Wistar-Shippen House
[S.W. cor. 4th and Prune Sts.]
Sept. 1857
"House S.W. corner of Prune and Fourth Street & house built and occupied by Joseph P. Norris, jr., and also St. Mary's church, the part of a house on the right of the picture, is that occupied by Louis Phillipe, of France, see next page. The first house here pictured, was originally occupied by Dr. Shippen , afterwards by Dr. C. Wister; there was then a two-storied brick office, on the south of it, on Fourth Street, which gave place to the present mansion, now occupied by John Cadwalader. J.B. Tyson now lives in the 'Wister house'. April 4th 1858."
LCP Accession # (5) 25266.F.5a