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Notes, Editorials, and Letters in the Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, 1962-1999: A List
This page contans a chronological list of the articles printed in the Journal for the Society of Architectural Historians for the years 1962 to 1999. One can use the "find" function of most web browsers to search this page for text strings that might be found in titles or authors' names.
Earlier notes (1941-61) are indexed in Shirley Prager Branner's Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, Index to Volumes I-XX 1941-1961 (Chicago, 1974), still available from the SAH office in Chicago.

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1962 Volume XXI
140Werner, Constance W., "Architectural Research in the Annapolis Dock Space"
145Peterson, Charles E., "Early Central Heating"
188Wrenn, George L., III, "The Boston City Hall, Bryant and Gilman, architects, 1862-1865"

36 Letter: Cox
146Letter: Ousley
193Letter: Branner

1963 Volume XXII
36 Peterson, Charles, "A Parsonage House for Accomack, 1635"
36 Kirker, Harold, "The New Theater, Philadelphia, 1791-1792"
38 Wilson, Samuel, Jr., "New Orleans Prefab, 1867"
39 Magruder, Charles, "The White Pine Monograph Series"
91 Peterson, Charles, "The Iolani Palaces and the Barracks"
103Bannick, Nancy, "Oriental Buildings threatened in Honolulu"
225Goodfellow, G. l.. M., "William Jay and the Albion Chapel"
228Massey, James C., "Robert Mills Documents, 1823: A House for Ainsley Hall in Columbia, South Carolina"

115C. L. V. Meeks, Dedication: "Henry-Russell Hitchcock"
107Letters: Moholy-Nagy, Collins
233Letter: Rowe

1964 Volume XXIII
39  "St. Michael's Church, Charleston, 1752-1762" HARLEY J. MC KEE
43  "Portsmouth Prefabs, 1772 and 1849" CHARLES E. PETERSON
44  "Patent Office Building Competition, Washington, D. C., 1878" ELIZABETH B. DEL DONNA
101 "John Haviland, Jailor to the World" NORMAN B. JOHNSTON
107 "H. H. Richardson's Glessner House, Chicago, 1886-1887" DAVID T. VAN ZANTEN
111 "Stotham, The Massachusetts Hoax, 1920" JOHN F. HARBESON
151 "Samuel Sloan and the "Philadelphia Plan" HAROLD N. COOLEDGE
210"An Unidentified American Hotel, Booston, 1841" DENYS P. MYERS
210"Thomas U. Walter, Edward Clark, and the United States Capitol" MARIO E. CAMPIOLI

113Letters: Feiss, Wolf, Pommer

1965 Volume XXIV
169 "Thomas Banister on the New Sash Windows, Boston, 1701" CHARLES F. MONTGOMERY
171 "Who Was the Architect of the Indiana Cotton Mill, 1849-1850?" BARBARA WRISTON
252"Preservation" ALAN GOWANS
313 "Notes on Copper Roofing in America to 1802" CHARLES E. PETERSON
318 "Prefabs in the California Gold Rush, 1849" CHARLES E. PETERSON

108Letters: Alden, Teitelman
254Letters: Dearstyne, Moholy-Nagy, Gebhard, Scully, Gutkind

1966 Volume XXV
59 John G. Waite, "Stillwater, New York, House Specifications,1843"
60 Marvin Eickenroht, "The Kaffee-Kirche at Fredericksburg, Texas,1846"
63 Winslow Ames, "New York Brownstone through German Eyes,1851"
64 Lawrence Wodehouse, "The Custom House, Galveston, Texas, by Ammi Burnham Young"
68 Donald L. Hoffmann, "Pioneer Caisson Building Foundations: 1890"
136J. Philip McAleer, "The Romanesque Facade of Norwich Cathedral"
209Niles Luning Prak, "Measurements of Amiens Cathedral"
212Catherine Sweeney Scott, "Further Comments on Rubens' Tapestry of the 'Building of Constantnople'"
215Joan Buchman, "Owego Architecture: the Greek Revival in a Pioneer Town"
297J. B. Ward Perkins, "Imperial Mausolea and Their Possible Influence on Early Christian Central Plan Buildings"
299Robert Branner, "Encore Bourges"
301Jean Carl Harrington, "Early Brickmaking, Roanoke Island, North Carolina"
302Joseph Masheck, "The Meaning of Town and Davis' Octagonal Schoolhouse Design"
305John Harbeson, "Paul Cret and Architectural Competitions"

75Letters: McCoy, Shackelford, Gowans, Alexander

1967 Volume XXVI
71  Jane B. Davies, "Six Letters by William P. Elliot to Alexander J. Davis, 1834-1838"
148Charles B. Wood III, "The John Hare Powel House"

1968 Volume XXVII
93 Letter: Cook
308 Letters: Pettengill, Badawy, Kadish

1969 Volume XXVIII

133"A View of the Palazzo Medici and the Church of San Lorenzo" CAROL HERSELLE KRINSKY
135"James Hoban and the First Bank of the United States" MATTHEW BAIGELL
201"Notes for a Catalogue of the John McComb (1763-1853) Collection of Architectural Drawings in the New York Historical Society" AGNES ADDISON GILCHRIST
291"The Washington Monument Project in New York" JACOB LANDY

152Letters: "Paleozoic," Pevsner

1970 Volume XXIX

48 "Clear Span Rivalry: The World's Fairs of 1889 and 1893" DONALD HOFFMANN
51 "New Factory for the Geo. N. Pierce Company, Buffalo, New York-1906" GRANT HILDEBRAND
56 "The Residence in Des Moines" WESLEY I. SHANK
60  Commentary: "Maass for Measure" SIBYL MOHOLY-NAGY
175"The Exported Iron Buildings of Andrew Handyside & Co. of Derby" MALCOLM HIGGS
181"The Setback Skyscraper City of 1891: An Unknown Essay by Louis H. Sullivan" DONALD HOFFMANN
188"Notes on W. B. Griffin's "Knitlock" and His Architectural Projects for Canberra" DONALD LESLIE JOHNSON
255"A French Architect in America in 1836" DAVID T. VAN ZANTEN
256"The Location and External Appearance of Mrs. Trollope's Bazaar" CARL ABBOTT
260"Books in the Kress Library Relating to Architectural History" KENNETH E. CARPENTER
347"Mini-Revisionism in City Planning History: The Planners of Roland Park" HARRY G. SCHALCK
350"'The Crystal House' of 1934" THOMAS M. SLADE

76Letters: Gutkind, Lang
362Letters: Lewis, Spencer, Gowans, Whiffen

1971 Volume XXX

66 "Plankwall Framing, a Modern Wall Construction with an Ancient History" T. RITCHIE
71 Documentation: "Stratford and the Lees" CONNIE H. WYRICK
155"Three Architects of Early New Hampshire Mill Towns" RICHARD M. CANDEE
164"Late Cast Iron in New York" CERVIN ROBINSON
209"Philadelphia's Chestnut Street Theatre: A Plan and Elevation" JOHN R. WOLCOTT
219"Leclaire, Illinois: a Model Company Town (1890-1934)" JOHN S. GARNER
228 "Lars Sonck: From the Roots" EDWARD MARC TREIB
294"The Early Drawings of Frank Lloyd Wright Reconsidered" EILEEN MICHELS
304 "C. F. A. Voysey-To and From" America DAVID GEBHARD
312 "Chicago Architecture: Its Debt to the Arts and Crafts" H. ALLEN BROOKS
317"American Sheaves from 'C. R. A.' and Janet Ashbee" ROBERT W. WINTER
323"The Hallidie Building" KEITH W. DILLS

94Letter: Ames

1972 Volume XXXI

51 "Innovations in American Prefabricated Housing: 1860-1890" MARGARETTA JEAN DARNALL
56 "Engineer's Aesthetic vs. Architecture: the Design and Performance of the Empire Pool at Wembley" ROY PERLMUTTER and
133"The Palazzo del Te: In Defense of Jacopo Strada" EGON VERHEYEN
137"Eighteenth-Century Architecture of the Upper Delaware River Valley of New Jersey and Pennsylvania" WESLEY L. SHANK
145"The Italianate Dwelling House in New York City" CHARLES LOCKWOOD
204"Jean Lemoulnier in Boston" HAROLD KIRKER and DAVID VAN ZANTEN
208"Georgetown University's Healy Building" HARDY GEORGE
216"Comment on 'The Early Drawings of Frank Lloyd Wright Reconsidered'" CURTIS BESINGER

1973 Volume XXXII

223 "Newly Discovered Evidence of Leonardo's Association with Bramante" CARLO PEDRETTI
228 "Toward an Interpretation of the Pazzi Chapel" PAUL BAROLSKY
231 "A Note on William W. Piper and Academy Architecture in Oregon in the Nineteenth Century" ELISABETH WALTON
308"The Assassination of Les Halles" NORMA EVENSON
316"American Modernism in the Philippines: The Forgotten Architecture of William E. Parsons" THOMAS S. HlNES

348Letter: Roth

1974 Volume XXXIII

73 "Luceat Lux Vestra coram Hominibus: A New Source for the Spire of Borromini's S. Ivo" WILLIAM HAUPTMAN
80 "Traditional Earthquake-Resistant Construction: The Mycenaean Aspect" KENNETH W. SCHAAR
155"A Lost Portal by Martin Chambiges?" ROBERT J. NELSON
158"North American Martello Towers" WILLARD B. ROBINSON
214"Notes on the Columbian Exposition's Manufactures and Liberal Arts Building" TITUS M. KARLOWICZ
219Documentation: "Letters between R. M. Schindler and Richard Neutra, 1914-1924" Edited by ESTHER MC COY

3 Editorial JAMES F. O'GORMAN
271Letters: Hochman, Taylor

1975 Volume XXXIV

48 "Gaudi and the Catalan Gothic" THOMAS G. BEDDALL
60"Robert Morris Copeland's Plans for Oak Bluffs" ELLEN WEISS

162 Guest Editor's Note CARL F. BARNES, JR.
165 "On Robert Branner" JEAN BONY

1976 Volume XXXV

51"A Far Western Arts and Crafts Village" NORMAN J. JOHNSTON
54 "The Vierendeel" DAVID J. WICKERSHEIMER
219Documentation: "Filarete and the Ca Del Duca" JOHN R. SPENCER

1977 Volume XXXVI

30 "The Nave Vaults of Noyon Cathedral" WILLIAM W. CLARK
33 "Jefferson's Observatory Design" MARIAN C. DONNELLY
223"Le Sixième Ordre d'Architecture, ou la Pratique des Ordres Suivant les Nations" JEAN MARIE PÉROUSE DE MONTCLOS
241"The Structural Behavior of Medieval Ribbed Vaulting" K. D. ALEXANDER, R. MARK, and J. F. ABEL
252Documentation: "Emilio dei Cavalierl, Giacomo della Porta, and G. B. Montano JOSEPHINE VON HENNEBERG

61Letters: Downs, Kowsky

1978 Volume XXXVII

34 "Frank Lloyd Wright: Plasticity, Continuity, and Ornament" EDGAR KAUFMANN, JR.
195"The Services of the Larkin 'A' Building" REYNER BANHAM

134Letters: O'Gorman, Branner, Bucher
228Letters: Moore, Matthews, Curcic, Jordy, Hersey

1979 Volume XXXVIII

120 "Aalto's 1949 Poetry Room at Harvard" STANLEY ABERCROMBIE
271"Josiah Conder's Bank of Japan, Tokyo" HANNA LERSKI
375 "An Early Design by Nicola Michetti: The Sacripante Chapel in the Roman Church of S. Ignazio" JOHN PINTO

86Letter: O'Gorman
121Letters: Gebhard, Winter

1980 Volume XXXVIII

57 "Saint-Gilles-du-Gard: The Relationship of the Foundation to the Façade" CARRA FERGUSON O'MEARA
145"Precedent and Progress in the Work of Frank Lloyd Wright" EDGAR KAUFMANN, JR
304"Frank Lloyd Wright's Other Larkin Building" PAUL VENABLE TURNER
307"T. U. Walter's Gift of Drawings to the Institute of British Architects" RHODRI WINDSOR LISCOMBE

97Letters: Blumfeld, Fonseca
178Letter: Candee
255Letters: Crouch, Jenks, McMordie, Jordy

1981 Volume XXXVIII

130"'Form Became Feeling,' A New View of Froebel and Wright" EDGAR KAUFMANN, JR.
138"Concerning the Origin of the Onion Dome and Onion Spires in Central European Architecture" HANS SCHINDLER
311"The Origin of Balloon Framing" PAUL E. SPRAGUE
320"Stanford White at the University of Virginia: Some New Light on an Old Question" GEORGE HUMPHREY YETTER

1982 Volume XXXVIII

232"Frank Lloyd Wright's Mementos of Childhood" EDGAR KAUFMANN, JR.
238"Frank Lloyd Wright's Reply to Russell Sturgis" JACK QUINAN
325"The Last Cottage of Wright's Como Orchards Complex" GRANT HILDEBRAND and THOMAS BOSWORTH
328"Kocher at Black Mountain" LAWRENCE WODEHOUSE

1983 Volume XXXVIII

290"Giacomo della Porta's Model for the Capella dei Principi: An Addendum" JOSEPHINE VON HENNEBERG

"Homage to John Coolidge" EDITOR
89Letters: Fitch, Filler, Kauffman, Guiton, Wesley, O'Gorman, Maass, Kahn
311Letters: Krautheimer, Ackerman, Wishnitzer, Hay, Bletter, Baird, Schallenberg
406Letters Salvadori, Mark

1984 Volume XXXVIII

65 "Carlo Rainaldi's Façade Project for S. Lorenzo in Lucina" DOROTHY METZGER HABEL
71 "Mr. Jones Goes to Richmond: A Note on the Influence of Alexander Parris' Wickham House" CATHERINE W. BISHIR and MARSHALL BULLOCK
162"Five Fatimid Minarets in Upper Egypt" JONATHAN M. BLOOM
168"The Bank of Commerce by Asa Beebe Cross: 'A Building of the Latest Architecture'" GEORGE EHRLICH
250"The Role of Hispanic Kinships in Popularizing the Monterey Style in California" HAROLD KIRKER
256"H. P. Berlage and the Amsterdam School, 1914-1920: Rationalism as Expressionism" H. PAUL ROVINELLI
356"Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, Rome: A Drawing and an Atrribution" ELLEN ANNETTE PLUMMER
364"Frank Lloyd Wright and the Young Le Corbusier: An Addendum" PAUL VENABLE TURNER
193 "Kenneth Conant and the Founding of The American Society of Architectural Historians" JOHN COOLIDGE


1985 Volume XXXVIII

60 "Remembrances of the Home Insurance Building" THEODORE TURAK
66 "Frank Lloyd Wright, Vertical Space, and the Chicago School's Quest for Light" MEREDITH L. CLAUSEN
284"On Preserving Architectural History: The Armenian Experience" VAZKEN LAWRENCE PARSEGIAN
380"Two Architects' Sketches" MAX HOBERMAN
384"Quatz Arts -- My Experiences as a Student at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris 1924-1928" T. MERRILL PRENTICE

84  Letters: ROTH, WHIFFEN

1986 Volume XXXVIII

60 "The Origins of McDonald's Golden Arches" ALAN HESS
161"Americans in Paris: Two Buildings" ELLEN WEISS
164"Bulfinch on Gothic" JOHN FREW
286"Clement XI and Santa Maria Maggiore in the Early 18th Century" CHRISTOPHER M. S. JOHNS
294"The Unbuilt Picture Gallery at the 1851 Great Exhibition" PATRICIA MAINARDI
389"A Medieval Persian Builder" SHEILA BLAIR
396"Thermolumincscence Dating in Architectural History: the Chronology of Palladio's Villa Rotonda" CHRISTIAN GOEDICKE,


1987 Volume XXXVIII

171 "Earthquake-resistant Construction and the Wrath of the "Earth-Shaker" J. M. DRIESSEN

100 Letters: Hearn; Thurlby

1988 Volume XXXVIII

177 "Who Was Sullivan's Minnie?" GEORGE E. PETTENGILL
179 "A Drawing for the Façade of Giulio Romano's House in Mantua" BORJE MAGNUSSON
185 "The Former Romanesque High Vault in the Presbytery of Hereford Cathedral" MALCOLM THURLBY
295 "The Attitude of John Nash toward the Gothic Revival Style" JENNIFER MCKENDRY

97  Letters: Adams, Wallace, Jay, Berger
321Letters: Mainstone, Heyman, Courtenay and Mark, Craig
434Letter: Condit

1989 Volume XXXVIII

210Letter: Quinan
310Letters: Manson, Götze, and McAleer
413Letters: Theerman, Alofsin, Johnson, Rubin's responses

1990 Volume XXXVIII

5Tod A. Marder, "Note from the Editor"
230 Letters: Mainstone, Brownlee, Waddell, Johnson
468 Letters: Hornick and Chappell

1991 Volume XXXVIII

189 "Mansart's Colonnade at Versailles: Further Observations" ROBERT W. BERGER
192 "Bulfinch on Gothic, Again" JAMES F. O'GORMAN

343 Letters: Saalman, Salmon, Doremus, Hearn
472 Letters: Kennedy, Vernon, Severens

1992 Volume XXXVIII

315 "An Early Rustic Arch in Salem" ARTHUR KRIM

231 Letter: Willis
461 Letters: Bonney, Steinhardt, Dodds, Garen, Plunz, Bruegmann

1993 Volume XXXVIII

88 "The East Elevation of the Sherman House, Newport, Rhode Island" JEFFREY KARL OCHSNER and THOMAS C. HUBKA

137 Editorial: Nicholas Adams, "Celebrating Tradition and Change"
265 Editorial: Nicholas Adams, "Architectural Touring American Style"
389 Editorial: Nicholas Adams, "Architecture as the Target"
248 Letters, Fonseca on Gerasa, with reply by Watts and Watts
511Letter: G. E. Kidder Smith on saving historical architecture

1994 Volume XXXVIII

5 Editorial: Nicholas Adams, "History in the Age of Interpretation"
137James S. Ackerman, "In Memoriam: Manfredo Tafuri 1935-1994"
263Editorial: Nicholas Adams, "The Architectural History Foundation: Research and Publishing Today"
390Editorial: Nicholas Adams, "A New Design"
123 Letters: Howard Saalman on San Lorenzo in Florence, with a reply by Sheryl Reiss; Margaret Supplee Smith and John Moorhouse
376 Letters: Francesco dal Co with a reply by Mark Jarzombek; Jeanne S. Rubin on Frank Lloyd Wright; Frank Zöllner; Mardges Bacon
503 Letter: Conrad Rudolph on St-Denis

1995 Volume XXXVIII

James S. Ackerman, Pamela Askew, Phyllis Lambert, John Coolidge, and Craig Hugh Smyth, "In Memoriam: "Richard Krautheimer (1897-1994),"
136Editorial: Nicholas Adams, "The NEH (and Vincent Scully)"
276Editorial: Keith Morgan, "The Charnley-Persky House: Architectural History and the Society"
400Editorial: Nicholas Adams, "John Coolidge, Architectural Historian"
114Letter: Anthony Alofsin on Frank Lloyd Wright
265Letters: Robert Berger on LeVau, with a reply from Christopher Tadgell
512Letter: Hugh McCague with a reply by Wolfgang Wiemer; Joseph Rykwert with a reply by Francesco Paolo Fiore.

1996 Volume XXXVIII

Editorial: Nicholas Adams, "Lucy Maynard Salmon"
124 Editorial: Nicholas Adams, "International Conversations"
236Editorial: Nicholas Adams, "Churches on Fire" by
380 Editorial: Marc Treib, "The Measure of Wisdom: John Brinckerhoff Jackson (1909-1996)"
216 Letters: Gene Waddell on Westminster with a reply from Morris, Black, and Tobriner
359 Letters: Leonard K. Eaton with a reply by Donald Leslie Johnson; Rowland Mainstone with a reply by Rabun Taylor

1997 Volume XXXVIII

Editorial: Nicholas Adams, "JSAH: A Balance Sheet"
144 Editorial: Eve Blau, "Representing Architectural History"
412 Editorial: William H. Pierson, "William Henry Jordy, A Reflection"
127 Letters: Margaret Henderson Floyd and Andor Gomme

1998 Volume XXXVIII

Editorial: Abigail A. Van Slyck "Interdisciplinarity in American Architectural History"
Editorial: Hilary Ballon "The Changing Scope of Foreign Topics"
256 Editorial: Eve Blau, "Exhibiting Ideas"
257 Editorial: Barry Bergdoll, "Curating History"
380 Editorial: Kurt W. Forster, "Batteries of Memory or Moments of Forgetfulness? The Getty Research Institute's Texts and Documents Series"
113Branko Mitrovic and Bratislav Pantelic
238Letters: M. F. Hearn and Peter Draper
360 Letter: Hans Samelson
494 Letters: Mark Crinson and Zeynep Celik

1999 Volume XXXVIII

Editorial: David G. De Long, "To Save History by Design"

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