Sully's residence
[23 S. 5th St.]
No date
"Old houses, on the East of Fifth street, with entrance to a 'court' to Fred Brown's iron buildings N.E. corner of Chestnut and Fifth sts."
Notes: Written at the bottom of the photograph were "Thomas Sully's Residence" and "Blakes Music Store".
LCP Accession # (3) 2526.F.56a

Sully's residence in distance.
[23-27 S. 5th St.]
No date
"The 'Blackbear' tavern ; Girard estate offices; the residence of Thomas Sully, and his studio, and the music store of George E. Blake; up to Fred Brown's iron building and apothecary shop at the N.E. corner of Fifth and Chestnut St.; and the East side of Fifth St. continued, below (S. of Chestnut in the perspective.) The original Black bear tavern was on south side of Market east of Fifth Street. The stables are on the same lot that fronted Market Street."
LCP Accession # (3) 2526.F.58