BRYN MAWR COLLEGE, Growth & Structure of Cities Program
City 255. Survey of American Architecture
Fall 2005, T, Th 2:30-4:00, Carpenter B25
J. Cohen, Thomas 153

Course Calendar



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Assig. A: "Finding Now," for 6 Sept.
30 Aug.
Course goals, approaches, org.
1 Sept.
Visit contemp.
[West Middle School, 1993, KTH]
Architecture article
Assig B1: Reading, part I
Assig. C1 for first presentation team, both for 15 Sept.
6 Sept.
Present, discuss "Now"
8 Sept.
Last bits of 'where are we now,' bldgs/crit.
The landscape of writing on American architectural history.
Quick team surveys, 'our' shelves.
[rdgs - articles]
Assig. A2: Plan 13 Sept.
Plan drawing.
The vernacular.
15 Sept.
The master narrative, part I: 1600-1795
Team presentation
Assig B2: Reading, part II
Assig C2 for presentation team, both for 27 Sept.
20 Sept.
Ib. Team presentation and discussion, cont.
22 Sept.
Ic. Discussion of readings I, wrap.
Assig D2-5: Dated buildings, for 29 Sept, et seq. 27 Sept.
The master narrative, part II: 1795-1845
Team presentation
29 Sept.
IIb. presentation cont.
discussion of readings II.
Assig B3: Reading, part III
Assig C3 for presentation team, both for 13 Oct.
4 Oct.
IIc. Dated buildings discussion, wrap.
6 Oct.
field trip 1
 Fall Break   
Assig B4: Reading, part IV
Assig C4 for presentation team, both for 25 Oct.
11 Oct.
architects and architecural drawings
13 Oct.
The master narrative, part III: 1845-95
Team presentation
  18 Oct.
20 Oct.
  25 Oct.
The master narrative, part IV: 1895-1945
Team presentation
27 Oct.
  1 Nov.
3 Nov.
Assig B5: Reading, part V, for 15 Nov.
Assig C5 for presentation team, for 10 Nov.
8 Nov.
field trip 2
10 Nov.
The master narrative, part V: 1945-95
Team presentation
Assig E: Short paper, presentation, for 6 Dec. 15 Nov.
17 Nov.
  22 Nov.
field trip 3
 Thanksgiving Break 
 Assig F: Short research exercise 29 Nov. 
Research questions.
1 Dec.
Research reports.
  6 Dec.
Bldg types discussions
8 Dec.
last class.
  Exam week  


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