6 sept.

staircase wit: last thought on W Middle school?

school/ children arch? primary colors? visual disassembly/ overscaled pieces.
slate. (interest of KTH: a new materialsm, consciousness of perfomance of materials)

purpose: to see in many different generative lines of thinking

Today's assignment: sense of the dialogue

Assignment A: Finding Now.

Looking on the Web, in contemporary magazines, or in the real world, examine two examples of architecture from the last decade in the U.S. that seem to embody some sense of prevailing architectural values. Try to understand each in terms of its disposition of spaces and its setting as well as its most iconic published faces. Choose one of these two for which you can find some critical or interpretive (not just descriptive or appreciative) writing and read that.

From your own responses or readings, consider the bases for choices of form in each, and more broadly, the question of contemporary architectural trends and the underlying values that these embody. Come to class next Tuesday prepared to present and discuss your examples and thoughts on these. Email me your choices as soon as you've made them, and I'll try to steer folks away from coincident examples, and if there are websites or a couple of digital images that you want to show in class, email those to me by Monday night.
due 6 Sept.

detect a sense of a distinctive moment in some examples?

sense of an implicit crit in the last accliamed modernity?
basios for their favor?

sense of today's collecticely approved forms in crit?

Begin MNarr rdg: show booklet, webpage, dates/activities