05-306, Assignments

31 Aug. Website Review:
Find some websites about the history of places conceived similarly to the sort we'll take on, but focused on other places. By next Tuesday afternoon, send an email with the urls, and provide a one-sentence of description of each. In our next class, be prepared to discuss these, both in terms of content and of matters of presentation, both positives and negatives.

21 Sept., 9 Nov.: Focussed readings weeks.
For our projects delving into local historical evidence and resources, it will be helpful to build both a framing overview and some spots of narrower but deeper knowledge of the Philadelphia area's urbanistic and architectural history. Locate and read some focused scholarly writings on Philadelphia places, whether articles in scholarly journals or discrete parts of books, etc. Don't settle for picture or guide books. Use bibliographical tools and check out the shelves to get a good idea of what exists on the subject, and choose your readings with purpose. Try to choose some that contrast to one another in focus or approach.

In an email by next Tuesday night, report precisely what you've read, using a standard bibliographical format found in that literature, and in a few sentences describe the frame and point of each reading. The amount of reading should be roughly the equivalent of two or three scholarly articles or book chapters.