The History of Place:

The Development of Suburban Homes Through Time

Chetwynd, Castlefinn, Glenbrook, and Wentworth



The Evolution of Suburban Houses, Land, and Families: The Subject and Purpose of This Site

This webpage was created as part of a class assignment in City 306, a course within the Growth and Structure of Cities Department at Bryn Mawr College. In this project, students had freedom to choose a research topic. This site researches a cluster of four homes in the Rosemont area of Radnor, Pennsylvania. While none of these houses still exists, images, atlases, and other research tools help to tell the individual history of each building, its land, and the families it sheltered. This site looks at the buildings from construction to demolition.

The four houses that frame this site's research were named Chetwynd, Castlefinn, Glenbrook, and Wentworth. In looking at the families that resided in each house, this site deals with families that were involved in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century exodus of the upper class from Philadelphia to the Main Line. For a geographical look at the area that this website discusses, click here.

This site dedicates an individual page to the story of each house, and the links below lead to these pages. In addition to giving a detailed history of each property, the site includes a description of the research methods used in constructing each respective history. To avoid repetition, the first page, "Chetwynd", cites the methods used to obtain the data. Subsequent pages simply cite the methodology used, unless the means are different than those cited on the "Chetwynd" page.

The Four Homes



Glenbrook Farm



Images 1-4 taken from Places in Time, (ordered from left to right, top to bottom):

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