More Images for 22 March

London Map, 1852,
From Watkins Commercial & General London Directory Map (1852) [in pieces]:
In one big file:

St. James Street, 1838-40
From John Tallis's London Street Views 1838-1840,

Washington St., Boston, 1853-85
From Gleason's Pictorial, T. J. Lyons's source

19th-century Downtown Streetscapes:



"Paris und Umgebung,"
From Mittheilungen aus Justus Perthes' geographischer Anstalt..., by Dr. A Petermann. 1871:

Paris and Environs, 1866,
From A Handbook For Visitors To Paris, Second Edition. London: John Murray. 1866:


Architect-designed Victorian Suburban Houses around Philadelphia: