City 190: Form of the City
Daniela Sandler, Jeffrey Cohen, instructors
Jennifer Webb, Vanessa Poggioli, TAs
MWF 11, Thomas 110
Office hours: [DS: M 4-6, Thomas 139], [JC: M 3-4:30, Thomas 153], [JW: M 12-2, Campus Ctr.], [VP: M, W, 10-11, Carpenter Atrium]

Spring 2006: working calendar:

blue readings=required, gray=suppl. only, black= to be determined.

   M  W  F

Week 1: Intro


Jan. 16
Intro:scope, cast, goals, structure

Jan. 18
metaphors, cities as historical palimpsests tensions forest and the trees

Jan. 20
group exercise: fictive European city, countryside through time,

 Week 2: Ancient Cities
for 25 Jan.:
- Childe, V. Gordon, "The Urban Revolution," The City Reader, pp. 35-42
- Van de Mieroop, Marc, The Ancient Mesopotamian City (1997), chapter 2. (Bb)

- Lopez, Robert S., "The Crossroads within the Wall," in: Oscar Handlin and John Burchard eds. The Historian and the City. MIT 1963, pp. 27-43 (blackboard);

Assignment 1: transect

Jan. 23
Representations of the city


Penn Symposium on BOOM: New Architecture in Philadelphia, 6pm Monday

Jan. 25
Earliest cities
Ancient Near East




Jan. 27
Ancient Near East II, +

 Week 3: Rome and the Empire
for 30 Jan.:
- Morris, A.E.J., History of Urban Form:
-- "Greek City States," pp. 35-54 (blackboard)

-- "Rome and the Empire," pp. 55-91 (blackboard)

- H.D.F. Kitto, "The Polis" in: The City Reader, p. 43-48
Jan. 30
The Greek City JWright
Feb. 1
Greece to Rome

Feb. 3
Rome, Ostia,


Week 4:
for 6 Feb.:
- Abu-Lughod, Janet, "The Islamic City: Historic Myths, Islamic Essence and Contemporary Relevance, The City Reader, pp. 172-180.

- Saalman, Howard, Medieval Cities, New York, 1968, 11-45 (blackboard)

-Bianca, Stefano:
-- "Basic Principles of Islam and their Social, Spatial and Artistic Implications," pp. 23-48 (blackboard);
-- "Environmental, Cultural and Historic Shaping Factors of Islamic Architecture," pp. 49-72 (blackboard).

Feb. 6
Jared Diamond, Germs, Guns, Steel, part 1, reviews

Feb. 8
Late Roman-Early Medieval, Islamic City, 1 hits




Feb. 10
Discuss transect in break outs
(Thos 224 at 10,
Thos 110, 111 at 11)

Hand in assignment I

 Week 5:
for 17 Feb.:
- Nicholas Adams and Laurie Nussdorfer, "The Italian City, 1400-1600," in The Renaissance from Brunelleschi to Michelangelo: The Representation of Architecture, ed. Henry A. Millon and Vittorio Magnago Lumpugnani (New York: Rizzoli, 1994), 204-230 (Bb)

- Morris, A.E.J., History of Urban Form:
-- "The Renaissance: Italy sets a Pattern," pp. 157-220 (blackboard)

- Marco Polo, Ibn Batttuta, Bernal Diaz, and Albrecht Dürer, "First-Person Accounts of Great Cities of the Medieval and Early Modern World" in: The City Reader, pp. 49-57

Feb. 13
Byz/ Islamic/ Medieval II

Feb. 15
Late Medieval/Early Renaissance Urban Form


Feb. 17
Renaissance & Baroque plg


Week 6:
for 24 Feb.:
- Morris, A.E.J., History of Urban Form:
-- "France: Sixteenth to Eighteenth Century," pp. 191-220 (blackboard)

Feb. 20
Exam prep

Feb. 22
Exam I

DS, JW at CAA-->

Feb. 24
Renaissance France, Baroque planning


Week 7:
for 1 March.:
- Heng Chye Kiang, "Kaifeng and Yangzhou," in Z. Celik, D. Favro, R. Ingersoll, ed.. Streets: Critical Perspectives on Public Space, (Berkeley, 1994), 45-56. (Bb)
for 3 March:
- Roderick James McIntosh, The Peoples of the Middle Niger (1998), pp. 182-89, 234-39, 287-93. (Bb)

- Steinhardt, Nancy, Chinese Imperial City Planning, Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, pp. 1-28 (blackboard);
- Jinnai, Hidenobu, Tokyo: A Spatial Anthropology, University of California Press, 1995, pp. 7-65 (blackboard).

Feb. 27
Medieval one-hits,

Northern Europe, 16th-18thPre-industrial


March 1
Asian pre-ind cities

March 3
African Cities/ Civilizations


Week 8: Spring vacation eliminates March 6, 8, 10


Week 9:
for 17 Mar.
- Davis, Kingsley, "The Urbanization of the Human Population" in: The City Reader, pp. 25-34
- Engels, Friedrich, "The Great Towns" from The Condition of the Working Class in England, in: The City Reader, pp. 58-66

- Morris, A.E.J., History of Urban Form:
-- "Spain and her Empire," pp. 292-320 (blackboard)
-- "Urban USA," pp. 321-364 (blackboard).
- Low, Setha M. "Cultural Meaning of the Plaza:The History of the Spanish-American Gridplan-Plaza Urban Design," in: Rotenberg, Robert; McDonogh, Gary (eds.), The Cultural Meaning of Urban Space, Westport, CT, 1993, pp. 75-93 (blackboard).
March. 13
Pre-Columbian and Colonial Latin America DS

March 15
Colonial Latin America DS

March 17
US colonial cities to industrial revolution, JC

Week 10:
for 24 March:
- Camillo Sitte, “Author’s Introduction,” “The Relationship between Buildings, Monuments, and Public Squares,” and “The Enclosed Character of the Public Square,” in The City Reader, pp. 413ff.

Highly suggested:
- Leonardo Benevolo, “The Age of Reorganization and the Origins of Modern Town Planning” and “The Industrial Town and its Critics” (Bb).
- Choay, Francoise, The Modern City: Planning in the Nineteenth Century, New York, 1970 (Bb).

March 20
19th century European city: Working-class conditions (Manchester, London) + Urban reforms + Paris and Haussmann
March 22
Downtowns transformed, 1st subs, JC

DS away

March 24
19th century European city: Vienna, Barcelona, Berlin, city as work of art.



Week 11:
for 27 Mar.:
- Ebenezer Howard , “Author’s Introduction” and “The Town-Country Magnet” (1898), in The City Reader, pp. 309ff.
for 29 March:
- Le Corbusier, “A Contemporary City”(1929), in The City Reader, pp. 317ff.
- Frank Lloyd Wright, “Broadacre City: A New Community Plan”(1935), in The City Reader, pp. 325ff.

Assignment 1I: a. Cities in narratives, b. Other cities

March 27
Garden Cities + Tony Garnier

March 29
Siedlungen (Berlin, Weissenhof) + Utopias (Corbusier and Broadacre)

JW away

March 31
breakouts, ppts:
cities in evolution, medieval to industrial

Week 12:
for 5 Apr.:
- Anatole Kopp, Town and Revolution (excerpts) ( )
for 7 Apr.:
- James Holston, The Modernist City (excerpts) (Bb).

April 3
tech: iron, steel, Chicago, identity, anachronism, post laissez-faire, City Beautiful in US, r.c., auto JC

DS away

April 5

April 7

Week 13: New Urban Forms
for 10 Apr.:
- Kenneth Jackson, “The Drive-in Culture of Contemporary America,” City Reader, pp. 67ff.
- Leonardo Benevolo, “The Renewal of the European City in the Past Fifty Years”( )
for 12 Apr.:

- Jane Jacobs, “The Uses of Sidewalks: Safety,” in The City Reader, pp. 114ff.
for 14 Apr:
- David Harvey, “Contested Cities: Social Process and Spatial Form,” in The City Reader, pp. 227ff.
- Saskia Sassen, “The Impact of the New Technologies and Globalization on Cities," in The City Reader, pp. 212ff.

Additional suggested readings:
- William Julius Wilson, “From Institutional to Jobless Ghettos,”
- Mike Davis, “Fortress L.A.,”
- Robert Fishman, “Beyond Suburbia: The Rise of the Technoburb,” City Reader
April 10
Postwar reconstruction and urban renewal in US and Europe; more suburbanization.

April 12
Critiques of CIAM + Megacities

April. 14
Shantytowns + Globalization

Hand in assignment II

 Week 14: The Present and Future of the City
for 17 Apr.
- Sharon Zukin, “Whose Culture? Whose City?” in The City Reader, pp. 136ff.
- Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, “The Neighborhood, the District, and the Corridor,” in The City Reader, pp. 207ff.
- Neil Smith, The New Urban Frontier: Gentrification and the Revanchist City (excerpts)
( ).
for 19 Apr.:
Manuel Castells, “European Cities, the Informational Society, and the Global Economy,” in The City Reader, pp. 475ff.

Additional suggested reading:
Michael Wise, Capital Dilemma (excerpts) (Bb).

April 17
New urbanism + Gentrification + Urban Conservation

April 19
Globalization + case studies at the turn of the millennium (London, Berlin, Barcelona, Paris).

April 21
Assignment IIb presentations:
other cities


DS away

Week 15:
for 28 Apr.:
Michael Sorkin, “The Center Cannot Hold,” in The City Reader, pp. 290ff.

April 24
exam prep

April 26
Exam II

JC, JW, at SAH-->

April 28
Trauma and the city + Virtual city + City and memory (WTC, DC).


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