Cities 05-306

Project 1: location histories
(based on J. E. Taylor's 1861 watercolors, D. W. C. Baxter's panoramas, 1857-80)

- 726 and 728 Market Street: The History of Place
Michael G.

- A Glimpse into the History of the 401 Block of Arch Street, Philadelphia
Anna B, Claire M.

- 814 & 816 Locust Street: Contextualizing Historic Images
Nate B.

- 103 Chestnut Street and Surrounding Environs: A Historic Tour
Jordan T., Jennifer W.

Project 2: research themes, tools
(topics selected by students)

- 19th Century Philadelphia Hotels:
Determining Class from Program and Location.
Jennifer W.

- The History of Place:
The Development of Suburban Homes Through Time.
Michael G.

- Exploring Row House Frontage Widths in Philadelphia:
Avenues of Approach.
Anna B.

- Mapping the Richards Collection:
Understanding the Collection Through the Image Locations.
Nate B.

- The Works of Architect George T. Pearson, 1882-1900.
Jordan T.

- Tying Loose Threads:
The form of textile-related businesses on Chestnut Street in 19th-century Philadelphia.
Claire M.

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