The Pennington Mansion
[1117 Race St.]
March 1859
"On the Northwest corner of Race and Crown street."
LCP Accession # (3) 2526.F.99

Mapping the Richards Collection: Understanding the Collection Through the Image Locations.

Created for the course Advanced Field Techniques: Places in Time at Bryn Mawr College this web site aims to further the understanding of the Frederick DeBourg Richards Collection at the Library Company of Philadelphia through digitally mapping the collection. One can see the geographic locales of Richard's subjects, and by clicking on a location one can see the images themselves. The maps are accessed through a large area map( linked bellow). This map takes you to more detailed maps of specific areas. These maps have the individual sites of each photograph. By clicking upon a site you can see the image itself. Included is a link to the Places in Time web site listing all of the photographs by title.



All Images courtesy of the Library Company Of Philadelphia, 1314 Locust St, Philadelphia PA, and the Places in Time Project.

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