For Wednesday, read Childe, van de Mieroop

Today: Conceptions of the city:

City Life: quickening, cosmopolitan entertainment,, Retail, esp luxury goods (end of that?), strangers
Downtown bv Petula Clark,
[ Clark Downtown.html]
Texier []

Public sphere:
Agora, Italian square
Symbolic, memory place for state, city
Meso, Parthenon
Administrative, govtl center, castle -> palace -> Capitol

Visible place: demonstrate standing w/I community
Fifth Ave.

Walled precinct
Med, Mycenean

Circular gradient, w/o wall
Burgess's Chicago, 1920s,
Amoeboid pseudopodia
"Doughnut of devastation"

Crossroads, entrepot: economic opportunity:
30,000 feet []

Palimpsests: []
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