallo, and the Villa Medici in Rome" JOSEPHINE VON HENNEBERG
258 "Pier Form and Vertical Wall Articulation in English Romanesque Architecture" LAWRENCE R. HOEY
No.4, December 1989
327 "Notes on Viollet-le-Duc's Philosophy of History: Dialectics and Technology" MARTIN BRESSANI
351 "The Early Gothic Choir of Pershore Abbey" ROGER STALLEY and MALCOLM THURLBY
371 "Anti-Modernism and the Neoclassical Revival in Russian Architecture, 1906-1916" WILLIAM C. BRUMFIELD

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SAH Journal Tables of Contents 1990s

1990 Volume XLIX

No.1, March 1990
"The Founding and First Years of the Society of Architectural Historians from 1940" ALAN K. LAING and EDWIN C. RAE
"From 1947: The Society of Architectural Historians" OSMUND OVERBY

15 "From Dome of Heaven to Pleasure Dome" OLEG GRABAR
22 "A Rereading of the Interior Elevation of Hadrian's Rotunda" WILLIAM C. LOERKE
44 "Plan and Space at Amiens Cathedral: with a New Plan Drawn by James Addiss" STEPHEN MURRAY and JAMES ADDISS
67 "Louis Sullivan's Building for John D. Van Allen and Son" JOSEPH SIRY
90 "A Reconsideration of the Equitable Building in New York" SALLY A. KITT CHAPPELL
No.2, June 1990
133 "Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Egon Eiermann: The Dictate of Order" IMMO BOYKEN
154 "An Auspicious Alliance: Pugin, Bloxam, and the Magdalen Commissions" LEON B. LITVACK
161 "The Military Architecture of Francesco di Giorgio in Southern Italy" MICHAEL S. A. DECHERT
181 "Form and Function of the Side Chambers of Fifth- and Sixth-Century Churches in Ravenna" JANET CHARLOTTE SMITH
No.3, September 1990
251 "The Architecture of Diplomacy: Heyday of the United States Embassy-Building Program, 1954-1960" JANE C. LOEFFLER
279 "Palladio's Theory of Proportions and the Second Book of the Quattro Libri dell'Architettura" BRANKO MITROVIC
293 "Alexander VII and the Private Builder: Two Case Studies in the Development of Via del Corso in Rome" DOROTHY METZGER HABEL
310 "Revivals, Revivalists, and Architectural Stained Glass" VIRGINIA CHIEFFO RAGUIN
No.4, December 1990
373 "Beaux-Arts Ideals and Colonial Reality: The Reconstruction of Williamsburg's Capitol, 1928-1934" CARL R. LOUNSBURY
390 "The Villa del Pigneto Sacchetti" JÖRG M. MERZ and ANTHONY F. BLUNT
407 "The Site of Michelanglo's Laurentian Library" FRANK SALMON
430 "Joseph Hoffer and the Study of Ancient Architecture" JÓSZEF SISA

1991 Volume L

No.1, March 1991
"A 'New Era in My Life': Ithiel Town Abroad" R. W. LISCOMBE
18 "Neugriechisch/Néo-Grec: The German Vocabulary of French Romantic Architecture" DAVID B. BROWNLEE
22 "Gothic/Italian 'Gothic': Toward a Redefinition" MARVIN TRACHTENBERG
38 "Architecture, Landscape, and the Intermediate Structure: Eighteenth-Century Experiments in Mediation" DIANA BALMORI
57 "Carlo Rainaldi, Nicola Michetti, and the Patronage of Cardinal Giuseppe Sacripante" CATHIE C. KELLY
68 "A Japanese Inspiration for Frank Lloyd Wright's Rigid-Core High-Rise Structures" M. F. HEARN
No.2, June 1991
109 "Belluschi and the Equitable Building in History" MEREDITH L. CLAUSEN
130 "Alfred Agache, French Sociology, and Modern Urbanism in France and Brazil" DAVID K. UNDERWOOD
167 "York Minster's Nave: The Cologne Connection" HANS J. BÖKER
181 "H. H. Richardson's Ames Gate Lodge and the Romantic Landscape Tradition" FRANCIS R. KOWSKY
No.3, September 1991
235 "The Abraham Lincoln Center in Chicago" JOSEPH SIRY
266 "British and American Solutions to a Roofing Problem" DAVID T. YEOMANS

273 "Alexander VII, Bernini, and the Urban Setting of the Pantheon in the Seventeenth Century" TOD A. MARDER
293 "The Transepts of Winchester Cathedral: Archaeological Evidence, Problems of Design, and Sequence of Construction" JOHN CROOK and YOSHIO KUSABA
No.4, December 1991
359 "'The Utmost Amount of Effectiv (sic) Accommodation': Andrew Carnegie and the Reform of the American Library" ABIGAIL A. VAN SLYCK
384 "Optics and Mathematics in the Domed Churches of Guarino Guarini" ELWIN C. ROBISON
402 "ad modum franciae: Charles of Anjou and Gothic Architecture in the Kingdom of Sicily" CAROLINE A. BRUZELIUS
421 "Byzantine Influence and Private Patronage in a Newly Discovered Medieval Church in Amalfi: S. Michele Arcangelo in Pogerola" ROBERT P. BERGMAN

1992 Volume LI

No.1, March 1992
"The Neighborhood Shopping Center in Washington, D.C., 1930-1941" RICHARD LONGSTRETH
35 "Design and Civic Identity in Cincinnati's Carew Tower Complex" EDWARD W. WOLNER

48 "Originality in Byzantine Architecture: The Case of Nea Moni" ROBERT OUSTERHOUT
61 "Pater urbis: Augustus as City Father of Rome" DIANE FAVRO
No.2, June 1992
121 "H. H. Richardson: The Design of the William Watts Sherman House" JEFFREY KARL OCHSNER and THOMAS C. HUBKA
146 "A Classical Barrel Vault for San Giovanni in Laterano in a Borromini Drawing" ROBERT ECHOLS
161 "A Late Gothic Drawing of San Juan de los Reyes in Toledo at the Prado Museum in Madrid" SERGIO L. SANABRIA
174 "Charles V and the Cathedral of Granada" WILLIAM EISLER
182 "Rudolf Steiner's First Goetheanum as an Illustration of Organic Functionalism" DAVID ADAMS
No.3, September 1992
239 "A House Is Not a Home: Hollyhock House as 'Art-Theater Garden'" ALICE T. FRIEDMAN
261 "Evidence for Flying Buttresses before 1180" JOHN JAMES
288 "Santa María de Melque and Church Construction under Muslim Rule" SALLY GAREN
306 "The Role of Monuments in the Geometrical Ordering of the Roman Master Plan of Gerasa" DONALD J. WATTS and CAROL MARTIN WATTS
No.4, December 1992
357 "Recent Excavations under the Ombrellone of Sant'Andrea in Mantua: Preliminary Report" HOWARD SAALMAN, LIVIO VOLPI GHIRARDINI, and ANTHONY LAW
377 "Architects Read Vitruvius: Renaissance Interpretations of the Atrium of the Ancient House" LINDA PELLECCHIA
417 "The Façade of Sir John Soane's Museum: A Study in Contextualism" ANTHONY JACKSON
430 "Scrolled Gables of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries in the Low Countries" JONA SCHELLEKENS

1993 Volume LII

No.1, March 1993
"Structural Innovation and Structural Design in Renaissance Architecture" RICHARD J. BETTS
26 "Heating Methods and Their Impact on Soane's Work: Lincoln's Inn Fields and Dulwich Picture Gallery" TODD WILLMERT
59 "Objectively Speaking" BRANKO MITROVIC
68 "Vignola's Facciata dei Banchi in Bologna" RICHARD J. TUTTLE
No.2, June 1993
139 "Edgar J. Kaufmann, Frank Lloyd Wright and the 'Pittsburgh Point Park Coney Island in Automobile Scale'" RICHARD CLEARY
159 "Architecture and the Housing Market: Nineteenth-Century Row Housing in Boston's South End" MARGARET SUPPLEE SMITH and JOHN C. MOORHOUSE

179 "Speaking of Architecture: The Evolution of a Vocabulary in Vasari, Jones, and Sir John Vanbrugh" DAVID CAST
189 "A Contribution of Andrea Palladio to the Study of Roman Thermae" LAETITIA LA FOLLETTE
199 "Bell Towers and Building Workshops in Medieval Rome" ANN PRIESTER
No.3, September 1993
267 "Ontology and Representation in Karl Bötticher's Theory of Tectonics" MITCHELL SCHWARZER
281 "The School of Upjohn: Richard Upjohn's Office" JUDITH S. HULL
307 "'Pedagogy and "Reflex': Frank Lloyd Wright's Hanna House Revisited" RICHARD JONCAS

323 "Reconstructing the Greek House: Giuliano da Sangallo's Villa for the Medici in Florence" LINDA PELLECCIIIA
339 "The Ginori Corridor of San Lorenzo and the Building History of the New Sacristy" SHERYL E. REISS
No.4, December 1993
391 "The Houses of the Dandolo: A Family Compound in Medieval Venice" JUERGEN SCHULZ
416 "Architectural Culture in the Fifties: Louis Kahn and the National Assembly Complex in Dhaka" SARAH KSIAZEK
436 "A Rational, National Architecture: Viollet-le-Duc's Modest Proposal for Russia" LAUREN M. O'CONNELL
453 "Giovanni di Lapo Ghini and a Magnificent New Addition to the Palazzo Vecchio, Florence" PAULA SPILNER
466 "Frank Lloyd Wright's Guggenheim Museum: A Historian's Report" JACK QUINAN

1994 Volume LIII

No.1, March 1994
"The Kunstgewerbe, the Werkbund, and the Aesthetics of Culture in the Wilhelmine Period" MARK JARZOMBEK
20 "An Unrecorded Issue of Philibert Delorme's Le premier tome de l'architecture, Annotated by Sir Henry Wotton" HERBERT MITCHELL
30 "Cranbrook: The Invisible Landscape" DIANA BALMORI
61 "Orazio Spada and His Architects: Amateurs and Professionals in Late-Seventeenth-Century Rome" DAVID BUTLER
80 "Some Observations about the Romanesque Choir of Ely Cathedral" J. PHILIP MCALEER
No.2, June 1994
139 "Building a Discipline: Early Institutional Settings for Architectural Education in Philadelphia, 1804-1890" JEFFREY A. COHEN
184 "Re-Reading the Encylopaedia: Architectural Theory and the Formation of the Public in Late-Eighteenth Century France" SYLVIA LAVIN
193 "The Name of the Boudoir" ED LILLEY
199 "Longhena Before Salute: The Cathedral at Chioggia" ANDREW HOPKINS
215 "Process and Patronage in the Decorative Arts of the Early Campaigns of Troyes Cathedral, ca. 1200-1220s" ELIZABETH CARSON PASTAN
No.3, September 1994
265 "E.1027: The Nonheroic Modernism of Eileen Gray" CAROLINE CONSTANT
280 "Joseph Gandy and the Mythography of Architecture" BRIAN LUKACHER
300 "The Evolution of the Design of Orvieto Cathedral, ca. 1290-1320" DAVID GILLERMAN
322 "Rudolf Wittkower and Architectural Principles in the Age of Modernism" ALINA A. PAYNE
No.4, December 1994
392 "Expressionism, Relativity, and the Einstein Tower" KATHLEEN JAMES
414 "Inigo Jones's Site Organization at St. Paul's Cathedral: 'Ponderous Masses Beheld Hanging in the Air'" VAUGHAN HART
428 "Mathew Brettingham the Younger, Foots Cray Place, and the Secularization of Palladio's Villa Rotunda in England" STANFORD ANDERSON
448 "A Report on Data Analysis of Building Geometry by Computer" WOLFGANG WEIMAR and GERHARD WETZEL

1995 Volume LIV

No.1, March 1995
"Richardson's Web: A Client's Assessment of the Architect's Home and Studio" MARY ALICE MOLLOY
24 "'The Century's Triumph in Lighting': The Luxfer Prism Companies and their Contribution to Early Modern Architecture" DIETRICH NEUMANN

54 "Omar Khayyam, Mathematicians, and Conversazioni with Artisans" ALPAY OZDURAL
No.2, June 1995
138 "Urban Contingency and the Problem of Representation in Second-Empire Paris" CHRISTOPHER MEAD
175 "From Episcopal to Communale Palaces: Places and Power in Northern Italy (1000-1250)" MAUREEN MILLER
186 "'Our Fine Gothic Magnificence': The Nineteenth-Century Chapel at Costessey Hall (Norfolk) and its Medieval Glazing" MARY SHEPHERD
208 "Urban Interchange in Southern Cone: Le Corbusier (1929) and Werner Hegemann (1931) in Argentina" CHRISTIANE CRASEMANN COLLINS
No.3, September 1995
278 "The Colossus of Plymouth: Hammatt Billings's National Monument to the Forefathers" JAMES F. O'GORMAN
302 "A Romanesque Revival and the Early Renaissance in Scotland, c. 1380-1513" IAN CAMPBELL
326 "The Early History of S. M. delle Carceri in Prato" PAUL DAVIES
336 "Report on the Application of Finite Element Analysis to Historic Structures: Westminster Hall, London" E. TOBY MORRIS, R. GARY BLACK, and STEPHEN O. TOBRINER
No.4, December 1995
402 "Freemasonry and Sir John Soane" DAVID WATKIN
418 "Guarino Guarini's Invention of the Passion Capitals in the Chapel of the Holy Shroud, Turin" JOHN BELDON SCOTT
446 "Marcel Breuer and the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial" ISABELLE HYMAN

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1996 Volume LV

No.1, March 1996
"Adler and Sullivan's Guaranty Building in Buffalo" JOSEPH SIRY
38 "Sant'Ivo: The First Three Minutes" JOSEPH CONNORS
58 "Frank Lloyd Wright's Design for the Capital Journal, Salem, Oregon (1932)" DONALD LESLIE JOHNSON
66 "A Literary and Structural Analysis of the First Dome on Justinian's Hagia Sophia, Constantinople" RABUN TAYLOR
No.2, June 1996
126 "Unser Newyorker Mitarbeiter: Lewis Mumford, Walter Curt Behrendt, and the Modern Movement" M. DAVID SAMSON
140 "Denenchofu: Building the Garden City in Japan" KEN TADASHI OSHIMA
152 "An Unrecorded Manuscript Translation of Philander's 'Digresso Utilissimo' on the Classical Orders and the Geneva Vitruvius of 1618" HERBERT MITCHELL and MAX MARMOR
158 "Cooperation and Collaboration in Vicenza before Palladio: Jacopo Sansovino and the Pedemuro Masters at the High Altar of the Cathedral of Vicenza" MANUELA MORRESI
No.3, September 1996
238 "Lancasterian Schools, Republican Citizenship, and the Spatial Imagination in Early Nineteenth-Century America" DELL UPTON
254 "Robert Hooke's Bethlem" CHRSTINE STEVENSON
276 "Divine Display or Secular Science: Defining Nature at the Natural History Museum in London" CARLA YANNI
300 "Report on the Destruction of Romanesque Architecture in Burgundy" C. EDSON ARMI
No.4, December 1996
382 "Architectural Invention in Sacred Structures: The Case of Vesara Temples of Southern India" AJAY J. SINHA
400 "Political Ruins: Gothic Sham Ruins and the '45" DAVID STEWART
412 "Félix Duban's Didactic Restoration of the Château de Blois: A History of France in Stone" RICHARD WITTMAN

1997 Volume LVI

No.1, March 1997
"Housing Ideologies in the New England and Chesapeake Bay Colonies, c. 1650-1700" AMIR AMERI
16 "Nationalism and Architecture: The Creation of a National Style in Serbian Architecture and Its Political Implications" BRATISLAV PANTELIC
42 "Le Corbusier and the Paris Exhibition of 1937: The Temps Nouveau Pavilion" DANILO UDOVICKI-SELB
64 "The Imperial Fora of Rome: Some Design Considerations" GREG WIGHTMAN
No.2, June 1997
146 "Who Taught the Inca Stonemasons Their Skills? A Comparison of Tiahuanaco and Inca Cut-Stone Masonry" JEAN-PIERRE PROTZEN and STELLA NAIR
168 "Le Corbusier and the Acoustical Trope: An Invistigation of Its Origins" CHRISTOPHER PEARSON
184 "Interpretations of the Rebuilding of Canterbury Cathedral, 1174-1186: Archaeological and Historical Evidence" PETER DRAPER
204 "A Note on the Dutch Origins of South African Colonial Architecture" JONA SCHELLEKENS
No.3, September 1997
268 "The Diffusion of the Community Shopping Center Concept during the Interwar Decades," RICHARD LONGSTRETH
294 "Islamic-Style Mansions in Byzantine Cappadocia and the Development of the Inverted T-Plan" THOMAS T. MATHEWS and ANNIE-CHRISTINE DASKALAKIS MATHEWS
316 "Structural Analysis, Structural Insights, and Historical Interpretation," ROWLAND J. MAINSTONE
No.4, December 1997
414 "An Architecture for Modern Nerves: Josef Hoffmann's Purkersdorf Sanatorium" LESLIE TOPP
438 "The Vernacular, Modernism, and Le Corbusier" FRANCESCO PASSANTI
452 "Joseph Hudnut's Other Modernism at the 'Harvard Bauhaus'" JILL PEARLMAN
478 "The Openwork Flying Buttresses of Amiens Cathedral: 'Postmodern Gothic' and the Limits of Structural Rationalism" ROBERT BORK, ROBERT MARK, and STEPHEN MURRAY

1998 Volume LVII

No.1, March 1998
  "Guarini and the Pursuit of Originality: The Church for Lisbon and Related Projects" ANDREW MORROGH
30 "Displaying the Res Gestae of Augustus: A Monument of Imperial Image for All" SUNA GÜVEN
46 "'At Once Classic and Picturesque . . .': Alexander Thomson's Holmwood" GAVIN STAMP
No.2, June 1998
128 "Chicago's Auditorium Building: Opera or Anarchism" JOSEPH M. SIRY
160 "Moisei Ginsburg's Narkomfin Communal House in Moscow: Contesting the Social and Material World" VICTOR BUCHLI
182 "Architecture and Infirmitas: Doge Andrea Gritti and the Chancel of San Marco" ANDREW HOPKINS
No.3, September 1998
258 "Staging the Tragedy of Time: Paul Cret and the Delaware River Bridge" JONATHAN E. FARNHAM
280 "The Structure of De re aedificatoria Reconsidered" CAROLINE VAN ECK
298 "'The Invariable Model': Standardization and Military Architecture in Wyoming, 1860-1900" ALISON K. HOAGLAND
No.4, December 1998
382 "Chicago's Mecca Flat Blues" DANIEL BLUESTONE
404 "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Boullée's 'Atlas' Facade for the Bibliothèque du Roi" PAULA YOUNG LEE
432 "Kandinsky's Kleine Welten and Utopian City Plans" KAREN KOEHLER

1999 Volume LVIII

No.1, March 1999
"Reconciling National Narratives in Socialist Bosnia and Herzegovina: The Bascarsija Project, 1948-1953" DIJANA ALIC and MARYAM GUSHEH
26 "Reformation to Millennium: Pugin's Contrasts in the History of English Thought" ROSEMARY HILL
42 "Modernism and Medicine: The Hospitals of Stevens and Lee, 1919-1932" ANNMARIE ADAMS

No.2, June 1999
122 "Postwar Modernism in Mexico: Luis Barragán's Jardines del Pedregal and the International Discourse on Architecture and Place" KEITH EGGENER
146 "Architectural Criticism, Science, and Visual Eloquence: Teofilo Gallaccini in Seventeenth-Century Siena" ALINA A. PAYNE
170 "Steam and Sanitas in the Domestic Realm: Baths and Bathing in Southern Italy in the Middle Ages" JILL CASKEY

No.3, Sept. 1999
278 "Architectural History 1999/2000: A Special Issue of JSAH" EVE BLAU
Institutional Frameworks
282 "The Academy: Architectural History in Schools of Architecture" STANFORD ANDERSON
292 "Architectural History and the History of Art: A Suspended Dialogue" ALINA A. PAYNE
300 "Academics in Tennis Shoes: Historic Preservation and the Academy" DANIEL BLUESTONE
Museums and Historic Sites
308 "The Architectural Museum: A Founder's Perspective" PHYLLIS LAMBERT
316 "Exhibitionist Revisionism: Exposing Architectural History" JEAN-LOUIS COHEN
"Architectural History and the Practice of Historic Preservation in the United States" RICHARD LONGSTRETH
334 "Open-Air Museums: Architectural History for the Masses" EDWARD A. CHAPPELL
342 "History and Theory in Architectural Periodicals: Assembling Oppositions" MITCHELL SCHWARZER
350 "Writing the Architectural Survey: Collective Authorities and Competing Approaches" CHRISTY ANDERSON
356 "Digital Technologies and Architectural Publishing" KEVIN LIPPERT
Sites of Research
364 "Meaning and Experience: Urban History From Antiquity to the Early Modern Period" DIANE FAVRO
374"New Approaches to the 'Non-Western' City" ZEYNEP ÇELIK
382 "Microhistory of the Modern City: Urban Space, Its Use and Representation" NANCY STIEBER
392 "Ancient Housing: Oikos and Domus in Greece and Rome" GUY P. R. MÉTRAUX
406 "The Way You Do the Things You Do: Writing the History of Houses and Housing" ALICE T. FRIEDMAN
Sacred Sites
414 "Sic et Non: Recent Trends in the Study of Gothic Ecclesiastical Architecture" MICHAEL T. DAVIS
424 "Non-Western Sacred sites: African Models" LABELLE PRUSSIN
Cultivated and Vernacular Landscapes
434 "The Postmodernization of Landscape: A Critical Historiography" DIANNE HARRIS
444 "Making New Connections in Vernacular Architecture" PAUL GROTH
Perspectives and Parameters
454 "The Architect as Reader" SARAH McPHEE
462 "Collaborations: The Private Life of Modern Architecture" BEATRIZ COLOMINA
472 "Fashion and Fabrication in Modern Architecture" LEILA W. KINNEY
482 "Technologies of Space/Spaces of Technology" ANTHONY VIDLER
488 "The Disciplinary Dislocations of (Architectural) History" MARK JARZOMBEK
494 "Theory into History: or, The Will to Anthology" SYLVIA LAVIN

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SAH Journal Tables of Contents 2000s

2000 Volume LIX

No.1, March 2000
6 Architectural Representations in the Hyperotomachia Poliphila (Aldus Manutius, 1499) ROSWITHA STEWERING
20 On the Idea of the Mandala as a Governing Device in Indian Architectural Tradition SONIT BAFNA
50 Genesis and Mimesis: The Design of the Arch of Constantine in Rome MARK WILSON JONES
78 What Do Victorian Churches Mean? Symbolism and Sacramentalism in Anglican Church Architecture, 1850-1870 MICHAEL HALL
No.2, June 2000
154 Blurring Boundaries: The Limits of "White Town" in Colonial Calcutta SWATI CHATTOPADHYAY
180 Cannibalizing Le Corbusier: The MES Gardens of Roberto Burle Marx VALERIE FRASER
194 Qui Transtulit Sustinet: William Burges, Francis Kimball, and the Architecture of Hartford's Trinity College CHRISTOPHER DREW ARMSTRONG
216 An Inquiry into Thomas Jefferson's Ideas of Beauty KENNETH HAFERTEPE

No.3, September 2000
296 Nature and the Antique in the Work of Andrea Palladio BRUCE BOUCHER
312 Borromini's Plans for Sant'Ivo alla Sapienza JULIA M. SMYTH-PINNEY
338 "Best, Lowliest Style!" The Early-Nineteenth-Century Rediscovery of American Colonial Architecture W. BARKSDALE MAYNARD
358 On Reconstructing Tiwanaku Architecture JEAN-PIERRE PROTZEN AND STELLA E. NAIR
No.4, December 2000
436 Jacopo Sansovino, Giacomo Torelli, and the Theatricality of the Piazzetta in Venice EUGENE J. JOHNSON
454 Gaetano Baccani's "Systematization" of the Piazza del Duomo in Florence GRAHAM SMITH
478 The House as Path and Place: Spatial Planning in Josef Frank's Villa Beer, 1928-1930 CHRISTOPHER LONG
502 A Reassessment of the Western Parts of the Romanesque Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela CHRISTABEL WATSON

2001 Volume LX

No.1, March 2001
4 Julian of Ascalon's Treatise on Construction and Design Rules from Sixth-Century Palestine BESIM S. HAKIM
26 Mansions to Margins: Modernity and the Domestic Landscapes of Historic Delhi, 1847-1910 JYOTI HOSAGRAHAR
46 The Nave of Saint-Philibert at Tournus C. EDSON ARMI
68 Anachronism in the Roman Architecture of Gaul: The Date of the Maison Carée at Nîmes JAMES C. ANDERSON, JR.
No.2, June 2001

136 From Caesarea to Athens: Greek Revival Edinburgh and the Question of Scottish Identity within the Unionist State JOHN LOWREY
158 Engaging the Mind's Eye: The Use of Inscriptions in the Architecture of Owen Jones and A.W.N. Pugin CAROL A. HRVOL FLORES
180 Tradition and Transformation: Continuity and Ingenuity in the Temples of Karnataka ADAM HARDY
200 Louis Sullivan's First National Bank Building (1919-1922), Manistique, Michigan ROBERT TWOMBLY
No.3, September 2001
260: "History and Science: Julien-David Leroy's 'Dualistic Method of Architectural History,'" by Jeanne Kisacky
290: "The Colleoni Chapel in Bergamo and the Politics of Urban Space," by Giles Knox
310: "Inscribing Minority Space in the Islamic City: The Jewish Quarter of Fez (1438-1912)," by Susan Gilson Miller; Attilio Petruccioli; Mauro Bertagnin
328: "The Unified Plan of the House of the Faun," by Eugene Dwyer
No.4, December 2001
402: "The Topography of Prostitution in Renaissance Ferrara," by Diane Yvonne Ghirardo
432: "The Patronage of a Disenfranchised Nephew: Cardinal Scipione Borghese and the Restoration of San Crisogono in Rome, 1618-1628," by Michael Hill
450: "Afterlives of the Tour Saint-Jacques: Plotting the Perceptual History of an Urban Fragment," by Lauren M. O'Connell
474: "The Architecture of Talmud," by Mitchell Schwarzer

2002 Volume LXI [US topics only]

No.1, March 2002
48-67: "The Comfortable Tasty Framed Cottage: An African American Architectural Iconography," by Barbara Burlison Mooney
No.2, June 2002
140-151: "Frank Lloyd Wright and Feminism: Mamah Borthwick's Letters to Ellen Key," by Alice T. Friedman
152-167: "The 'Solar Eye' of Vision: Emergence of the Modern Skyscraper-Viewer in the Discourse on Height in New York City, 1890-1920," by Meir Wigoder.
No.3, September 2002
310-331: "Ayn Rand and King Vidor's Film The Fountainhead: Architectural Modernism, the Gendered Body, and Political Idxeology," by Merrill Schleier.
No.4, December 2002
480-507: "Washington and Ottawa: A Tale of Two Embassies," by Isabelle Gournay and Jane C. Loeffler

2003 Volume LXII

No.1, March 2003 [US topics only]
24: "The Linear Plan for Insane Asylums in the United States before 1866," by Carla Yanni.
No.2, June 2003
No.3, September 2003
294: "The Architect Trdat: Building Practices and Cross-Cultural Exchange in Byzantium and Armenia," by Christina Maranci
306: "Venice between East and West: MarcíAntonio Barbaro and Palladioís Church of the Redentore," by Deborah Howard
326: "Castle Howard and the Emergence of the Modern Architectural Subject," by Neil Levine
352: "The Architecture of Control: Shaker Dwelling Houses and the Reform Movement in Early-Nineteenth-Century America," by Julie Nicoletta
No.4, December 2003

437: "An Engraved Architectural Drawing at Santa Maria in Aracoeli, Rome," by Claudia Bolgia
448: "Drawing with Numbers: Geometry and Numeracy in Early Modern Architectural Design," by Mario Carpo
470: "Reconstituting Chinese Building Tradition: The Yingzao fashi in the Early Twentieth Century," by Li Shiqiao
490: "Women and the Werkbund: Gender Politics and German Design Reform, 1907-1914," by Despina Stratigakos

2004 Volume LXIII

No.1, March 2004
4: "The Art of Orthogonal Planning: Laparelliís Trigonometric Design of Valletta," by Thomas J‰ger
32: "Ottoman Expressions of Early Modernity and the 'Inevitable' Question of Westernization," by Shirine Hamadeh
52: "Creating a Model for the National Mall: The Design of the National Museum of Natural History," by Cynthia R. Field and Jeffrey T. Tilman
"The Aesthetics of Ascension in Norman Bel Geddes's Futurama," by Adnan Morshed
No.2, June 2004

144: "Architectural Histories Entwined: The Rudra-Mahalaya/Congregational Mosque of Siddhpur, Gujarat," by Alka Patel
164: "Shaping Sacred Space in the Sixteenth Century: Design Criteria for the Collegio Borromeo's Chapel," by John Alexander
180: "The Architecture of Jewish Identity: The Neo-Islamic Central Synagogue of New York," by Olga Bush
202: "Joseph August Lux: Werkbund Promoter, Historian of a Lost Modernity," by Mark Jarzombek
No.3, September 2004

272: "Architecture Against the State: The Virtues of Impermanence in the Kibulu of Eastern Pende Chiefs in Central Africa," by Z. S. Strother
297: "Digging Up the Present in Marseille's Old Port: Toward an Archaeology of Reconstruction," by Sheila Crane
320: "Urban Editing, Historic Preservation, and Political Rhetoric: The Fascist Redesign of San Gimignano," by D. Medina Lasansky
355: "Recovering Essence through Demolition: The 'Organic' City in Postwar West Berlin," by Florian Urban
370: "The Portuguese Precedent for Pierre Patte's Street Section," by Andrew J. Tallon
No.4, December 2004

424: "Leon Battista Alberti and the Homogeneity of Space, by Branko Mitroviç
440: "Cardinal Pamphilj Builds a Palace: Self-Representation and Familial Ambition in Seventeenth-Century Rome," by Stephanie C. Leone
472: "Styling Japan: The Case of Josiah Conder and the Museum at Ueno, Tokyo," by Alice Y. Tseng
498: "Frank Lloyd Wright's Annie M. Pfeiffer Chapel for Florida Southern College: Modernist Theology and Regional Architecture," by Joseph M. Siry

2005 Volume LXIV

No.1, March 2005
4: "Diagrammatic Practices: The Office of Frederick L. Ackerman and Architectural Graphic Standards," by Paul Emmons
22:"Searching for a Modern Chinese Monument: The Design of the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum in Nanjing," by Delin Lai
56: "The Church East and West: Orienting the Queen Anne Churches, 1711-34," by Jason R. Ali and Peter Cunich
74: "The Integration of a Twelfth-Century Tower into a Thirteenth-Century Church: The Case of Notre-Dame de Donnemarie-en-Montois," by Evelyn Staudinger Lane
No.2, June 2005
144: "Something to Talk About: Modernism, Discourse, Style," by Sarah Williams Goldhagen
168: "King John's Gloriette at Corfe Castle," by Matthew M. Reeve and Malcolm Thurlby
186: "Architectural Rivalry as Civic Mirror: The Dominican Church and the Cathedral in Fourteenth-Century Strasbourg," by Charlotte A. Stanford
204: "Architectural Collaboration in the Early Renaissance: Reforming the Florentine Badia," by Anne Leader

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