John George Knorr's house
[6100 Germantown Ave.]
May 5, 1859
"This house, (the central in the picture) was built by the grandfather of my maternal grandfather - he occupied it many years - then by his son J.G.K., the 2nd - then by my grandfather John Knorr - then by Michael Keyser, who married my great aunt, up to the time of their death when it was sold by the heirs and has since been variously occupied. The original founder of this house emigrated to this country July 20, 1706. It is nearly oppposite Dr. With's old house - now 'Congress Hall boarding house,' and, Mr. Watson informs me, 'the first of three stories [in height] in Germantown.' [See page 77-]."
LCP Accession # (3) 2526.F.79