BRYN MAWR COLLEGE, Growth & Structure of Cities Program
City 306. Advanced Fieldwork Techniques: Places in Time
Fall 2006, Thurs 1:30-3:30, Carpenter B17
J. Cohen, Thomas 248 (office hours Tu 3-4:30 or by appt)

Course Calendar


7 Sept .
Intro, course goals, approaches, org.
Evidence, tools.

"Streetscapes" exercise
sources, interest?

A1. Familiarize with [PiT], [PAB]

A2. Find two websites about the form of places over time, about anywhere other than the Philadelphia area.  Do you find them engaging, effective, transparent about sources?  Send links w/ a one-sentence description of each, and prep for a 5-10 minute discussion of what you find its plusses and minuses next Thurs.


14 Sept.
website reviews.

website-building [starter html]
[bring laptop, if you have one]


Read "Evidence of Place" article [.pdf].

[some project ideas, examples]
[fewer, more specific ones]

Think about initial project 1 ideas, follow up with mtgs this week to shape.

an html exercise.

project 1 beginnings

21 Sept.
Visit A: FLP, Map Dept.
19th & B F Parkway
2nd floor front, west side
meet there at 2:00 sharp, done by 3:30.

Read Moak, Research [on reserve]

Identify readings pertinent to your project.

[Deed research websites] 28 Sept. (1:30pm sharp)
workshop on proj frame, inquiry, evidence, content org, readings as web mock-up.

Focussed readings week:
Locate topical, read.

Advance w/ research and website.

[Greater Philadelphia GeoHistory Network (GPGN)] 5 Oct.
Visit B: HSP,
1300 Locust Street, 2 pm.
Complete project 1 websites for next week. Send web addresses of working versions and come for individual project meetings early in the week, by appt M, Tu, or W, or during office hours Tu.
Add citations of related readings in full bibliographical form at end.
 project 1 posting 12 Oct. (1:30 sharp, B17)
project 1 presentations, feedback
provide written feedback to 3 projects, cc'ing jc.

 Fall Break

14-22 Oct.

  26 Oct.
workshop to finalize
revise and repost based on feedback.


project 1 final revision, reposted and handed in on CD.

2 Nov.
discuss project 2 ideas, resources.
Mtgs for project 2.
  project 2 beginnings. 9 Nov.
Visit C: LCP
1314 Locust Street, 2pm
B3. Pertinent readings week.
  16 Nov.
Visit D: Nat'l Archives, Phila Branch
901 Chestnut St., 2pm
  Thanksgiving Break
23-26 Nov



30 Nov.


  project 2 posting 7 Dec .
project 2 presentation, feedback
provide feedback to 3 projects
  14 Dec.
workshop to finalize
 project 2 final revision,
on CD by 16 Dec.

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