City 190: Helpful Websites:

Websites on Ancient Cities in the Near East: [Maryann Aguiar, Khadija Shirazy]

a guide to the rapidly increasing, and widely distributed data relevant to the study and public presentation of the Ancient Near East via the Internet.” (ETANA)
A comprehensive compendium of information on the Ancient Near east. Search through hundreds of authors.

Art of the Ancient Near East: Web Resources
List of off-site links to information on art and artifacts from the Ancient Near East
Includes timelines and subdivisions by geographical area.

Online scholarly journal archive.
Lots of information from many sources on Ancient cities of the Near East, among other things.,

Ms. Hos-McGrane’s Grade 6 Social Studies Class:
Don’t let the title fool you! Though it may have been designed for sixth graders, it’s chock-full of useful links on the art and architecture of Near Eastern cities.
While we wouldn’t recommend the actual high school lectures as resources for a research paper, they’re a good overview of the material, and more colloquial than an encyclopedia.

Population: [Rachel Zack, Meera Jain]
Bell, James. “Sumerian Citieswith 27th Century BCE Population Estimates.” Ancient Sumeria. 2001-2003.
Minnesota State University Mankato: Uruk.
Kish Trade Promotion Center. “Kish Pictures.”
University of Chicago Oriental Institute.

Egyptian Cities?: [Ruchi Shah, Patricia Wilkins]

Websites on Greece & Rome: [Tom Somerville & Jeffrey Bumgardner]

Ancient Greece:
Resource of links for history, mythology, art, culture, architecture and more.

The Ancient GreekWorld:
Based on the University of Pennsylvania Museum's permanent exhibit by the same name, this virtual exhibit uses artifacts to provide a vivid picture of all aspects of life in ancient Greece, including life in the home, warfare, religion and trade.

PBS:Ancient Greece:

David Camden's Forum Romanum:
Latin language tools, articles on various facets of Roman daily life, a genealogy of over 1000 divinities, a large index of historical and art-historical images; and the most comprehensive gateway to Latin texts online, both the original texts and translations into any language; many of them onsite.

LacusCurtius: Into the Roman World

Ms Hos-McGrane's Class Web

[Evaluating Internet Research Sources]

Population: [John Magovern, Zack Arborman and Alec Salton]

Non-Greek, Roman: [Katie Baldwin, Annie Morse]
Perseus Digital Library Project. Ed. Gregory R. Crane. Tufts University. <>.
Hannibal Barca and the Punic Wars. Hilary Gowen <>
Livius. Jona Lendering.<>
Entremont Association.<>
Susa Capital of Elam. Jona Lendering. Iran Chamber Society <>

Medieval Websites: [A. Reed, M. Andrews]

Virtual Ani
Interactive map of “The Deserted City of Ani”
Lots of extensive information on many of the different cites within the city, which the viewer may access easily.
Constant updates (last one 1/8/06)
Very cool presentation in both the map page as well as the information pages. :):)

Medieval Map
Interactive map of the Ancient Near East Region
Map shows not individual cities, but regions.
Interactive aspect of the map allows viewer to click through time and watch the regions shift.
Very cool presentation; some text hard to read.
When clicking on regions, given links to many websites for further information. Some of the linked sites are a somewhat unrelated. :)

The Lists of Medieval Fortified Sites of England and Wales
Loads of very extensive information on many cities and sites.
Not all sites have good information.
Easy to navigate if you know what you’re looking for, but hard if you’re unsure; no way to search.
Poor presentation.
Information on specific sites, not entire cities. :I

Medieval Fiefdom
Easy to navigate.
Decent amount of information on certain topics, but not a wide variety of topics to choose from.
Need a plug-in to be able to view some information.
No bibliography.
Designed by high school students, so sources of information could be unreliable. :I :(

Castles on the Web
Fair amount of good information, but also a lot of useless information as well.
Mainly about presentation and visuals, not as much about facts.
In-site search engine not very helpful.
Hard to navigate / find what you are looking for.
Even the visuals that are the focus of the site are not always very good. :(


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